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					Please read through this section carefully.

This is only a guide for applying for the USA VISA and the Embassy may at any chance
request more information from you.

Tip: You will apply for a non-immigrant VISA

USA Visa Application Process


Individuals requiring general information about the visa process, or those who need to schedule a
visa interview at one of the United States Consulates across South Africa should access the Visa
Information Service Center (VISC) website.
Call the Center at the telephone numbers:

     Nationwide: 087 940-7597

     Cape Town: 021 300-9700

     Durban: 021 100-3000

     Johannesburg: 010-500-8800

     From the U.S.: 1-703-439-2301


NOTE: The Visa Information Service Center is the only website approved by the United States
Government to provide information on visa services and applications.

The step by step guide is essential reading for those wishing to apply for a non-immigrant visas.
Guidance is also available on the Visa Information Service Center (VISC) web site.

Read before you start the application process

STEP ONE: Contact the Visa Information Service Center (VISC) via telephone toll-free at

080-098-0444 (locally for Cape Town 021-300-9700, Durban 031-100-3000, or Johannesburg 010-
500-8800) between

8 AM and 8 PM Monday to Friday, or visit the website to
determine your non-immigrant visa type or for any general questions.

STEP   TWO:         Complete    the   visa   application   form:    Each   applicant      must   visit to complete the DS-160 visa application form. Upon completion
you need to print out the bar-code confirmation page. You will need this barcode number to
schedule the appointment and this page must be produced at the Consulate on the day of your

STEP THREE: After completing the DS-160 application form, you will need to contact the call center
website at to obtain a unique deposit slip instruction sheet for
cash payment at an ABSA branch which you will receive by email for you to print out. It has unique
numbers you will need to make the deposit.

STEP FOUR: Take the deposit slip to an ABSA branch to make payment. Wait up to four hours until
payment has been posted, and then re-contact the call center/website with the deposit receipt
number necessary to schedule an appointment. If you pay near close of business, you may
have to wait until mid-morning the next business day until your fee has been posted.

STEP FIVE: You will be given an appointment date and asked to pre-select a DHL office to which your
passport can be delivered free of charge. You will then receive an appointment confirmation letter
by e-mail.

STEP SIX – Bring to Your Interview:

                   A valid passport which has unused visa pages (not amendment pages). Please bring all
                    prior passports.
                   The application confirmation page from the DS-160.
                   The appointment confirmation page.
                   A recent front-facing, 50 mm x 50 mm photograph of each applicant.


The visa application fee is determined by the type of visa for which the applicant is applying.
All Nonimmigrant visa applicants must pay the Nonimmigrant visa application processing fee (MRV) prior to
scheduling an appointment through this service. This fee is nonrefundable and nontransferrable regardless
of whether a visa is issued.
List of Nonimmigrant Application Fees
For           the        full    list    of      Nonimmigrant       application    fees       please   visit

Nonimmigrant visa application fees (also known as "MRV fees") are the equivalent of:
         USD$140 for most visas that do not require a petition.

          o     Examples of visas in this category are:

                     Visitor Visa for business/pleasure (B1/B2),

             Exchange Visitor Visa (J),

             Student Visa (F),

             Non-Academic Student visa (M),

             Information Media Representative visa (I),

             Crew visa (C1/D),

             Any other visa class not specifically named as requiring higher-tiered fees.
Reciprocity Fee
          Depending on the applicant's country of citizenship and the type of visa being applied for, the
          applicant may also be required to pay a fee for visa issuance, known as a reciprocity fee. The
          applicant    may        obtain   this   information   by   visiting   the    following    Web
All Nonimmigrant visa applicants must pay the Nonimmigrant visa application processing fee
(MRV) prior to scheduling an appointment.

Fee Payment Options
If paying by cash
    1. Click on "Log In" at the top right of this screen to register on the site and choose your trip
       purpose. When you reach the page requesting your payment, click on the appropriate
       PDF link to print the Deposit Slip to pay at the bank.
    2. Take both deposit slips to the bank and pay the MRV fee.
    3. Log into the Web site and enter the receipt number from the bank into the field provided on
       the MRV fee receipt page and click "Submit."
    4. The next page will open to the appointment calendar.

If paying by credit card online
    1. Enter all required fields to complete the transaction.
    2. After the transaction is approved click "Continue" to proceed to the appointment calendar.

