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									                                        University of Maryland University College
                              Undergraduate Certificate in Information Assurance (CISE-CERT)
                                                                Stateside: Distance Learning

Degree Objective - The information assurance certificate supports those who wish to acquire        Portable Jobs and Careers Computer security specialists
or improve information security knowledge in response to the national imperative for               plan, coordinate, and maintain an organization’s information
maintaining the security of the technology and information infrastructure of government and        security. These workers educate users about computer
industry. Students gain specific skills and are instructed in areas of policy formation, needs     security, install security software, monitor networks for
assessment, security applications and disaster prevention and recovery. Laboratories               security breaches, respond to cyber attacks, and, in some
employing both state-of-the-art and industry-standard tools are used. With appropriate choice      cases, gather data and evidence to be used in prosecuting
of major and elective courses, this certificate may be completed while pursuing the Bachelor of    cyber crime. The responsibilities of computer security
Science in information systems management.                                                         specialists have increased in recent years as cyber attacks
                                                                                                   have become more sophisticated.
Academic Residency - 9 semester hours

Required Courses                                                                  6SH
   CSIA         302    Telecommunications in Information Systems                   3

   CSIA         303    Foundations of Information Systems Security                 3

Supporting Course Electives (4 below)                                            12SH
   IFSM         432    Disaster Recovery Planning                                  3
   IFSM         433    Information Security Needs Assessment and                   3
   CMIT         265    Network Essentials                                          3
   CMIT         320    Network Security                                            3
   CSIA         454    Information System Security Mechanisms
   CSIA         457    Cyber Crime and Cyber Terrorism                             3
   CSIA         459    Secrity Issues and Emerging Technologies                    3
Total Credits                                                                    18SH
                       Prerequistes Student Might Need
   LIBS         150    Information Literacy and Research Methods                   1
   CSIA         301    Information System Architecture                             3
   IFSM         430    Information Systems and Security                            3

   Notes:       * The classes listed may need to be taken in order as indicated. Consult your catalog or an advisor for clarification.

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          * Some courses listed may require a prerequisites or placement tests.
          * This certification may be completed while pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Management.

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