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    Jewelries appeal to everyone irrespective of their age. Jewelry is quite a fascinating word that excites many of
     us with its shines and sparkles and we all desire to posses some exquisite range of jewelry that will enhance
                                               our style and personality
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                               All about how to buy the right Diamond Engagement Ring
                                                               By paul.goodguy

   These days, it seems that the engagement ring is synonymous to the diamond, a symbol that stands
for everlasting love and devotion in the 20th century.

In western tradition, a diamond engagement ring is given to a woman to signify her status as a
bride-to-be, a tradition that is becoming more and more popular throughout the world.

This practice of giving a diamond engagement ring first arose in 1477 when Archduke Maximilian of
Austria asked Mary of Burgundy to marry him.

At that time, only royals and noblemen could afford diamonds, but the trend is so popular these days,
especially since diamonds are readily available these days, because of the discovery of diamond
mines in Africa and other parts of the world, and also due to technological advances.

The De Beers advertising campaign which started in the 1940s, made the diamond more popular with
its famous slogan “A diamond is forever”, a line that is still being used in their campaigns today.

Even though the diamond engagement ring is more common, it is still an expensive purchase because
of the diamond gemstone. That is why there are a lot of guidelines to know about when buying a

First is determining your budget. Salespeople can often trump up a sale when they convince the
grooms-to-be that the amount of money they are willing to spend on a ring is equal to their love.

But the general rule of thumb is that two months salary is what your budget should be, but don’t let this
dictate you. You can estimate your own personal budget, given that this is one of the most important
purchases of your life.

Since an engagement ring is so personal, it would also help best if you did a little research on the
wearer’s preference before even going to the jewelry store. What is her style?

Is it simple or does she prefer fancier things with intricate designs? What type of metal does she like?
White gold, yellow gold or platinum are the usual choices.

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Also, if you don’t know much about buying jewelry, it’s best to go with a friend or to a store that
someone who know would highly recommend.

It would also be best if the ring you brought had certification from the Gemological Institute of America
or the American Gem Society. All these steps will insure that you will be buying the best for you and
your special someone.

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How To Buy An Engagement Ring
At Last! You Can Learn How to Buy an Engagement Ring Without Getting Ripped Off!
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                                               Engagement Ring Buying Tips
                                                      By George Meszaros

Getting prepared for your wedding ceremony is a very stressful job both for the groom and the bride.
There are so many details that need to be worked out and as a result, many couples even become
disillusioned under so much pressure from their family and friends. If you think about it, you will quickly
see that the expenses as well as the effort that need to be maintained are very great. However, one of
the more joyful events in preparing for the wedding is buying the engagement ring. It signals a special
beginning in the relationship and it signifies a special climax that will be reached over time.

 Of course, buying the engagement ring is the responsibility of the groom. He will have to choose an
engagement ring that will be well received by the soon “bride to be”. Of course, when the concept of
engagement ring is mentioned, most people will automatically think about diamond rings. Traditionally
speaking diamond rings have been the first choice for many men buying engagement ring to the
women that they love. Of course, diamond rings is not the only choice for grooms, as you can just think
of buying a gold ring as an engagement ring. However, it is safe to say that many women will expect a
diamond ring as their engagement ring.

 Fortunately for you, there are scores of different grades and types of diamond engagement rings that
you can purchase for your lover. Of course, when you are out shopping for a diamond ring, there are
several important criteria that you need to watch out for. First of all, the value of any diamond ring is
determined through the value of its diamond. In order to assess the value of a diamond, you have to
understand the factors that affect its value namely: cut, clarity, color and carat weight.

 The most expensive and the most valuable diamonds are definitely those that are purely clear and cut
properly. The color of the diamond is also an important factor as the most expensive diamonds are
those that are colorless. If a diamond has a tint of color in it, it will become less expensive as a result.
Of course, totally colorless diamonds are quite rare and they are usually very expensive as a result.
However, if you are planning to buy an engagement ring for your “wife to be”, you can easily buy a
lightly tinted diamond ring which will be much more cheaper. Usually some yellow tint is preferred in
engagement rings.

 Of course, the carat of the diamond is another important factor. The carat of a diamond is in fact the
measure of its weight since the bigger the carat means that the diamond will be heavier. One carat is
equal to one fifth of a gram and a diamond ring will range from a quarter carat to several carats and the
price will chance subsequently. However, when you are buying the engagement ring never forget that it
is not the size that it counts, but rather it is the idea of buying a diamond ring for your fiancée.

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