Request Form for Kerb Stone, Paving Flags & Tiles by p7h2i4


									                                                                                       ‫قسم بحــوث مــواد وأنظمة البنــاء‬
                                                                                                                TS - RBS - F2
                                                              R E Q U E S T F O R M F O R K E R B S T O N E, P A V I N G F L A G S &




CONTACT No.:                                                                                         : ‫رقم الهاتف‬        FAX No:

E-mail:                                                                                          : ‫البريد االلكتروني‬     Date:

FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY                                                              Detail Of Kerb Stone & Paving Flags

                                                                                  Date of Sampling:                                                 Specified St
KSN No.                                           Date Rec.
                                                                                  Time and place of Sampling:                                       Sample bro
FLG No.                                           S.No.
                                                                                  Cement Content:                                                   Date of Pro

                                                                                  Source:                                                           Class of Spe
TL No.                                            Bill No.
                                                                                  Method of Compaction:                 Hand / Vibration            Name of Su
Misc No.                                          .
                                                                                  Number of Specimens:                                              Received by

                            KERB: 8 Specimen required if the sample is not submitted by third party, 4 Specimens required if the sample is subm

                             PAVING FLAGS: 6 Specimens for initial conformity criteria and further type testing. Batch of up to 1000 paving flags 3 Specime

                               Test Req. for Kerb
Kerb Stone & Paving Flags

                                                                Transverse Strength MPa              Density Kg/m3                 Cement Content
                               Stone & Paving Flags

                                Specimen ID             Length mm              Width mm                 Depth mm                 Specimen ID          Length mm

                                     1                                                                                               5

                                     2                                                                                               6

                                     3                                                                                               7

                                     4                                                                                               8

                            Details and Requirements of Terrazzo & Ceramic Tiles: 12 Specimens required for the spesified tests from each
Terrazzo & Ceramic Tiles

                            Specimen Class:                               Production Date:                                 Work size:

                              Test Req. for
                                                      Breaking Strength    Squareness Straight
                            Terrazzo & Ceramic                                                     Abrasion Resistance           Dimensions         Water Absorp
                                                       or Breaking load      ness & Flatness
                                                                 I D E N T I F I C A T I O N                           M A R K S           O N S P E C I

                                                                                                                             Consult. Sign.
           Consult. Sign.

                                               :‫اسم المشــــروع‬
                                               :‫اسم االستشاري‬
                                               :‫اسم المــــقــاول‬
                                                      : ‫رقم الفاكس‬

                                                     :‫تاريخ التسليم‬

       Specified Strength MPa:

       Sample brought in by:

       Date of Production:

       Class of Specimen:

       Name of Supplier:

       Received by:

he sample is submitted by third party, or per 1000 specimens

ving flags 3 Specimens are required from the whole consignment.

               Sulphate & Chloride           Water Absorption

        Length mm             Width mm             Depth mm

ed tests from each batch or per 1000 m 2


      Water Absorption       Chemical Test        Others if any

 N S P E C I M E N

                         Verified by Lab.
Verified by Lab.

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