Bylaws of Missions Prayer Fellowship by p7h2i4


									                                Bylaws of Missions Prayer Fellowship
                                  of the College Church In Wheaton

                                               ARTICLE I

The name of this organization shall be Missions Prayer Fellowship of College Church In Wheaton

                                               ARTICLE II

MPF shall be under the general oversight of the Board of Missions (“BOM”).

                                              ARTICLE III

The purpose of MPF shall be to promote interest within the church family in missions at home and
abroad, and to pray for and assist College Church missionaries and outreach ministries approved by the

                                              ARTICLE IV

The membership of MPF shall consist of adults who are in agreement with the purpose of this
organization and are active participants therein.

                                              ARTICLE V
                                            Executive Board

Section 1 – Composition. The Executive Board (“Board”) shall consist of a Coordinator, Assistant
Coordinator, Project Chair, Publicity Chair, Prayer Calendar Secretary and Prayer Circle Chairs. These
shall be termed “officers.”

Section 2 – Qualifications. All officers in Section 1 shall be members of College Church in Wheaton. Any
exceptions shall be by special agreement of the existing Board.

Section 3 – Meetings. The Board shall meet at least once a year, and as often as deemed necessary for
the organization and carrying out of the functions of MPF.

Section 4 – Organization. The Coordinator shall serve as chair and appoint someone to record minutes
at each Board meeting.

Section 5 – Responsibilities.
      a.    Formulate goals for the year to promote MPF’s success in meeting its purpose.
      b.    Set up the year’s program of combined MPF events and designate prayer circle event duties.
      c.    Establish prayer circle policies, such as the amount of honorarium to be paid to speakers.
      d.    Approve any extensive projects to be carried out by individual prayer circles or by MPF as a
      e.    Evaluate MPF’s success in meeting its goals and formulate future plans.
      f.    Promote idea-sharing and interaction among the prayer circles that will be mutually beneficial
            in meeting the goals of MPF.

                                              ARTICLE VI
                                           Election of Officers

Section 1 – Procedure. Nominations for the officers, except the Coordinator and Prayer Circle Chairs,
shall be presented by the MPF Nominating Committee (with the consent of the nominees) at the prayer
circle meetings prior to the MPF Annual Meeting. The Nominating Committee shall consist of all Prayer
Circle Chairs and shall elect its own chair.

Other nominations may be made from the floor at the MPF Annual Meeting, provided the consent of the
nominee has been previously given.

Election shall be at the Annual Meeting and by voice vote, except where there is more than one nominee
for an office, in which case it shall be by ballot and by simple majority vote. Vacancies occurring during
the elective year shall be filled by appointment of the functioning Nominating Committee.

Section 2 – Term. All elected officers shall serve one year terms: church annual meeting to church
annual meeting.

Section 3 – Other Officers. Prayer Circle Chairs shall be approved by the individual prayer circles before
the MPF Annual Meeting. The Coordinator shall be elected by the regular members of College Church to
a three-year term, and shall serve as a member of the BOM—with vote, but without additional committee

                                             ARTICLE VII
                                            Duties of Officers

Section 1 – Coordinator.
      a.    Shall preside at MPF Board meetings, and shall call such other meetings following the
            Annual Meeting as s/he deems necessary.
      b.    Shall preside at combined MPF activities, such as an annual picnic, and conduct any
            business meetings involving MPF as a whole.
      c.    Shall ask the Assistant Coordinator to serve in his/her absence and perform other duties of
            the office as mutually agreed upon.
      d.    Shall act as coordinator among the prayer circles and seek to promote unity of purpose and
            fellowship among the groups.
      e.    Shall serve as liaison between the BOM and the MPF Board, and seek to integrate MPF with
            the total missions program of College Church.
      f.    Shall oversee the receipt and expenditure of the funds provided for MPF in the BOM budget.
      g.    Shall see that a written record is kept of any official business transacted during the year.

