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                   ( 8 MM PALETTE SIZE)


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e - tender for Purchase of Balanced Cattle Feedsare being called on behalf of Cattle Feed
Factories Pachama and Manglia by Bhopal Sahakari Dugdha Sangh Maryadit, Bhopal.

Tender reference                       : CFF/PACHAMA/PUR/ OT……..
Tender for                             : Balanced Cattle Feeds
Schedule I                             : General Terms and conditions
Schedule II                            : Details of material quantities, respective EMD &
                                         material specifications
Schedule III                           : Form A & C –details of tenderer

                                       Form B Tender rate form & EMD

Last Date & Time for Sale of Tender    :
Closing of tender                      :
Date & Time for opening of             :

Earnest Money required                 :      Rs. 10, 00,000/- (Ten Lacs only)

                                              CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER
                                              Bhopal Sah. Dugdha Sangh Mydt.

                         TENDER DOCUMENT

   e-tenders    are invited from bonafide manufacturers/ Cooperatives/
   State Agencies to manufacture & supply of Balanced Cattle Feed as per
   laid down specifications/ingredients and packing mode. The Balanced
   Cattle Feed has to be prepared of uniform composition(8 mm Palette
   size) for supply to our milk producers during the period January 2012
   to March 2012 as per the given details of quantity, specifications and
   list of ingredients in Schedule – II.

   Chief Executive Officer, Bhopal Sah. Dugdha Sangh Mydt., Bhopal
   reserves the right to accept or reject any or all tenders, without further
   explanation to the tenderers.

   The submission of a tender by a tenderer implies that he/she read the
   notice and conditions of the tender and the terms and conditions of
   contract and has made himself/herself aware of scope and
   specifications of the supplies to the made and the destination where
   the supplies have to be made and satisfied himself/herself regarding
   the quality and specifications of the article.

   The tenders must be submitted the Technical Bid i.e. details of
   Manufacturing unit /Storage capacity, Quality Control Lab. facilities etc.
   as per FORM-A , Second envelope will contain the Financial Bid i.e.
   Rate of Feed & EMD as per FORM -B.

2.1      The tender should clearly state in their offers the postal address,
   E-mail ID, Telephone No ,Fax No, details of PAN no,TIN no, Licence No.
   and Income Tax return details on FORM -C. Any change in address
   should immediately be notified to the General Manager, CFF Manglia /

2.2   The CEO, BSDS reserves the right to place order for whole
   requirement with any tenderer or split the orders among one or more
   tenderers or not to purchase item even after rate approval.

2.3   No person or firm is permitted to submit more than one tender
   under different names.

2.4   The tenderer shall not sublet the contract or assign to any other
   party or parties, the whole or any portion of the contract without prior
   permission of concerned General Manager of Cattle Feed factories.

3.1       Tenderers shall be required to pay Earnest Money of Rs.
   10,00,000/- (Rupees Ten lakhs only) in the form of crossed Demand
   Draft in favour of General Manager CFF, Pachama, Distt . Sehore so as
   to reach this office on or before 4.1.2012 . Submission of earnest
   money by any other mode than specified above shall not be acceptable
   and the related tender shall not be eligible for consideration.

3.2      Any tender which is not accompanied with Earnest Money
   Deposit will be rejected. Earnest Money deposit of unsuccessful
   tenderers will be returned within 30 clear days from the date of
   opening of the tender. The earnest money deposit of the successful
   tender will be released on completion of supply/work as the case may
   be within the stipulated period.

3.3      No interest will be paid for the earnest money deposited for the
   period during which it (the earnest money) laying with the CFF,

4.0    RATES

4.1      Rates offered by the tenderers should be firm and free from all
   escalations. The prices offered should be valid for a period of 03
   months from the date of approval of rates.

4.2     The rates should be mentioned in figures as well as in words and
        no cutting/over writing in rates, terms should be there in tender.
        If need be, negotiations will be done for prices and as well as
        terms & conditions of material supply only with the party which
        offers the lowest rate.


  Once firm delivery date(s) are fixed, they shall be strictly adhered to.
  In case they are not followed, concerned CEO reserves the right either
  cancel the order and make alternative purchases at the risk and
  expenses of the defaulting supplier or to charge liquidated damages
  from him/her at the rate of 2% of the value of goods not so delivered
  for each month’s delay or part thereof. In case of delay the penalities
  would be deducted as under:

Duration of delay                          Penalty

Upto 15 days                         2% cost of the Unit.
Between 16 to 30 days                5% cost of the Unit.
Beyond 30 days                       Upto 10% cost of the Unit.
  5.1       If the tenderer fails to make supply as per purchase order
     without any valid reason, the order would be treated as cancelled and
     the firm may be blacklisted for future dealings and EMD also would be

  6.0      AGREEMENT

     After finalization of tender the successful tenderer will have to make
  an agreement with Bhopal Sahakari Dugdha Sangh Maryadit, Bhopal and
  Indore Sahakari Dugdha Sangh Maryadit, Indore on non-judicial stamp
  paper costing to Rs.100 separately.


       The Balanced Cattle Feed will be manufactured as per
      composition/specifications given, which will be examined by
      representative of respective Milk union/CFF of BSDS and ISDS. After
      manufacturing of the Balanced Cattle Feed three random samples will
      be taken by the representative of BSDS and ISDS and two samples will
      be tested at our Cattle Feed Factory Manglia / Pachama laboratory. The
      manufactured Balanced Cattle feed lot will be kept in separate godown
      at your factory premises and shall be lifted after receiving the test
      report/quality clearance from the CFF Manglia / Pachama. Remaining
      third sample will be kept by CFF Labs for re-analysis in case of dispute.
      If the lab results of the Balanced Cattle Feed samples do not confirm
      the nutritive values the entire lot of the feed will be rejected.

