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									          Getting Familiar With NS Forms
When speaking of immigration, this is basically the
process wherein you need to enter the United States
and live there whether temporarily or permanently.
But prior to living in the United States, it is a must that
one secures the right immigration form needed. There
are lots of NS forms that you will encounter along the
way depending on the type of residency that you are
applying for. That is why it is very important for you to
know a little information about these immigration
forms. This write up will provide you some of the most
useful and accurate information that you need to
know, so just continue reading the succeeding

Form I -140 is one of the most popular NS forms that you need to keep in mind. This is the perfect form which is
indicated for people who want to work in the country. There are instances when your employer secures Form I -
140 and sponsors the processing needed.

Form I -90 is also another type of form for immigration. The indication of this form is for people who want to
undergo citizenship application and to file for green card renewal. In addition to that, Form I -90 is also applicable
for those who want to obtain a green card especially if such residency card has been lost, damaged or stolen. After
filing of Form I -90 successfully, you can already be entitled for permanent residency in the United States.

If you wish to do change in your present status in the United States, Form I - 539 is the right form you need. This is
particularly intended for those non-immigrants in the United States who want to extend their stay in the country
for specific period of time. In the event that you want to modify your present status, Form I - 539 is the right kind
of visa for you.

Just in case you want to sponsor                                                 your other family members living in
the other countries outside the                                                  United States, Form I - 539 is the
exact immigration form that you                                                  need to secure. Of course, the
sponsor is the one who will                                                      petition hi family members to
obtain legal residency card in the                                               United States.

Form I- 485 is the type of NS form                                               which is intended for people who is
under non-immigrant type of                                                      residency. This is the specific form
that is needed in order for them                                                 to be entitled for legal residency in
the United States. But then, there                                               are some considerations which are
determined under the use of                                                      Form I- 485.

You see, there are lots of NS forms that you need to be familiar with. In each immigrant form, there is a specific
use and indication that you have to expect from it. Apart from the NS form, there are some other documents that
you need to secure. It is important that you immediately secure these documents so that you can easily stay in the
United States in no time.

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