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									Snow In Austin Tx , Texas?
Austin is located in the heart regarding Texas, the middle of this great state. We have a
reputation for heat straight down here! Our winter seasons are often mild as well as sunny
compared to the remaining portion of the nation. This year may be quite different - snow fell in
Austin, Texas. Don't get me wrong, snow does fall in tx. The panhandle will get its fair share
each year. Dallas, Texas often has a snow storm or two. As a result of air traffic in Dallas, you
often notice that the Dallas airport has been shut down because of....... Central Texas differs
from the others. The cold weather patterns often stop short of us. We get away the bad
weather due to the fact we are farther to the south than the big town of Dallas.
The area has had its share of bad weather and cold this Winter. Remember the tough freeze
with 18 degree temperatures inside the capitol city? Snowflakes have been spotted in various
locales most winter seasons. We also have a reputation for at least one ice storm each winter
exactly where we all have to stay home ! The news is that we had SNOW AND IT caught !
All more than town, snowmen rose out of their wintery beds and arrived alive. Children of any
age made snow angels on the ground where clean snow coverings abounded. Cars stood
around the edge of the streets with as much as 4 inches of the wet residue clinging with their
surfaces. There were reports of snowflakes as large as golf balls. They were huge , but golf
ball dimensions ? Hm. In just a couple of hours , Austin was changed into a winter
You might be thinking that surely it has snowed in austin texas before? Yes, however our
snowfalls are often years apart. For their time lapses, every time is a welcome change from
our norms. Most Texans have a dream for a white christmas and they often go with those
longings with a prayer or 2 just before Christmas. Might this be the yr ?
Snow in February, bluebonnets in March and apr. What will the springtime weather hold for all
of us ? Mr. Weatherman says that the bluebonnet crop will be exceptional this season. What
else is in store for us? We have simply come through a drought, experienced snow, so what
now ? Only time will inform.


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