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                        PITTSBURG STATE UNIVERSITY
                         ALUMNI RELATIONS OFFICE
                              STRATEGIC PLAN

                               MISSION STATEMENT

To develop mutually beneficial relationships between the University, its alumni and

                               FUNCTIONAL AREAS

The Alumni Relations Office staff designs, markets, and implements programs to attract
and involve University constituents in alumni and University activities.

                                VISION STATEMENT

Effectively serve and communicate with University constituents including faculty,
students, parents and University friends. Allow alumni and constituents an opportunity to
interact personally and virtually with University/alumni officials in their community
through our alumni chapter network and other programs and activities.

                           ALUMNI RELATIONS GOALS

1. Improve and continue to promote Internet strategy for PSU Alumni Association.
   Explore on-line community options. Continue to improve utilization of the following:
      1. On-line membership form
      2. On-line event registration
      3. On-line address updates
      4. Broadcast e-mails
      5. E-commerce

   Objective 1: Select on-line community package

       Strategy 1: Web demo products and make selection

       Strategy 2: Contact other universities using on-line communities

   Objective 2: Continue marketing plan to promote on-line features

       Strategy 1: Promote at all alumni functions

       Strategy 2: Publish web address on all materials

   Objective 3: Develop new agreement to re-route handling of merchandise orders

Performance Indicators:
       1. Increase in use of membership registrations on-line
       2. Increase in use of on-line event registration
       3. Increase in use of on-line address update
       4. Increase in merchandise bottom line, decrease in staff time commitment

2. Promote the Pittsburg State University license plate program and the Alumni Legacy

   Objective 1: Increase the number of PSU license plates purchased

       Strategy 1: Continue to market license plates by mailing fliers to identified
                   alumni who do not have the Pitt State License plate, by promoting
                   program at alumni chapter meetings, and distributing fliers at
                   Association booth at Gorilla Fest, etc.

       Strategy 2: Send license plate fliers at appropriate times during the year,
                   promoting the license plate program to faculty and staff

   Objective 2: Award the maximum number of Alumni Legacy Scholarships with
                funds available in a timely manner

       Strategy 1: Utilize the Student Financial Assistance Office weighted formula
                   and scholarship dollars plus credit for membership status of
                   parents and points awarded for activity participation and
                   leadership credit to determine scholarship recipients

       Strategy 2: Determine Alumni Legacy Scholarship recipients prior to May
                   1st and notify recipients

       Strategy 3: Award scholarships to as many applicants as funds allow

Performance Indicators:
       1. Increase in Pittsburg State University License Plates being sold
       2. Increase in the number of dollars available to be awarded in Alumni
          Legacy Scholarships
       3. Award all scholarship dollars available

3. Assist the PSU Alumni Association Board of Directors in achieving their goals.

   a.) Develop strategies to increase Alumni Association membership

   Objective 1: Develop a marketing plan to increase Alumni Association membership

       Strategy 1: Update and print membership brochure

       Strategy 2: Continue to identify Association members at chapter meetings,
                   reunions and other special events and have applications available for
                   non-members to join

       Strategy 3: Continue to promote Association membership on-line

       Strategy 4: Contact and visit peer institutions to explore their programs

       Strategy 5: Develop an approach to effectively promote the Association to
                   current students, including international students, and their parents

       Strategy 6: Develop an approach to effectively market the Association and
                   membership to the most recent class of graduates

       Strategy 7: Implement membership contests between chapters and explore
                   contest with another university’s alumni association

Performance Indicators:
       1. Increase in PSU Alumni Association membership
       2. Increase in response rate to direct mail pieces
       3. Increase number of alumni joining Association on-line
       4. Increase in number of recent graduates joining the Association

   b.) Continue to make available Pittsburg State University merchandise as a service to
       PSU alumni and friends

   Objective 1: Update marketing plan for merchandise program

       Strategy 1: Update flier to insert in department and Association mailings

       Strategy 2: Update Alumni Association materials to include on-line

       Strategy 3: Utilize mass e-mail to promote merchandise program

       Strategy 4: Expand on-campus promotions

  Objective 2: Increase merchandise sales to begin showing a profit

       Strategy 1: Develop new partnership agreement to remove majority of order
                   fulfillment from Alumni Relations staff

       Strategy 2: Provide improved customer service

       Strategy 3: Offer Holiday Sale

Performance Indicators:
       1. Increase in net profits
       2. Increase in customer base
  c.)   Maintain the Awards and Recognition committee and selection process for award
        recipients independent from the Alumni Association Board of Directors meeting.
        The actions of the committee will be reported at Alumni Association Board

   Objective 1: Actively promote nominations for alumni awards

        Strategy 1: Contact previous recipients, and senior and retired faculty and
                    administrators encouraging them to nominate qualified individuals

