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									Kings Mtn. Intermediate School Newsletter 4
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 Newsletter Date February 24, 2010                                                 Principal - Henry Gilmore III
 Volume 3, Issue 4                                                        Assistant Principal - Roxanne Bridges
                                                                            Assistant Principal - Allison Hodges
District Set April 1 as Deadline for Student Transfer
Parents who want to request a school transfer for their child for
2010-2011 should do so by April 1.

Cleveland County Schools has established this deadline to allow

                                                                             Coins for
school officials to better plan for next year by having more
accurate student numbers this summer.

You may pick up a transfer form in our office or download the form
from the CCS website.

A signature acknowledging the request is required from principals
of the school of residence and the school requested; however,
transfers are not final until approved by the Cleveland County
Board of Education.
                                                                               Sponsored by
The April 1 deadline also applies to incoming kindergartners.                    KMIS PTO
While parents may apply for transfers now, the Board may not act
on these requests until after the school year ends. Parents should
take their children to Kindergarten Orientation on March 19 at the
school in the district where they reside.
                                                                               Feb.26, 2010
Although out-of-county student transfers are accepted, priority is
given to Cleveland County residents. Students who transfer from
outside Cleveland County are required to pay an annual tuition
established by the Board of Education. The current rate is $1,414.
                                                                            Yearbooks on Sale
Students who are granted transfers will be allowed to remain at a
school through the grade span served by that school unless
                                                                              February 22 – March 5
otherwise noted in the transfer approval letter. The Board will not                  $20.00
guarantee transfer approvals for subsequent feeder schools.

Completed transfer forms should be returned or mailed to the
Administrative Center, 130 South Post Road, Suite 2, Shelby,
                                                                               Geography Bowl
NC 28152, as soon as possible but no later than April 1.                   Both of our students made it to the
                                                                          second round in the Geography Bowl.
For questions, call LaDonna Hastings or Stephen Fisher at                        Congratulations to our
                            CCS MISSION                                            Jonathan Medlin
Cleveland County Schools will equip all students with knowledge and                  Kaitlyn Bolin
skills to become productive citizens in a globally competitive world by
partnering with our community to provide appropriate education
                            KMIS VISION
                                                                             KMIS Spelling Bee
           Every student will show academic growth at KMIS                        Winner
                           KMIS MISSION
Through sound instruction and collaboration with all stakeholders, KMIS            Weston Harmon
will ensure a positive, safe learning environment which will foster our
students’ love of learning and their academic, social, emotional, and       Weston will represent KMIS in the
physical growth in order for them to become responsible, successful         Star Spelling Bee on March 11 at
citizens in an ever-changing society.                                        Cleveland Community College
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KMIS School NewsletterGrade Level News                                                    Page 4 of
                                                                                  School Newsletter 4

Tdap Vaccine for Rising Sixth-
                                                           Panthers Team
                                                           Math- We are continuing our study of
                                                           decimals, percents, and fractions, as well as
                                                           proportions, and order of operations.
Just a Reminder to all Rising 6 graders:
                                                           Social Studies- We are working on a Photo
It is NOT too early for your child to receive their NC     Story Project where students are creating
State Required Tdap immunization. This vaccine is          digistories on the Holocaust.
required for all students in North Carolina before
entrance into the 6 grade.                                 Language Arts- We are wrapping up our
You may call your Primary Physician’s office to inquire    novel study on Number the Stars and
about the availability of the vaccine or you may visit     finishing our unit on the Holocaust. The
the Cleveland County Health Department between             students will be getting their Holocaust project
8am and 4pm Monday through Friday to receive the           assignment soon! The Panther Team
vaccine. The Health Department will give the vaccine       participated in The Erma Drum Poetry
                                   th                 th
free of charge to all current 5 graders/rising 6
graders who are at least 10 years of age.
                                                           Festival contest. Each student submitted an
Please remember to bring a copy of your child’s            original poem that he/she wrote, and each
immunization record to the school so that we may           student will receive a keepsake certificate for
place it in their permanent file.                          participating. The poems are great; we are
                                                           hoping to have a winner!
Thank you!!

