A Solid Plan to Achieve Your Dreams

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					A Solid Plan to Achieve Your Dreams

If you have a certain dream or goal that you want to achieve, whether it is as small
as making $100 this month or as big as creating permanent world peace, the very
first thing you must do is to determine EXACTLY what it is that you want.

More than just a general idea, if you can narrow your dreams, desires, or goals down
to an exact list of things that you want to accomplish, you will put yourself in the
position where you can begin to piece together everything that will be needed to
make this goal your reality.

Something else that is important to keep in mind: before anything exists materially
around you, it has to first exist as a thought within you. There is always going to be
a time delay between seeing something in your mind and holding it in front of you,
and you may have heard the term 'manifest' used in describing this process.

The few people who have really figured out how to get exactly what they want
without fail every time, these are the people that are good at 'manifesting,' but this
does not mean that they have completely overcome the time delay inherent in the
creative process. Rather, they have become good at turning their thoughts into their
reality by working to make this time delay as short as possible.

So once you have chosen a specific thing that you want to achieve, if you want it as
soon as possible then you must make sure that it is something that you genuinely
feel excited about. Hopefully you will feel so excited that you may even have trouble
sleeping! Problems will arise, however, if the goal you want to achieve is not
something that you feel passionate about.

Let's look at an example of this to better understand why excitement, anticipation,
and passion can be powerful tools that can work for you to help you achieve your
dreams: You have recently moved into a larger and more luxurious home, but at the
same time your business began to slow down so that now you are having real
financial trouble keeping up with the expenses.

If you set a goal to increase your cash flow so that you are no longer under this
financial stress, make sure that you create this desire in a way that makes you feel
genuinely excited about this new future.

If you set your goal to be 'I just want to make enough money to pay my bills,' this is
not a goal that seems very exciting, not to mention that you are fixating on the idea
of lack and not having enough money to pay your current expenses.

On the other hand, if you form your goal in a way that is more resembling 'I love my
new life in my big new house where I can live completely worry-free, and the only
choices I need to make are which country I want to travel to next,' this is a dream
that will fill you will anticipation for the future. Do you see the difference?

You will be excited to wake up in the morning and work on achieving this new life,
rather than focusing on what you currently feel is lacking in your life. If you focus on
the lack of something, you are only setting yourself up to experience more of that

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