        Strategy 2: Promote Alumni Awards in university publications, at Gorilla
                    Gatherings and GorillaFest

        Strategy 3: Work more closely with members of the University Advancement
                    division to generate nominations

   Objective 2: Review recognition given to individuals and groups

        Strategy 1: Review gifts, plaques, etc. presented to recipients and the
                    presentation events

        Strategy 2: Consider official permanent plaque recognition in the Wilkinson
                    Alumni Center for the Outstanding Chapter Award

Performance Indicators:
        1. High quality award recipients who reflect positively on the university
        2. Appropriate plaque displays at the Wilkinson Alumni Center

   d.) Maintain the current alumni chapter network and look for opportunities to expand
       with additional chapters, gatherings, and/or internet connection

   Objective 1: Increase attendance at current alumni chapter meetings (Gorilla

        Strategy 1: Continue to offer programs and speakers of interest to alumni

        Strategy 2: Continue to encourage calling trees at the local level

        Strategy 3: Review content of chapter officer leadership development workshops

Performance Indicators:
        1. Total number of attendees increases over the previous year’s attendance

   Objective 2: Expand alumni chapters network

        Strategy 1: Develop Spirit Chapters which hold events without PSU
                    representatives present
       Strategy 2: Establish Pittsburg chapter

       Strategy 3: Continue to research and outreach into communities with a solid
                   PSU population to support an alumni chapter, within geographic
                   and financial feasibility for PSU representatives to attend, ie Florida

       Strategy 4: Research and develop “virtual” chapters, with an emphasis on
                   international locations

Performance Indicators:
       1. The total number of chapter gatherings held, both with PSU representatives
          and without, increases over the previous year
       2. Officers attend and encourage future attendance at leadership workshops

   e.) Coordinate the official PSU credit card program

       Objective 1: Coordinate promotion of the credit card

       Strategy 1: Coordinate with promotions company to ensure they staff credit card
                   booth at home athletic events, in the student center, at Grad Finale
                   and other appropriate venues

       Strategy 2: Make “take one” applications available at chapters and other

       Strategy 3: Make “take one” applications available across campus

   f.) Utilize Association board members to assist with hosting and promoting programs
       at alumni functions including chapter gatherings, Homecoming, and GorillaFest

4. Plan and participate in special events that promote the University and the Alumni
   Association such as the Kansas State Fair, Homecoming, and Arrowhead games.

   Objective 1: Increase awareness of special events

       Strategy 1: Announce Homecoming and Spring Reunion dates and make
                   available printed activities schedules at each chapter function,
                   other alumni gatherings and in the Pittsburg community

       Strategy 2: Continue to solicit input from reunion class members, campus staff,
                   Students Today Alumni Tomorrow, Homecoming Steering
                   Committee and Friday Night Event Student Chair

       Strategy 3: Organize Class Reunion Planning Committee 6 months prior to
                   reunion date and Homecoming date

Performance Indicators:
       1. The total number of attendees increases over the previous year’s attendance

5. Maintain a sound financial operation.

   Objective 1: Maintain enough cash flow to enable the Alumni Association
                to do day-to-day operations and special functions as they choose

       Strategy 1: Keep financial records current

       Strategy 2: Keep Association treasurer and alumni director informed
                   concerning income, expenses and investments

       Strategy 3: Keep staff updated on budget expenses and income in their
                   budget areas

   Objective 2: Develop 2005 and 2006 budget as early as possible

       Strategy 1: Keep Alumni Association treasurer and alumni director
                   informed of potential income and expenses

Performance Indicators:
       1. Balanced budget
       2. Reports printed and distributed to Board of Directors and alumni director
       3. Reports and information given to staff in their budget areas

6. Promote the use of the August and Helen Rua press box to its maximum benefit for
   the Alumni Relations Office and the University.

   Objective 1: Continue to host an appropriate number of alumni and University
                friends in the August and Helen Rua press box at each home football

       Strategy 1: Identify alumni and friends of the University to invite

       Strategy 2: Continue to coordinate invite list with University Deans, Presidents’
                   Office, Development Office and University Advancement

Performance Indicators:
       1. All invitations to participate in the press box activities have been extended
          and appropriate number of guests are present in the press box for the games.
       2. Attendees are alumni and friends who have supported or potentially will
          support the University and/or Alumni Association through time, talent or gifts

7. Explore the future of the Students Today Alumni Tomorrow organization.

   Objective 1: Determine purpose of the student program

       Strategy 1: Define Alumni Association needs of the organization

       Strategy 2: Explore other options for student support such as Crimson
                   Club or Student Foundation Board

       Strategy 3: Research options for the organization

Performance Indicators:
       1. Make a decision on the future of the organization and take action upon
          that decision