BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING
                                    Farmington, CT
                                   January 10, 2005

The following were in attendance:

Tim Brennan, Tony Carvalho, Joe Conte, Andrea Duffy, Andy George, Marc Glass, Dave Gold, Steve
Henderson, Art Hennig, Steve Kassoy, Milan Keser, Tom Mattera, Bill Oehler, Chafik Rebai, Tom
Skarbek, Eric Voide, Kathy Zolad, Al McWhirter, Jim Lennox, Sue Schultz

The following were absent:

David Engel, Joe Fillipetti, Lisa Schanzer, Todd Stigliano, Steve Woolbert.

Kathy Zolad called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.

The minutes of November 2004 were approved as submitted.

Treasurer’s Report:
Sue announced that the accountants were coming Thursday to go over the district reports. At this time
CJSA has accounting reports from the Northcentral, Southeast, and Southwest districts. The other districts
need to get them in by Thursday. If a district is not going to be in compliance they are to contact Judy at
CJSA, we do not want to pay the accountants twice.

Audience Communication:
None at this time.

Committee Reports:

Premier: The 2004-2005 premier league divisions were distributed for the U-13 through U-16 age groups.
Eric Voide requested that the Premier Board of Governors review the Premier Policy whereby an earned
spot in a given premier division belongs to the club rather then the team. Eric and other members in his
district believe that the earned spot should belong to the team rather then the club. Eric distributed a written
outline of the proposed change. Discussion occurred. Kathy will forward the proposed change to the BOG
for review and recommendation back to the CJSA Board of Directors. The proposed change will also be
placed on the CJSA website as an action item.

Registration: Bill announced that three districts did not meet the final registration deadline of December
15, 2004 for the 2003-2004 season. Bill needs the data and/or money from the Southcentral, Southeast, and
Southwest districts. Bill also announced that CJSA is looking to go to and online registration database for
the state districts to use. The Southwest District will be the test district, Bill will work closely with the
district to get the system up and running.

Indoor Tournament: All venues for the State Indoor Tournament have not been finalized yet. Milan and
Sue will work on finalizing the venues and dates and will forward the information to the BOD. Milan would
like to see the fee raised from $90.00 to $100.00 per team.

      Motion to raise the State Indoor Tournament entry fee to $100.00 per team was made by
Marc Glass, seconded by Tom Mattera. Motion passed with nine in favor and three abstentions.

Tournaments: Tom Skarbek distributed a list of tournaments that received sanctioning.
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Minutes of January 10, 2005

Recreation: Marc stated that the TopSoccer DVD will ready for pick up on January 19. Marc stated the
total expense for 1,000 CDs will be $2,300.00, this does not include shipping. Marc will be running a clinic
on TopSoccer at the AGM, and hopes that everyone sends a representative to this clinic. Marc will have 300
CDs for the AGM and each club in Connecticut will be given one. Kathy would like to see at least one third
to one half of the clubs sponsor a TopSoccer program – we need to continue to service this group of
children. We have received requests from other Regions who wish to purchase the CD. Discussion

       Motion to sell the CDs for $3.00 each at the CJSA and USYSA workshops and $4.00 after the
workshops (shipping and handling will be at an additional cost) was made by Tom Skarbek, seconded
by Tim Brennan. Motion passed unanimously.

District Reports:

Central – Tom had no report, all was well.
Northeast – Tim had no report, all was well.
South Central – Joe stated that his district was doing well.
Northwest – Eric stated that 1600 people attended the district dinner and all went well.
North Central – Marc stated that the district banquet would be on January 18.
Southwest – Andy announced that the first annual Ted Rocza Cup was awarded this past season to the
winners of the U-14 district leagues for both boys and girls.

Director of Coaching Report:
Jim Lennox distributed the ODP coaching staff to be approved. He also announced that the U-13s and U-
14s would now have two teams per gender, a north and a south team. Both teams for each age group would
attend the ODP tournament, which is now non-competitive for both age groups. Questions regarding the
credentials of the coaches were discussed. Jim also announced that there were three “D” coaching courses
being held in the state over the winter months. Tom Mattera asked about having one in the Southwest

       Motion to approve the ODP coaching staff was made by Chafik Rebai, seconded by Marc
Glass. Motion passed with all in favor and three abstentions.

President’s Report:
Discussion on the Saturn van to be purchased by CJSA. Region 1 will reimburse CJSA $15,000.00 towards
the purchase of a vehicle, however it must be a Saturn.

        Motion to approve the purchase of a Saturn van. Purchase price to be negotiated with the
dealer and will be emailed to BOD prior to purchase. Motion was made by Tim Brennan, seconded
by Chafik Rebai. Motion passed with all in favor and three abstentions.

Unfinished Business:

Insurance Claim History: The insurance claim history was distributed. Discussion on how to reduce our
insurance fees. BOD will revisit this issue at a later time.

President’s Dinner, Workshop, and AGM: All forms and information were distributed.

CJSA Office Conference Room furniture: Discussion on the need and cost of a conference table for the
CJSA office. No action taken.

TEKK Athletic Sponsorship: Jim Lennox advised the BOD that he believed the goals were dangerous as
they are designed at this time. The company was contacted but stands by their product.
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Minutes of January 10, 2005

       Motion to decline the sponsorship was made by Joe Conte, seconded by Art Hennig. Motion
passed unanimously.

New Business:

2005 AGM Proxy Forms: Blank proxy forms were distributed to the BOD along with a list of all clubs and
their votes for the AGM.

2005 CJSA Calendar: The 2005 CJSA Calendar was distributed to the BOD.

      Motion to accept the 2005 CJSA Calendar was made by Marc Glass, seconded by Tim
Brennan. Motion passed unanimously.

US Youth Soccer Workshop: Discussion on the workshop.

On line E-Travel: Sue Schultz explained the different online programs she researched for electronic travel
to be used for permission to travel and notice to travel.

        Motion to pursue Hammerhead Communications and negotiate a price was made by Eric
Voide, seconded by Tom Skarbek. Motion passed with nine in favor and six abstentions.

Request for New Club Affiliation:
        Harwington Soccer Club: The Harwington Soccer Club after submitting all proper paperwork
would like to be sanctioned as a club in the Central District.

       Motion to sanction the Harwington Soccer Club was made by Eric Voide, seconded by Marc
Glass. Motion passed unanimously.

        CFC Comets, LLC: The CFC Comets, LLC after submitting all proper paperwork would like to be
sanctioned as a club in the Southcentral District.

       Motion to sanction the CFC Comets, LLC was made by Marc Glass, seconded by Joe Conte.
Motion passed with five in favor, three against, and six abstentions.

For the Good of Soccer:

Coaching Vacancies: Tom Mattera would like CJSA to post coaching vacancies on the CJSA web site.
Coaching vacancies should be sent to the CJSA office on a letterhead and the contact person. The BOD felt
was a positive service to provide and agreed.

West Haven U-14 Girls: Andrea Duffy announced that the City of West Haven hung a banner on the City
Hall building in honor of the West Haven U-14 Girls winning the Fall CT Cup.

Respectfully submitted,
Tom Mattera
Secretary CJSA

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