Intercessor Requirements

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					Intercessor Requirements
   (Please read the following before you join the team of Intercessors)

   Do you have a calling for Intercessory prayer?
   Do you have a burden and passion to pray?
   Do you take the call to pray seriously?
   Do you have a burden to be more actively involved in a world-wide ministry
   that is establishing the kingdom of God in personal lives, one person at a time?
   Are you willing to invest your time into the lives of others who will never know
   who you are until we reach Heaven?

   If you answered "yes" to the above questions, perhaps the Lord is calling you to
   join the Intercessory Prayer Team! If you are interested, please read on.

   What is the Intercessory Prayer Team?
   This team is composed of intercessors from within and outside this church who have
   separated themselves in order to pray for the church and the prayer requests that
   people leave on our special web page. To supplicate and to pray for the need of this
   church and to sow prayers into the life of others within and without.

   What does it take to join this team?
   If you wish to be an intercessor, #1, you must complete your New Members and
   Maturity Class of 14 weeks; you must be dedicated and committed, able to fast; not
   missing any service; punctuality must be part of your priorities and willingness to
   serve. We take this ministry very seriously and are careful to screen out those who
   may not be suited to this ministry, or who may want to join for the wrong motives.
   If you are accepted, we have what we call ‘The Prayer Chain Conference’ we will
   convey to you our conference prayer line with a code that will daily launch you in to
   the conference.

   What are the responsibilities of joining this ministry?
   All we ask is that you pray for the prayer requests of the church and those that are
   posted. You can make your own schedule by coming into the Dayspring Center
   whenever you wish and staying as long as you like. It is up to you. However, we do
   find that making a schedule and keeping it is very beneficial to remaining faithful to
   prayer. You can come in every day, or you can come in once a week. You can take a
   month off if you need a break. However, please keep in mind that prayer is the life
   of any Ministry as prayer requests come in every hour. It is a life of sacrifice

   Therefore, to pray for the most requests, you may want to come in every day if you
   are free. In addition to praying for the prayer requests that are already in place for
   the church. We may also send you a short letter periodically, as the Lord leads, to
   encourage you in prayer. This letter will also include a short list of any current
   prayer requests that we, as a ministry, are facing.
We would appreciate your standing with us in prayer for Wells of Salvation
Ministries & Dominion Center For All Nations.

May I discontinue at anytime?
Yes. Because your prayer schedule can be custom-designed according to your
personal schedule, you may discontinue at any time by simply letting the Leader
know of your inability to participate in intercessory any longer. If you do
discontinue, we ask that you do not share the conference line or the code with
anyone else. Please note that accepting you back depends on your situation.

May I do this ministry with a prayer group?
Of course, you’re not alone! If however, you have another prayer group outside the
church, because you so much like to pray, you can put in the prayer requests of the
church, like praying for the Pastors, the leaders, the members, the children and the
general need of the church

I am interested in joining the Prayer Team. What do I do next?
See the leaders.

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