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					      WESTWIND NEWS
                       Frank Glasson & John Wilds - Trumpets, Barry Toombs - Horn,
                                Bill Yeager - Trombone, Brent Dutton - Tuba

Vol. 8, No. 8                   THE NEWSLETTER OF WESTWIND BRASS                            November 2003

 San Diego Concert Series
   Season's Greetings
     December 9, 2003 7:00 pm
     San Diego Museum of Art

     December 15, 2003 7:00 pm
     The Neurosciences Institute

     December 22, 2003 7:00 pm
        St. John of the Cross

Enjoy holiday music from many
countries and every era including
traditional Christmas carols,
Hanukah music, selections from
Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite,
Händel’s Messiah, and so much

       Metales Liricos
      February 3, 2004 7:00 pm
      San Diego Museum of Art
                                     Westwind Brass starts its 17th season with the exciting addition of two new
     February 13, 2004 7:00 pm
     The Neurosciences Institute
                                     performers: Frank Glasson, trumpet and Bill Yeager, trombone. You can
                                     read more about our new members on pages 2 and 3.
     February 15, 2004 3:00 pm
       St. John of the Cross         This season's programming pays tribute to America's true art form, jazz.
                                     Recent works have included the West Coast Premier of Paquito D'Rivera's
  American Soundscapes               Four Pieces for Brass Quintet, along with three arrangements by Bill
      March 16, 2004 7:00 pm         Yeager, featuring the jazz solos by Frank and Bill.
      San Diego Museum of Art
                                     Recording projects this season include:
       March 21, 2004 3:00 pm
        St. John of the Cross
                                     "The Old Euro Standard": Music from the 1500-1800s, the first
      Brass to the Fore              reinterpretation of glorious works by Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina,
       April 18, 2004 3:00 pm
                                     Thomas Arne, J.S. Bach, and Antonio Vivaldi, for the modern brass
        St. John of the Cross        ensemble.

