The Best Way To Pay Down Debt by wawanxekajuni


									                      The Best Way To Pay Down Debt

Debt is bad and you want to get rid of it right away. Nothing destroys lives, marriages
and creates more stress than being in debt. The way out is not hard in theory but requires
a life change. This is usually were people pass or fail; many times they are unwilling to
make a lifestyle change to save their financial future. When you want to buy that Lexus,
remember: the ancient Greeks and Romans walked around in sandals and wore robes and
they were just fine. Cars are luxury items, so be a smart purchaser. Remember that
expensive doesn't always mean better quality. Many vehicles carrying moderate price
tags are better performing than overpriced luxury cars so do your homework. And always
remember that a vehicle depreciates the moment you get behind the wheel. Billionaire
investor Warren Buffet still lives in a modest house in Nebraska; the same house he's
lived in for over 50 years!. This is the mindset I'm talking about, this is key. If you can't
change your lifestyle, you will never get out of debt.

The rest is easy. First, downsize. Get rid of the extra gadgets, unnecessary expenses and
re-budget so that you have positive cash flow every month. Next, you want to take your
extra monthly income and pay down your debt in the following manner. First pay off the
account that is accruing the most in interest charges every month. This doesn't necessarily
equate to the account with the highest interest rate. In most cases, this will be the account
with the highest total balance but do the math anyway to compare finance charges on all
of your accounts. Continue to pay the rest of your accounts in the same manner. If you
have multiple accounts with similar interest rates, try your best to pay them equally. It
never does any good to pay a significant amount on one card but only the minimums on
another high balance, high interest card. Minimum payments are the credit card
companies' way to keep you in debt forever as many times the minimum payment barely
covers or is less than the monthly interest you are being assessed.

Here's an example for clarity: Let's say you have $1,000 per month allocated for the pay
down of credit card debt. This is what I would do in this scenario:


Credit Card

#1 $3,500 balance 15% interest

#2 $500 balance 19% interest

#3 $800 balance 17% interest

#4 $2,000 balance 16% interest

In this scenario I would pay down credit card #1 first by allocating 100% of my monthly
$1,000 until it was completely paid off. Then I would use the same process for #4. This is
because even though the interest rate is lower for both, the total balance for each is
greater and you're paying more in total interest than on the lower balances with higher
rates. That's why I don't agree with paying down the debt with the highest interest rate
first as some experts suggest. I always pay off the debt that is costing me the most in total
interest payments.

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