Section 2 – Assistant Coordinator.
      a.    Shall be a member of the Board.
      b.    Shall carry out MPF duties of the Coordinator in his/her absence or at his/her request.
      c.    Shall assign missionaries to prayer circles, so that all long term missionaries are part of a
            circle, and communicate with Prayer Circle Chairs and the BOM concerning these
      d.    Shall compile the contents of the MPF directory following the Annual Meeting and oversee its
            distribution. A copy shall be sent to each missionary family unit supported by College
            Church. One copy of this directory shall be retained by MPF as a permanent record of its
            members and officers each year.
      e.    Shall update the MPF brochure each year or as needed.
      f.    Shall see that information regarding MPF, such as a signed letter of invitation to join MPF,
            and an MPF brochure, is in the packet for new church members.
      g.    Shall work with the Publicity Chair to see that there is adequate publicity for all MPF
      h.    Shall work with the Prayer Circle Chairs to invite and bring new church members and
            attenders into the circles.

Section 3 – Project Chair.
      a.    Shall be a member of the Board.
      b.    Shall work closely with the “Care and Furlough” Committee of the BOM to see that projects
            are channeled to the prayer circles, adult communities, or individuals best suited to meet the
      c.    Shall secure the approval of the Board for extensive projects to be undertaken. Shall advise
            Coordinator of project plans.
      d.    Shall obtain information from the BOM concerning showers for first-term overseas
            missionaries and first babies of career missionaries, and shall coordinate the showers with
            the adult communities and missionary support groups to which the missionaries belong.

Section 4 – Publicity Chair.
      a.    Shall be a member of the Board.
      b.    Shall obtain details of monthly meetings from the program coordinator of each prayer circle
            and have this published monthly in the College Church Fellowship newsletter.
      c.    Shall obtain information about, and publicize, any MPF event or project.

Section 5 – Prayer Calendar Secretary.
      a.    Shall be a member of the Board.
      b.    Shall encourage existing groups praying for College Church missionaries.
      c.    Shall obtain information on College Church missionaries and shall pass on current prayer and
            praise items to the church family, primarily through the monthly prayer calendar.

Section 6 – Prayer Circle Chairs.
      a.    Shall be members of the Board.
      b.    Shall preside at their own prayer circle meetings, or appoint someone to preside in their
      c.    Shall constitute the MPF Nominating Committee.
      d.    Shall work closely with the Assistant Coordinator to invite and bring new church members
            and attenders into their groups.
      e.    Shall oversee the carrying out of responsibilities assigned to respective groups for combined
            MPF events.

                                              ARTICLE VIII

Section 1 – Annual Meeting. The Annual Business Meeting shall be held each April. A quorum at any
properly called meeting shall consist of those members present.

Section 2 – Other Meetings. MPF may meet as a whole to conduct business as determined by the Board.
Individual prayer circles will determine whether they will meet monthly or only during those months when
MPF does not meet as a whole.

Section 3 – Prayer Circle Meetings. The Board may request that MPF business be transacted through
regular prayer circle meetings, with a quorum consisting of the members present at the prayer circle
meetings that month.

                                              ARTICLE IX
                                             Prayer Circles

Section 1 – Number. The number of prayer circles shall be determined by the Board, which shall
establish new groups whenever possible.

Section 2 – Officers. Prayer Circle Chairs shall be approved in their April meetings or before, with each
prayer circle approving other officers deemed necessary for its operation. Only the Prayer Circle Chair
must be a member of College Church or approved as an exception by the Board.

Section 3 – Purpose. Prayer circle members shall learn about, pray for, communicate with, and get to
know personally, when possible, the missionaries and ministries of College Church, especially those
assigned to their circle.

Section 4 – Funds. A prayer circle may take one or more offerings for its expenses, for special gifts,
and/or for missions in general. The funds not retained to pay the circle’s expenses shall be forwarded as
soon as possible to the Missions Treasurer. Each prayer circle treasurer shall keep account of all funds
and submit to audit by the church auditor if requested.

                                             ARTICLE X
                                        Prayer Circle Speakers

Priority for speakers shall be in the following order:
       a.     College Church missionaries traveling on home assignment or those planning to leave for the
              field immediately.
       b.     College Church missionaries on home assignment here in the area.
       c.     College Church local missionaries, retirees, STAMPers, short term missionaries,
              representatives from mission agencies or College Church supported non-local ministries.
       d.     Others involved in missions, not supported by College Church.

                                             ARTICLE XI

These bylaws may be amended at an MPF annual or specially called meeting by two-thirds of the votes
cast, notice and proposed changes having been given in writing at least two weeks in advance. Provision
shall be made for absentee voting.

Written and approved by Missions Prayer Fellowship, January 2005


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