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									The Alexander Technique of Physiotherapy

The Alexander Technique was invented by a man named F.M. Alexander. He lived from 1869-1955. He
was an actor, touring Tasmania and Australia with a Shakespearean troupe. He began to have problems with
his voice, and the rest is history.

When Alexander's throat became extremely hoarse, he made the rounds of all the doctors where he was at
any given time. None of them could help him. They could not find any physical reason for the problem.
The Alexander Technique came about because the man would not take no for an answer.

Since there was no one to come to his aid, Alexander began watching his every move. He spent much time
looking into mirrors, trying to determine what he might be doing wrong. Over a period of nine years, he
came up with a solution: the Alexander Technique.

The system Alexander designed did the trick of restoring his voice. This was nothing short of a miracle for
him. His voice was of utmost importance to him as an actor. He did not name the system the Alexander
Technique, though. He named it primary control.

The hypothesis of the Alexander Technique is that the head, neck, and torso are the primary factors in
determining function, movement, and posture. In other words, these body parts control these features of the
human anatomy.

Through his observations, he learned that by compressing these body parts, the body did not work in
accordance with its design. In his case, this led to poor posture, which resulted in the hoarseness of his
voice. For others, he saw that there were other problems that the Alexander Technique, or primary control,
could help.

Primary control, as Alexander used it was the correct positioning of the head, neck, and torso so that the
body worked normally. Now, the Alexander Technique is being used in clinics around the country. It is
taught to people who are young and people who are old. It is taught to anyone comes to be taught.

Alexander Technique practitioners usually work with people on an individual basis. Groups can sometimes
be taught the Alexander Technique, but this is not standard practice. The key is for the practitioner to
employ physiotherapy techniques and education to help the person to use their body better and function
better overall.

The idea of the Alexander Technique is to provide a physiotherapy that will allow muscles to become
relaxed. This is said to give people back the posture they should have had all along. The body is worked
with the human form as a whole, and so doing the Alexander Technique is said to have effects for all parts
of the body.
The Alexander Technique is a highly specialized area of physiotherapy. This technique addresses issues
that are related to posture only, albeit there are many problems that are. It is generally not used for people
with major disabilities or illnesses. Other forms of physiotherapy are better for those patients. However, for
people with minor problems, the Alexander Technique has been known to work wonders.

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