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                             GENERAL PUBLIC NEWS LETTER
                                  UPDATED: Monday, June 11, 2012 @ 6:43:01 AM
                                       Posse Phone: 623-972-2555
                                    The Sun City Posse Commander: Ritchie Miller

    Arizona Statehood Centennial 100 years                                         Desert artwork by Garett Solivan

Captain Ritchie Miller              - NEW FIRE TRUCK WARNINGS – TWO LOCATIONS ON 99TH AVE *
        E-mail the Commander:                                              
We serve you! Sun City Posse provides requested assistance to MCSO but is not a Law Enforcement Agency and is not supported by
taxes or any level of Government. We depend on personal, business, church and organization donations for everything we need to
purchase. The Sheriff’s Posse of Sun City thanks all of you for your welcome support and friendly waves as we drive by. A special
“thank you” to all of you, who have also sent the Sun City Posse a kind donation. Even the modest contributions are accepted with
gratitude. We then carefully manage and budget these funds, making these welcome gifts significant as we carry out our day to day
service to this great retirement community. Your donations are exclusively applied to Sun City Posse local community operations.

        Scroll down to see how thieves are breaking into garages using just a coat hanger. (PAGE 5)

     BE READY FOR AN EMERGENCY! Fire Department Lock Boxes. $60. (Pages 14-15)
      Dated: Monday, June 11, 2012 @ 6:43:01 AM Is this an old date? Scroll down to always refresh,
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             Help the Sun City Posse--Read about our Safeway Market E-Scrip program: (Page 19)
     Please drive carefully as MCDOT is NOW paving 111 Ave from Olive Ave to Grand Ave. ONLY
    ONE lane each direction. Recommend taking 107 Ave for now. Updates will be posted HERE.
                                           th                                                  th
    Project starting soon: 107 Ave; Olive to Mt View South, 107 North to Audrey Drive.

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    School is out, children are everywhere!
Roads being ground down and re-paved. Watch for major restrictions.
Grand to Olive: 111th Ave is down to one lane in each direction during
                                             construction hours. Will stay
                                             at one lane only when paving
                                             ALSO: 107th Ave from Olive
                                             Ave to just short of Peoria
                                             Ave will soon be paved.
                                             Plan to take more driving
                                             time as this road
                                             construction progresses.

Two (2) traffic accidents due to right turn violations, be careful.
Peoria Police and MCSO are citing violators making right turns!

                          * NEW WARNING SIGNS ON 99     th
                          (Please slow for workers on 99 Ave. at Peoria Ave.
                          The entire intersection will be reconstructed to the
                          current modern standards.)
                          As part of a major refurbishing of 99th Ave. between
                          Beardsley and Olive Ave. Special warning flashers
                          have been installed to advise motorists that a Fire
                          truck is about to leave the Fire Station. These systems
                          are radio controlled and Solar Powered. Locations are
                          99th Ave. just North of Bell Rd.Also, 99th Ave. near
                          Sun City Blvd.

                          If flashing yellow, please stop, as a Fire Truck is
                          about to cross your path!


             “Stopping on the Train tracks:” 3 Accidents in the area:

We all see others do it. We may have stopped on the train tracks ourselves or
stopped just past the tracks, which this person did but did not move forward enough.
Fortunately the driver suffered only minor injuries but received a Traffic Citation.
This was the THIRD auto vs. train accident in a 4 week period. Driver; stop at the
limit line and do NOT STOP ON THE RAILROAD TRACKS. This person could
have been killed. LOOK for the warning line where the Crossing Gate comes down. If
the Gate lands on your vehicle and breaks, this counts as a Traffic Accident and
Violation, with points on your License. Driving away is a Hit & Run crime!

          Please revisit your mailed invitation to donate to the Sun City Posse.

         We need your help to continue our services to the residents of Sun City.

            Even a modest donation will greatly assist the Posse. Thank you!

            Our 501C3# is: 51-0178773. Save this number for tax purposes.

             Your donations are exclusively applied to Sun City Posse local
                               community operations.
       Call the Posse at 623-972-2555 if you have any concerns or questions.

    Tell your friends about this Newsletter: www.SunCityPosse.ORG
    Click here for donation information     www.


Yes we are hiring!
The Sun City Posse always welcomes new members
                                                                        Sun City

                                                                       Prior Police
                                                                       is not

                                                                       Click below
                                                                       for info: and
then…..CALL 623-972-2555 and ask for the Recruiting
Officer for a free test drive in a Sun City Posse patrol

      The Sun City Posse has added another patrol division. This
      means that more cars patrolling your streets. More presence
      means more perceived security for the residents of Sun City.
      Your generous donations have made this additional service

       Caution:       Do not leave a purse or wallet in your car. Two recent car
        break-ins at the Bell Recreation Center swimming pool parking lot. The
      thieves ran up over $2,000.00 on three credit cards within an hour after one
     theft. Lock your car and take valuables with you no matter where you park.
    The Sun City Posse is aware of these recent break-ins of vehicles and is patrolling
    the parking lots. Suspicious persons will be reported to MCSO immediately.


     The photo below shows how thieves are successfully breaking into garages with automatic door
      openers. Since the law requires a safety release there is an easy way for a crook to defeat your
      locked garage door and then open it by hand. The miscreant can then steal valuables from the
    garage, even the car, and have the owner’s hand tools available to break into the house. This could
                      happen while you are away, or while you are sleeping at night.
              The fix: Contact your Alarm Company or a reputable garage door company.
         The Sun City Posse does not recommend defeating the door release security feature.

