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									                                                   Data Rescue PC                                                         3
                                                   Do-it-Yourself Data Recovery Software
                                                   Why do I need Data Rescue PC3?
                                                   •	 If your hard drive won’t mount.
                                                   •	 If your hard drive is corrupt due to viruses, errors or operating system
                                                      failure and you can’t access files from it.
                                                   •	 If you need to recover deleted files.
                                                                                                                  MSRP: $99.00
                                                                                                            Part Number: 58100
                                                                                                      UPC Code: 794038-58100-5
Hard drive crashed? Virus taken over? Need to recover deleted files?

Data Rescue PC3 is the best solution for recovering files from a
crashed or virus-corrupted hard drive. Other utilities can cause more         Do-it Yourself Data Recovery Software
damage to your hard drive and files by trying “fix” the problem, in-
                                                                              •	   Award-winning technology, works when other software
stead of focusing on recovering your files. Do not use a repair utility            fails.
until you’ve safely recovered your important files and stored them
in a safe location. Data Rescue PC3 should be your first option to            •	   Recovers all types of files from your hard drive.
recover your important data, before you try any risky “repair” utility.       •	   Works if the drive fails to mount or only partially
Simply put, Data Rescue PC3 is the best data recovery solution.                    operates.

                                                                              •	   Recovers deleted, lost and damaged files.
Data Rescue PC3 is revolutionary in both ease-of-use and power. You
can use Data Rescue PC3 in two ways:                                          •	   Recovers digital pictures from your camera media even
                                                                                   after it has been erased or reformatted.
As an application: If you need to recover an external drive or a sec-         •	   Recover your whole drive or just the files you need.
ondary drive, you can just load Data Rescue PC3 onto your computer
                                                                              •	   Recovers pictures, movies and music from PC drives and
and start up the application- Data Rescue PC3 will then scan your                  any type of digital camera media.
drive for your files, allowing you to copy them over to a second drive
(not included). This is the only safe way to do recovery, since you will
not be recovering files to the drive you’re scanning.                         Fast and Easy Results

                                                                              •	   Bootable emergency CD - No need to install.
Using Included Emergency Boot CD: If your main computer hard
drive has crashed, has a virus or you need to recover deleted files,          •	   No need to disassemble your computer.
you can use the included emergency boot CD. This CD will boot up              •	   Data Rescue PC3 guides you through the recovery
your computer and then allow you to scan your internal boot drive.                 process, then saves the files to a second hard drive (not
Once the scan is done, you can chose which files you want to copy                  included).
over to your secondary drive (not included)- Using Data Rescue PC3
                                                                              •	   FREE technical support via phone and email.
in this manner allows you to scan your drive without loading the
software onto that drive- That’s important since the simple act of
loading an application:
a) may not be possible due to a drive crash or virus and
b) would potentially write-over the deleted files you’re trying to

Because Data Rescue PC3 comes on a bootable CD, it works in more
cases than traditional Windows-based recovery tools which require
your computer to be running Windows in order to install and run the
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