Frogs - NEWS FROM THE LILY PAD! Students                   5th Grade Math Department - In math we are
have been busy learning new skills and enjoying the        finishing fractions and beginning our
snow days and delays!! In language arts students           Geometry unit. In this unit some of the things
have begun reading Freedom Train: The Story of             we will be studying include: angles, triangles,
Harriet Tubman. They have been impressed with the
strength and courage of such a small woman. They
                                                           polygons and their characteristics, sum of
are also learning about figurative language such as        interior angles, diagonals in polygons,
dialect through this wonderful biography.                  symmetry, and the measurement of angles.

In math, students have finished up their fractions unit
and are beginning geometry. They use the
Smartboard and manipulative sets to make the
lessons hands on and fun. Mrs. Gaffney has tutoring
sessions most mornings and some afternoons to                                       Children become
assist students having difficulties in math.                                        better readers
Students have been using the Classworks computer                                    and writers by
lab all year to practice and reinforce reading and math                             reading and
skills.                                                                             writing.
In science, Ms. Hembree has taken the students
through their Land and Water unit and now they are          Please have your child read or
immersed in Motion and Energy. The students are             write daily for at least 30 minutes.
learning the concepts by building different types of
vehicles and discovering how to make them move.
                                                            See your child’s planner for
                                                            additional homework. Thank you
In all our classes the teachers are using ClassScape
computer assessments to monitor progress. We are
also using test preparation materials such as
Competitive Edge and Test Ready to prepare
students for the upcoming EOG. GO FROGS!!!!
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Music Department                                            Starfish Team - In math we just completed a
Congratulations to the following fifth grade students who
                                                            unit on fractions. We will be learning about geometry
will represent KMIS in the Cleveland County Elementary
                                                            in our next unit. Students have written songs and
Honors Chorus.
                                                            performed for their classmates and they will be
                          Taylor Myles                      posted shortly on my webpage. The songs were
Kaitlyn Bolin
                          Destiny Neesmith                  written to help them remember challenging facts and
Kayla Capps
                          Jailah Pettis                     rules related to fractions.
Sydney Champion
Michael Cogdell           Ashley Rhom
Landon Ervin              Deyawna Rollinson                 Dragonflies – The Dragonflies are studying non-
Madison Green             Diamond Wesley                    fiction during black history month. We are learning
Bobbie Heath              Molly Vongphouthone               about African Americans who have helped to shape
Jacob Merchant            Jerrod Willis                     our country into a better place for everyone to live.
                          Mikayla Wilson                    Our students are learning what can be accomplished
The CCEHC will rehearse on Friday, March 19th, and          by individuals who believe firmly in a cause and come
perform for the public on Saturday, March 20th, in          together as a group to make their dreams become a
Barnes Auditorium. The concert will begin at 6:30.          reality. We are also filtering in poetry, fantasy, and
                                                            fairy tales. What a grouping! Snow slowed us down
                                                            a little. Over the next few weeks, we will be starting
ART - The Cleveland County Art Councils Student
                                                            non-fiction, consumer information and will create our
Show is coming up in March. The opening will be March
                                                            own newspapers.
29th at the Arts Council Gallery in Shelby.

Also students are beginning their work on the Doodle for    All Stars Team - The All Stars language arts
Google contest. This is a National contest in which         students held elections for Class President and Vice
students come up with a Doodle for Google's website.        President after reading and talking about the
The theme this year is "If I could do anything, I           democratic process for President's Day.           Four
would.....” The National winner receives:$15,000            students were nominated to run for Class President
scholarship, laptop, trip to New York to the Google         in each homeroom. The candidates’ debated issues
offices, their artwork will be hung in the Smithsonian      put to them by their classmates. Students and
Museum of Design, their doodle will be on Google's          candidates made posters and hit the campaign trail
website, their doodle will be put on a t-shirt for them,    running. Voting booths were set up and students
and their schools receives $25,000 for a computer lab!      enjoyed the excitement of casting their ballots. Votes
It is a huge opportunity for our students!                  were tallied in each homeroom. Our winners were
                                                            Brandon Manning, President and Carmen Henwood,
                                                            Vice President - Mrs. Littlefield's homeroom.
                                                            Ka'Myiah Pressley, President and Ashton Withers,
Be looking for information about the media center's         Vice President - Mr. Davis' homeroom.             Jake
switch to our new circulation and card catalog system,      Merchant, President and Molly Vongphouthone, Vice
Destiny. We will make the switch beginning in mid to        President - Mrs. Terry's homeroom.
late March.

