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					     ยูนิเวอร์แซล สตูดิโอ (Universal Studios Singapore) สิงคโปร์
    Experience thrilled with the players and the view that the creation of the
      new approach tothe world of Beverly Hills, CA? Battlestar
Galactica Battle Star galaxy activity in thecollision site Hoop contest the courage to
fight over. universe, on a roller coaster trackwith the highest castle in Far Far Away
Castle Far Far North Conway come explore theworld's first neural Shrek Madagascar: A Crate
Adventur? Madagascar. The forests ofAfrica. Sailing adventure with Alex and friends on a
journey of fun, from the simulation.Disney's animated DreamWorks. You will not forget
the Revenge of the Mummy, TheMummy MRI is a Hero. Skip ahead to the middle of the
dark deposits on high-speedroller coaster that will shake every ear of Jura's Jurassic Park
Rapids Adventure ParkAdventure pitches off. Dive into the midst
of the river to escape a fierce dinosaur T. Rexawesome.

     Vocabulary (คำศัพท์)
  Experience = ประสบกำรณ์
  first = ครังแรก explore = สำรวจ
  fun, = สนุ ก    North = ทิศเหนื อ , ทำงตอนบน ,บนทำงเหนื อ
 Balloon festival in Saga (Saga Balloon Fiesta). ญี่ปน
  Balloon festival held annually in early November, a 5-day program of
events. Morning 7:00 to 9:00 pm daily from the competition balloon
(Balloon Game) submitted to competition from other companies as well as
from other countries with a blue balloon and then release. It was during this
time of the blow. Fantasia on a balloon. Sky show. The balloon is a cartoon
character such as Winnie the Pooh, Doraemon, Tom & Jerry Thomas Bar
and balloon animals are going to show up at 11:00 am at the outdoor
activities. The beauty contest game concert performance of the Honda
ASIMO robot.Major sponsors of the event. Among the stores. Go out and
join the crowds. From 15:00 to 17:00 hours in the afternoon, it will be a
balloon race again.
  Vocabulary (คำศัพท์)
 show up = กำรแสดง (ใช้กบกำรกำหนดเวลำที่แน่ ชด) concert = กำรแสดงสด
                        ั                    ั
 hours = เวลำ (ชัวโมง) race = กำรแข่งขัน , กำรแข่งขันรถ event. = งำน

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