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									               A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM                                  Name:


               For the next three weeks we will be reading A Midsummer Nights Dream by William
               Shakespeare. We will be doing so in a variety of ways including: acting, independent
               reading, group work, film, journal responses, vocabulary assignments and quizzes.

                  Students will understand…

                   Iambic pentameter and tetrameter.
                   The concept of "doubling" to explore different sides of reality.
                   The plot of A Midsummer Night's Dream.
                   "The course of true love ne'er did run smooth" -- love is difficult, particularly when parents
                      don't approve.

                  Much of the work we do will be framed around essential questions:
                    How can love be difficult? What forces impede love?
                    How do fantasy and imagination influence how we see the world and behave toward
                      each other?

                    Daily Assignments:
                    ~Class work will vary day to day, but you will be graded on your ability to stay on task and follow

                    Weekly Assignments:
                    ~Every week there will be 2 things that happen:
                          You will turn in vocabulary work on assigned dates. (see attached page for more details).
                          Your AMND graphic organizer must be filled out after finishing an act/scene etc. When
                             we are done with an act/scene your work will be stamped if it is completed. This
                             organizer will be turned in at the end of the unit for a grade.
                          Occasionally at the beginning of class you will respond to a question about the previous
                             night’s reading. All journal responses will be open note.

                    ~On the following page you will find an outline of the next few weeks of the unit. Because activities
                    vary and class times change, anything that is not completed in class will be assigned as homework.
                    That being said, remaining on task and focused will be of the utmost importance should you not
                    want to have extra nightly reading.

                    ~As we are fitting this unit into a very tight schedule, there will generally be nightly homework. As
                    such it is very important that you keep up with your reading so that you can be fully engaged during
                    class meetings.

                        You will need your AMND book with you in class EVERY DAY
                                             until May 20th.

               Snyder                    Literature Unit/AMND.UnitHandout                   Language Arts
Unit Calendar (dates and pages subject to change)

Date              Reading In Class               Homework
May 1-Tuesday     1.1.20-250                      Finish 1.1 if not completed
                  Group reading                    in class as homework
                                                  Vocabulary Act 1 DUE
May 2-Wednesday   1.1.1-20                        Fill out graphic organizer
                  1.1.20-130                       summary for 1.1
                  Pair and group work
May 3-Thursday    SPELLING 8.21                   Fill out graphic organizer
                  1.2.1-85                         for 1.2
                  All Class
May 4- Friday     1.2.1-85                        Vocabulary Act 2 DUE
                  Whole Class
May 7-Monday      Reading and writing using       Read 2.1.61-194
                  Elizabethan forms.
                  Whole class & group work
May 8-Tuesday     2.1.194-269                     Read 2.2.1-163
                  Whole class                     fill out graphic organizer
                                                   for 2.1 and 2.2
                                                  VOCABULARY Act 3 DUE
May 9-Wednesday   3.1.1-175 group reading         Fill out graphic organizer
                  3.2.1- audio recording and       for 3.1 and 3.2.
                  group discussion
May 10-Thursday   FIELD TRIP                      Review AMND so far.
                                                   Make sure your organizer
                                                   is up-to-date
May 11- Friday    4.1.1-100                       Read 4.1.100-210 & 4.2.1-
                                                  Fill out graphic organizer
                                                   for 4.1 & 4.2
                                                  VOCABULARY ACT 4
May 14-Monday     5.1.1-200                       Read 5.1.200-370
May 15-Tuesday    5.1.370-415                     VOCABULARY ACT 5
May 16-Wednesday In class write
May 17-Thursday  Cumulative Vocabulary Test
May 18- Friday   AMND Performances                Study for test on Monday
                                                   (Test will have vocab, plot
                                                   and essential question
May 20-Monday     AMND Final Test
Snyder             Literature Unit/AMND.UnitHandout        Language Arts
Weekly Vocabulary

Every few days (generally due on a Tuesday or Thursday) you will have assigned
vocabulary words that will enrich your understanding of the play and Shakespeare’s
use of language. As such you may show your understanding of the vocabulary in
three (3) ways. You must use each way at least once.
   1. Flash Cards (list the word on one side and the definition and part of speech on
       the back).
   2. Synonym List (provide at least three synonyms for each word).
   3. Find the vocabulary word in the play, write down its original sentence, and
       then create one of your own using the vocabulary word.

                             VOCABULARY LIST

Act 1: Due Tuesday May 1st                       4.   entreat
   1. austerity                                  5.   rebuke
   2. beguile                                    6.   recompense
   3. cloister                                   7.   sojourn
   4. dote                                       8.   spurn
   5. extenuate
   6. feign                                  Act 4: Due Friday May 11th
   7. idolatry                                  1. discourse
   8. reveling                                  2. enmity
                                                3. paragon
Act 2: Due Thursday May 3rd                     4. knavery
   1. dissemble                                 5. chide
   2. flout                                     6. heaviness
   3. progeny
   4. promontory
   5. wanton
                                             Act 5: Due Tuesday May 15th
                                                1. amends
Act 3: Due Tuesday May 8th                      2. audacious
   1. bequeath                                  3. gait
   2. chide                                     4. premeditated
   3. derision                                  5. reprehend

Snyder                Literature Unit/AMND.UnitHandout           Language Arts
  6. satire
  7. transfigure

Snyder             Literature Unit/AMND.UnitHandout   Language Arts

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