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Research Passport Requests (Access arrangements for undertaking research)

SOP Number:               39                  Version Number:          02
Effective Date:           01/06/2011          Review Date:             31/05/2014

Author:                   Nicholas Good, R&D Projects Manager
Reviewer:                 Gerry Leonard, Head of Research Resource

Name / Position           Gerry Leonard, Head of Research Resources


Purpose and Objective:
To define the process for applying for and processing requests for Research Passports.

SOP Text

       Responsibility                                        Activity
1.     The Applicant           Completes the Research Passport form (Annex B) and gains
                               requisite signatures (from their manager and their substantive HR
                               department. They then collect all the relevant attachments (see
                               point 2) and brings the form to the R&D Office.

2.     R&D Projects            Receive Research Passports request on the Research Passport
       Manager                 form (as issued by NIHR-CRN). Ensure the form is completed,
                               with relevant external signatures and appropriate documents
                               attached, e.g.:
                                   - Current curriculum vitae (including details of
                                       qualifications, training and registration)
                                   - CRB disclosure
                                   - Appendix with list of project titles and reference numbers
                                   - Occupational health certificate
                                   - Declaration Form

3.     R&D Projects            Having checked the factual information and that the applicant is
       Manager                 who they say they are (through meeting the applicant and
                               checking their photo ID), the Research Passport form is signed
                               and dated for the R&D Office, along with its attachments. The
                               whole is then copied for R&D records and the original is returned
                               it to applicant.

4.     R&D Projects            Using the Research Passport an Honorary Contract for BLT or a
       Manager                 Letter of Access (in accordance with the R&D Guidance
                               published by NIHR CRN) is issued. In accordance with the
                               Research Passport Pathway diagram (Annex C).

SOP Number 3X v1
List of appendices

Appendix      Appendix name             Location
Appendix A    NHS Research Passport
              Good Practice Guidance    services/research-and-development/the-approval-
Appendix B    The Research Passport
              (Form)                    esearch/Research-Passport-v3.2-BLT.doc
Appendix C    The Research Passport
              Pathway diagram.          _flow_diagram_v3.pdf
Appendix C    Trust Policy: Honorary    http://bltintranet/Policiesandguidelines/Honorary%2
              Contracts for Non Trust   0Contracts%20for%20Non%20Trust%20Employee
              Employees                 s.pdf

SOP Number 3X v1

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