N623671100006 ABH coated fabric requirements by p7h2i4


									  Requirements for Coated Fabric for use in Abrasive Blasting Hood

Characteristic                 Requirement         Test Method
Weight (+/- 0.5)       14.5 oz/sq yd           ASTM D3776
                       Warp- 85
Yarn per inch (min)    Filling- 55             ASTM D3775
                       Warp- 110 lbs
Break Strength (min)   Filling- 80 lbs         ASTM D5034
                       Warp- 2 lbs
Tear Strength (min)    Filling- 2 lbs          ASTM D1424
Thickness (max)        .45 mm                  ASTM D17
                                               AATCC 135 @105,
                                               Tumble Dry low 20-30
Shrinkage (min)        5 cycles, 3%            mins
Blocking                1 (no blocking)        ASTM D751
Colorfastness to
Laundering             4                       AATCC 61 Test 1A

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