Request to hire sample letter by p7h2i4


									             To:      Concerned Director(s)

         From:        Department Head


             Re:  Request of Approval to Hire Candidate
                  to a Grant-funded EPA Professional Position Title; EPV
Dr.        , Department of         , has completed the search process in regard
EPV           and is seeking your permission to hire         as a       in his program.
A draft letter of offer and the candidate's curriculum vita are attached.

Candidate qualifications/education

This position will be funded entirely by grant money. The fund used to pay salary is designated by
FAS Account          , project       . The requested appointment date is      , (or as soon thereafter
as possible) and the candidate will earn an initial annual salary of $   . The expected term of
appointment is for         years contingent on availability of funding.

The original HR forms and supporting paperwork concerning this action have been transmitted
directly to Diane Baker along with a copy of this memorandum. If you approve this allocation, please
sign this memorandum below and then forward it to her at Box 7602.

Thanks for your assistance.

I approve hiring the indicated candidate for this position under the terms described.

____________________________________                      ____________
Dr. Ken Esbenshade                                        Date
CALS Director of Ag. Research Services

____________________________________                      ____________
none                                                      Date

____________________________________                      ____________
none                                                      Date

cc:        Diane Baker

Request to hire sample letter.doc – 11/04

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