Thanks to all of the students who participated in the
                                                            PE - Fifth Graders:
lunchtime book clubs. I had a lot of fun meeting with       The CCS Fun Run is scheduled for Saturday, March
you during lunch and talking about some great books.        27, 2010 at Shelby High School. The 2-mile race
In March, we're doing an online book club. We will be       begins at 9:00am and the 1/2-mile fun run will begin
chatting at the media center's page at wikispaces.com.      at 10:00am. The registration fee is $5.00. The
                                                            registration deadline is March 5th and sorry,
                                                            registrations will NOT be accepted after March 5th.
                                                            Turn your registration form and $5.00 in to your
                                                            physical education teacher.

                                                                                       Become a member
                                                                                        of the KMIS PTO

                                                                                         Next meeting
                                                                                       Monday, March 1,
                                                                                       2010 @ 5:30 p.m.
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     1 – SIT meeting @ 3:20 p.m.                           Mrs. Brown’s Class - All language arts
                                                           students recently received their published books on
     1 –Starfish and Flamingos trip to Kidsenses           either poetry or an autobiography.
     1 – PTO meeting @ 5:30 p.m.
     3 – Penguins Field trip to Kidsenses                  Some students are sending in poems for judging in
                                                           the Erma Drum Poetry Contest.
     4 –Frogs and All Stars Field trip to Kidsenses
     4 – PBS 3 week period                                 My classes are learning about advertising and
     8 – 6 grade Progress Reports                          propaganda techniques. They will be writing and
     10 – 1:00 p.m. Arts in Education performance for      acting out their own commercials for their
     6 grade @ KMIS “Dr. Elliott Engle presents Mark       classmates. In the process they will be learning
     Twain”                                                about many different advertising techniques and how
                                                           they affect consumers. They will also be watching
     11 – The Star Spelling Bee @ 10:00 a.m.@ CCC          commercials and identifying the various advertising
     auditorium                                            techniques used in them.
     12 – Battle of the Books @ First Baptist Church,
     Kings Mtn. 10:00 a.m.
                                                            Our Parent Newsletter can now be found
     14 – Daylight Savings Time begins                          on the KMIS website. Visit us at
     17 – St. Patrick’s Day                                 www.clevelandcountyschools.org. Click
     17 – Career Fair @ GWU (5 grade)                          on Schools and choose Kings Mtn.
     18 – Math Day @ GWU                                                 Intermediate
     19 Snow Make up day
     19 – CCS Elementary Honor’s Chorus practice Day
     19 – K Day
                                                           Gators -      The Gators really enjoyed our recent
                                                           trip to LazerQuest where we learned about how
     20 – Honor’s Chorus concert, Barnes Auditorium        lasers work and the importance of infrared
     6:30 p.m.                                             light. Check out our website for some cool
     22 & 23 Fourth Grade KMIS Tours                       pictures!
     25 - Spring picture day
                                                           In language arts, we are finishing a folklore unit and
     25 – District-wide Parent-Teacher Conference          will be moving towards an unforgettable novel
     early release day (release students at 1:00,          study. This novel is full of adventure, mystery, and
     conferences begin at 1:30)                            suspense and that is just in the first few chapters!
     27 – Fun Run @ SHS (Rain Date April 24)
                  rd                                       Our social studies classes have hopped from
     29 – End of 3 Qtr.                                    the European    continent     to South     America,
     29 – PBS 3 week period                                beginning with a geographical study of the
     30 - first day of 6 grade lab rotation 3 for second   amazing landforms found in this continent.
                                                           Students are working hard in science discussing
                                                           demonstrations and learning about the effects of the
   Counseling Department                                   sun, moon, and Earth working together as a system.

   March will be a busy month in the KMIS                  We are continuing to make progress developing
   School Counseling Program. Fourth graders               fluency with calculations using fractions, decimals,
   from all five schools will be coming to visit.          and percents in math. Soon, we will be learning
   Fifth grade students will have their third career       how to evaluate expressions using algebraic
   lesson in preparation for the career fair that is       concepts.
   held on March 17 at Gardner-Webb
   University. This year we will have
   approximately 50 careers represented and                 Kings Mtn. Intermediate
   students will have the opportunity to begin
   comparing personal interests to career
                            th       st
   choices. On March 30 and 31 our fifth
   graders will have a puberty education lesson.
   If any parent wants to view the video before
                                                                            (704) 476-8366
   the lesson, give KMIS a call and we will                                      Fax:
   arrange times.                                                           (704) 734-5682

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