       April 21, 2004 7:00 pm        Westwind Brass "Jazztet": an inside look into the history of jazz with
     The Neurosciences Institute     selections by Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, Paquito D'Rivera,
       April 27, 2004 7:00 pm
                                     Thelonious Monk, Duke Ellington, and more.
      San Diego Museum of Art
                                              Westwind Brass
 WESTWIND BRASS                                    Donors                               ARTIST
                                      We would like to thank the following             PROFILE
    BOARD OF                           people and organizations who have
   DIRECTORS                         given generously to Westwind Brass.
  Richard Jaynes, President
                                                  Supporters                 Glasson,
                                     California Arts Council, ExxonMobil
 Victor Tokach, Vice President       Foundation, Outside the Box, City of
                                                                             trumpet, grew
    Paul Stryker, Secretary          San Diego Commission for Arts & Cul-    up in San Diego
    Beth Hughes, Treasurer           ture, County of San Diego Community     where he began
                                     Enhancement Program, SAIC, and          studying the
                                     Time-Warner Cable                       trumpet at age
We say good-by to outgoing board                                             nine. He has
 member Francine DiBlasi, and               FANFARE MEMBERS                  performed both
 thank her for her guidance and      PATRON: John DeBello, Brent             locally and
           assistance.               Dutton, Mary Lou & Jack Eisenmann,      abroad in the trumpet sections of
                                     Chuck Freebern, Joanne Krause,          the San Diego Symphony Orches-
                                     Connie Mullin, Sandra Petersen &        tra, San Diego Chamber Orches-
 Mission Statement:                  Tuba Jim, James Rendina, Mary           tra, San Diego Opera, Mittel
                                     Rudenberg, Dr. Jeanne & Paul            Deutsches Rundfunk Orchester of
                                     Stryker, Alene & Frank Stuart, Barry
 As professional musicians, the                                              Germany, Cape Town Symphony
                                     Toombs, Janice & John Wilds
 San Diego-based ensemble                                                    Orchestra, State Theater Orches-
 fosters appreciation of brass       COLLABORATOR: MJ Daspit &
                                                                             tra and National Chamber Orches-
 music as an exciting                Gary Greksouk                           tra of South Africa.
 multicultural art form through
 music education and dynamic         SUPPORTER: Dr. James Lewis              Mr. Glasson currently serves as
 entertainment to enrich local       Bowers, Carol & John Carroll,           Jazz Band Director at Palomar
 and international communities.      Carmen DeBello, Beth Hughes,            College and conductor of the Civic
                                     Phoebe & Robert McAnlis, Audrey &       Youth Wind Ensemble.
 Artistic Vision Statement:          Ronald Ryder, Christy Seasver, Dr.
                                     David Smith
 Westwind Brass is committed
                                     DONOR: Wendy & Dennis Cullum,
 to performing music of the          Diana & Chuck Elledge, Patricia &
 highest caliber in all venues by:                                           Yes, we have a vehicle donation
                                     Norman Gillespie, Sharon & Garry
                                     Hayes, Sharon LeeMaster, Claudia &      program. You can now donate your
 • Presenting concerts of            Carl Lowenstein, Joanne & Dr.           old cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles,
 classical and contemporary          Robert Meredith, Judith & Fred          motor homes, trailers, and boats
 brass music                         Noyes, Jose Nunez, Mary & Robert        with trailers to Westwind Brass and
                                     Porter                                  receive a tax deduction. We are
 • Educating the public by                                                   partnering with Volunteers of
 engaging them through               FRIEND: Melinda Balkom, Mary &          America Enterprise Program.
                                     John Benbow, Jan & Jerry Campana,       Give us a call at 619-337-2848 for
 workshops, master-classes and
                                     Susan Crane, Barry Demchak,             more details.
 in-school performances              Martha Ehringer, Judy & Rich
                                     Getrich, Terrence Green, Gayle Hall,
 As a public benefit                                                         Is your employer involved in
                                     Julie & Tom Karlo, John Kilburn,
 organization, Westwind Brass        Mary Soares, Linda & Norman             matching gift programs with United
 is an essential cultural asset,     Taylor.                                 Way? If so, why not help support
                                                       Newsletter made
 providing publicly supported                          possible by the
                                                                             Westwind Brass' educational
 access to brass music to                            generous support of     outreach program by designating
 audiences that would not                                                    your United Way Contribution to
 otherwise have this                                 Crest Offset            Westwind Brass? Our United Way
 opportunity.                                                                number is 433380.
                                                     Printing Co.
           ARTIST                                                 THE FIRST TUBA
          PROFILE                        There is only one instrument in the modern orchestra
                                         whose date of birth is known precisely, and that
Bill Yeager,                             instrument is the tuba. It was named the Bass-Tuba in
trombone, is a                           Prussian Patent 19 dated September 12th, 1835, filed
native of Seattle,                       by Wilhelm Weiprecht and Johann Moritz of Berlin. This
Washington. He                           historic event was recorded in the Allgemeine
has a diverse                            Preussische Staats-Zeitung in a small article on the
musical back-                            front page of its Wednesday 16, September 1835
ground, both as a                        issue. It was not the first valved brass instrument, nor
performer and                            the first valved bass brass instrument, but it was the
educator.                                first valved bass brass instrument to be called the
                                         Bass-Tuba. There is an example of the instrument from
He is Professor of Music and             1838-40 in the Musikinstrumenten-Museum in Berlin
Director of Jazz Studies at San          (No. 4456). Needless to say, this spot is holy ground for
Diego State University. He is a          tubists. I remember visiting the museum and gazing with reverent eyes
well-known studio/jazz trombonist,       upon the first ancestor of my modern day horn. It is conveniently
performing on hundreds of                located right beside a nice beer hall so that after the visit, tuba players,
records, films, TV shows, and            still shaky with the emotion of the moment, can calm their nerves with a
commercials. He received his             large glass of Germany's finest. - Brent Dutton
Bachelor and Master of Music
degrees from North Texas State
University.                                                                     HOLIDAY SPECIAL
He has performed with such                                                          CD SALE
artists as Frank Sinatra, Ella                                  Holiday Special CD Sale
Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett, Sarah
Vaughn, Mel Torme, and Dizzy
                                                                Westwind Brass offers a special
Gillespie, to name a few. He has                                holiday sale on all of its CDs. Each
toured throughout the world. He                                 CD, including shipping, handling, and
has played in practically every big                             tax, costs $10 only. Mix and match
band in the Los Angeles/San              our five CDs for yourself and as gifts for your friends and
Diego area, including long time          family for the upcoming holidays. Call 619-337-2848 or use
associations with Louie Bellson
and Les Brown.
                                         our online contact form,

Yes, I would like to order Westwind Brass CDs for the Special Holiday price of $10
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  Upcoming concerts                                  OUR
                                              COMMUNITY PARTNERS
Nov. 22, 2003   9:00 pm      San Diego, CA
Dec. 9, 2003    7:00 pm      San Diego, CA
Dec. 15, 2003   7:00 pm        La Jolla, CA
Dec. 22, 2003   7:00 pm    Lemon Grove, CA
Dec. 31, 2003   6:00 pm      Escondido, CA
Jan. 11, 2004   6:00 pm       Carlsbad, CA
Jan. 18, 2004   7:00 pm      San Diego, CA
Jan. 25, 2004   2:30 pm        Fontana, CA
Feb. 1, 2004    7:00 pm      San Diego, CA
Feb. 3, 2004    7:00 pm      San Diego, CA
Feb. 13, 2004   7:00 pm      San Diego, CA
Feb.15, 2004    3:00 pm   Lemon Grove, CA

                                                   Phone 619-337-2848
                                                        PO Box 86879
                                                San Diego, CA 92138-6879