7.1      Representative of CFF Manglia / Pachama can inspect the raw
      materials at any time in suppliers premises.
7.2      During the contract period no other cattle feed production will be
      taken in plant without prior consent of GM, CFF Manglia / Pachama.
7.3      In case of any problem due to palatability of feed in field
      responsibility of replacement and transportation will be of the tenderer.

  8.0    PACKING MATERIAL & Mineral Mixture

      HDPE printed bags of 50 Kgs capacity will be provided by CFF,
      Pachama/Manglia. Supplier will have to keep a/c of HDPE Bags
      Mineral Mixture will be provided by CFF Pachama.
      Vitamin AD3 will be provided by CFF Pachama/Manglia.


      Loading expenses will be on supplier’s account and unloading expenses
      will be borne by the concerned plants. Transportation will be arranged
      by concerned plants.
10 .0   DELIVERY :

   Delivery of the cattle feed should be made minimum 50 to 100 M.T per
   day. Lifting of feed shall be as per schedule provided by General
   Manager CFF Manglia / Pachama. Delivery will be accepted by Cattle
   Feed Factory during the office hours i.e. 10.30 am to 5.30 pm only on
   working days.

11 .0   PAYMENT:

   Payment will be made after seven working days on receipt of the feed,
   the bill in the name of respective CFF factories and on receipt of
   satisfactory test report.


12.1    It should be clearly understood that in the event of tenderer
        failing to accept and execute the supply order, decision of the
        CEOs of concerned Milk Unions, Bhopal/ Indore Sahakari Dugdha
        Sangh Maryadit in this respect will be final and binding on the

12.2 For all disputes, in case of CFF, Pachama the juridiction shall be at
     Bhopal and in case of CFF, Manglia juridiction will be Indore.

12.3 In case of any dispute the Chairman, Bhopal Sahakari Dugdh Sangh
     Mydt. Bhopal or a nominee appointed by him/her under Arbitration
     and conciliation Act 1996 will be the ARBITRATOR and the decision
     of ARBITRATOR will be final and binding on all the concerned.
Schedule – II

 Quality Parameters/Specifications and List of Ingredients to be
                      used for formulation.

Maximum Required Quantity per Month For Pachama 2000 MTS &
  Manglia 1000 MTS(To be increased/ decreased as per demand)

        Nomenclature               On Dry Matter Basis
        Moisture (Maximum)         11.00 %
        Crude           Protein    20.00 %
        Oil (Minimum)              2.50 %
        Silica(Maximum)            4.00 %
        Fibre(Maximum)             12.00 %
        Urea (Maximum)             1.00 %

The following parameters will get tested by an external agency for
  our satisfaction
         Calcium (Minimum)        0.5 %
         Phosphorus(Minimum)      0.5 %
         Vitamin AD3(Minimum)     5000 IU per Kg
         Salt (Maximum)           2.0 %

Range of Ingredients

        Range of Ingredients to be Used
        DORB                        48 to 55 %
        Rice Polish                 13 to 16 %
        Rapseed DOC                 12 to15 %
        Grain                       10 to 20 %
           should     not    be
        Mineral Mixture             2 %(to be provided by
                                       CFF Pachama)
        Calcite Powder              1.5 % (Maximum)
        Salt                        1 to 1.5 %(Maximum)
        Urea                        1 %( Maximum)
        Molasses                    6 to 8 %
        Vitamin AD3                 5.0 Gm per MT
                                 (to be provided by concerned
Note: 1. In no case salseed extraction, Babul churi, Rice husk and FCI
  damaged grain be used in composition.
Schedule – III                                   FORM-A

Details of Manufacturing Unit/Storage capacity , Quality Control
  Lab.facility etc.

1.   Present production capacity :- ----------- M.T per Day
2.   Present Storage capacity    :- ----------- M.T at once
3.   Q.C Tests conducting        :–
a.     For Moisture
b.     For Crude Protein
c.     For Oil
d.     For Silica
e.     For Fibre
Schedule – III                              FORM-B

Quote your Ex-Factory rates in following form

DESCRIPTIONS                              CATTLE FEED FACTORY
                                          PACHAMA     MANGLIA
Expected Required Quantity Per Month in     2000        1000
Balanced Cattle Feed Cost (Ex Factory)      Rs.         Rs.
   with loading charges but excluding the
   cost of Mineral Mixture, Vitamin AD3
   and Packing material
                                            Per M.T     Per M.T
EMD details
Schedule – III       FORM-C

  Name of the Unit
  Postel Address

  e-mail ID
  Telephone number
  Fax number
  PAN number
  TIN number
  License number

Bhopal Sahakari Dugdha Sangh Mydt., Bhopal invites e-tender for the
purchase of approx. 9000 MT (3000 MT per month) Balanced Cattle
Feeds ( 8mm palettes) on behalf of its sister units concerned Cattle
Feed Factories, situated at Pachama & Manglia (M.P). Tender form can
be         purchased           through         online         website while making payment of tender
cost. The last date for purchasing tender form is on 4.1.2012
upto………….      For other details visit our website

                                       CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER

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