If paying by credit card by phone
    1. Dial the appropriate phone number. (See "Call Center Information" on the left-hand menu.)
    2. Select language.
    3. Select NIV.
    4. Select "Pay your visa application fee."
    5. Follow the prompts to complete the credit card transaction.
    6. Listen carefully and write down the MRV fee confirmation number.

 Start Application

What You Need to Apply:

 Before starting your application, please make sure you have the following:

     1. An Internet browser that supports 128-bit encryption, and has JavaScript enabled.
        Currently, we support Internet Explorer version 6.0 and higher, and Mozilla Firefox
        version 2.0 or higher.
     2. Your passport and any previous U.S. visas you have had.
     3. Documentation about your travel plans.

 For a specific list of documentation that you may need to help you complete the application
 please see's Frequently Asked Questions for the Online DS-160
 Nonimmigrant Visa Application page .

 If you are unsure what type of visa you need or want more information about a particular
 visa please see's Types of Visas for Temporary Visitorspage .

 Read through “Getting Started”

How to Complete the Application:

  1. When you are ready, click on the button labeled “Start a New Application” below.
  2. Write down the Application ID displayed on the top right-hand corner of the page. If
     you need to close the browser before submitting your application, you will need this
     Application ID to continue your application.
  3. Follow the instructions on each page. Make sure you answer all the questions—if you
     do not, your application may not be accepted.
  4. Your answers must be in English and must use the English alphabet. That means you
     cannot use letters like ñ, é, ü, or ç. For example, instead of writing “São Paulo,” write
     “Sao Paulo.” There is only one exception to this rule, which is when you are asked to
     provide your full name in your native alphabet; then you can use non-English
  5. When you are finished answering all the questions, the program will let you check your
     answers to make sure they are correct. Please re-read them carefully so you do not
     make mistakes.
  6. Click on the “Sign Application” button to sign your application electronically.
  7. Once you have checked your answers, you can submit your application. When you do,
     you will see a confirmation page on your screen with a barcode.

 If you do not plan to complete your application within the next 30 days, you should save
 your application to your computer. To do this, please click the “Save” button at the bottom
 of the last page you have completed, and follow the instructions. When you are ready to
 complete your application, you may reload your application into the system by clicking the
 “Upload a Previous Application” button under “Option B: Upload a Previously Saved
 Application Using a File” below and following the instructions. NOTE: Only save your
 application onto a computer that cannot be accessed by anyone who does not have your
 permission to see or record your personal data. If you save your application onto the hard
 drive of a shared or public computer, such as a computer in a cyber café or library, other
 users could find and open your application form.

 If you have previously submitted a DS-160 application, you may use that information to
 complete a new application. You will need the Application ID from your previously
 submitted application to do this. To access previously submitted application information,
 click the “Retrieve Application” button under “Option C: Retrieve Application Using an
 Application ID” below and follow the instructions. If you use this option to complete a new

application please make sure to carefully review to ensure that all information is current
and correct.

Further instructions on how to complete the application are found on the Welcome
page.More information on the DS-160 can be found on’s Frequently Asked
Questions for the Online DS-160 Nonimmigrant Visa Application page.

Complete the form for the traveller – your child. So, all the details should be that pertaining
to the child/traveller.

As your child is not married, the question below will be no.

If you are a teacher and you are married, answer yes below.

If you are a child, you are single.

Click SAVE at any time

When you log in again, you need your Application ID and security question answer:

Provide your home address below

Provide your contact number/email below

You have a regular passport. If you are a diplomat, you have to choose diplomatic passport.

Choose   TEMP.      BUSINESS   PLEASURE   VISITOR   (B)   below   and   under   specify

Complete as below

Complete accordingly – make sure you read all questions

Complete as below

Complete as below

Complete accordingly – remember, the details below are pertaining to the child/traveller

If you do have any relatives in the USA, mention them here:

Provide spouse details if you are married (teachers/adults)

The child/traveller is a student.

The teacher is a teacher/educator

Provide school address and details below

If you are a teacher, provide your details accordingly

Teachers, provide accordingly:

Make sure you read and answer all the questions below.

Here you can review your completed application and you must print it out.

From here you should be able to make payment as well as make an appointment.

You can review your application at any time during the process – click on the left of the
screen for a certain section:


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