              Garage Door Opener Security Release: (See next page)

                  Note the coat hanger snagging the release rope:
                  Thieves also snag the lever by the sliding track.

         Please note this information on Golf Car operation in Arizona:
          Golf Car Traffic Questions Answered:
There are a lot of Golf Cars in Sun City and most are also used for casual
transportation to the market, etc.
Some recent changes in the Arizona Traffic Laws have confused many
drivers of these vehicles. Many Golf Car drivers have questions:
Here are some answers, right to the point:
Golf Car Traffic Questions Answered; \

    1.        Golf cars cannot drive in the shoulder of the road or in the area to
              the right of the solid white line. To do so, is a traffic violation.

    2.        Since golf cars have to drive in traffic now, what to do when there
              is faster traffic behind the driver?

           a. Pull over to the right, stop and let vehicles pass.
          b. Arizona Law allows slow vehicles to pull over and let traffic by.

That’s it! Drive in the traffic lane and pull over briefly to the right to let
faster vehicles pass. The right of the white line is NOT a traffic lane.

    3.    Are drivers of Golf Cars required to completely stop for stop
          signs? If making a right turn on RED do they have to STOP?
          a. YES! All vehicles must fully stop at red lights and stop signs!
          b. A right turn is allowed on a red signal, but there is a
             requirement that the vehicle fully stops, and then proceeds
             when safe. A so-called rolling right turn on red is a violation.

Also, drivers remember that when leaving any driveway to enter a public
road, you must come to a complete stop, and then proceed when it is safe.
This stop is required even though there is no stop sign. To drive directly
into a roadway from a driveway without stopping is a violation and law
enforcement can issue a citation which will place points on your driver
license. It will cost money for the fine and your auto insurance premium
can also be affected.

Also, a heads up warning: Maricopa Sheriff Deputies are using a dedicated
traffic car in the Sun City area. Speeders and stop sign violations are being
targeted. Yes, even the small residential streets are being staked out. Do
not be careless and end up with a traffic ticket.

Interesting thought: Many Arizona cities have Bicycle Lanes.
Perhaps someone could look into this.

    Ask any friendly Posse Member or Deputy, if you have questions.
Kindly tell your friends about www.SunCityPosse.ORG

Arizona traffic laws may be different from your home
state. Also, consider stopping by a Motor Vehicle Office
to pick up a copy of the Arizona Driver Rules.

                Another traffic law answered:
        In Arizona, can you make a left turn on a red signal arrow?
See the rumors and the facts:

     Always drive safely, watch out for other drivers who
      may be distracted by conversation, cell phones etc.

      Operating any motor vehicle in Sun City:

        The word going around on the Internet is that in Arizona, a person CAN make a
       left turn on a red arrow unless a sign is posted that states “Left Turn on Green
        Arrow Only” (On 99th Ave. and Bell Road the Posse sees a number of these
       illegal left turns.) MCSO Deputies and DPS are now aware of the violations.

           Making a left turn against the red arrow will be grounds for a very
         expensive Police traffic citation with bad points on your driver’s license.
                 Please, do NOT try making a left turn on a RED arrow!
                 ALSO; LOOK before you turn left for oncoming traffic.
                (A very serious wreck on 99th Ave & Olive Ave recently)

                               DANGER RAILROAD CROSSING
                           Do NOT stop on tracks!
                         Watch for Crossing Gate Drop
                             Zone The gate can hit your vehicle!
                             Too many drivers pay little or no attention to the           7
                             Railroad Crossings. That could lead to tragedy.

The Sun City Posse is aware and is concerned of a very few areas that
have small but wild packs of dogs. We are working with Animal
Control and have successfully resolved most problem areas. It appears
that persons unknown had dumped their pets in these areas. In the
meantime, please do not feed these animals. These dogs can become
vicious. Running in packs they quickly become wild and WILL attack
if no longer fearful of humans! This has occurred. The same advice is
valid regarding Coyotes, and Javelinas which are also wild and
potentially dangerous animals.
Call the Sun City Posse at 623-972-2555 if you have any concerns.
Coyotes are not picked up by Maricopa Animal Control.
WATCH YOUR PETS which are walking meals!

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         Senior Abuse Line: 602-542-2124
     Or the AZ Attorney General on the Web at
              Please visit this Website
       You can click on the above blue link.

 Other Scams are running rampant. Watch out for the “You won the
 Pub Clearing house millions, just send $20 (up to) $100 for handling.”

Banks advising: lots of people are “winning” the Australia Lottery, just
wire $1,000.00 cash to another country for “handling.” Some people are
so convinced they “won” that one person sent total of $12,000.00 and is
        still waiting. They are convinced they won the big prize!

“Granny Scam” is a phone call in the middle of the night. He or she will
say either “Grandma or Grandpa” depending who answers. The grand
   parent will say “Bill is that you?” and now they know that there is a
   grandchild by name. Next will be request for WIRED money, along
                     with “Please do not tell anybody”.
 It gets worse, the grand parent is called back, “I did not get the money,
     there was a spelling error” Grand parent sends MORE money.
       Per the Attorney General’s Office, this is happening A LOT!
          Call the Grandchild, they may be sleeping in bed……..

                 Another Recent SCAM Attempt:

                       Public Relations Service
                      Computer Club of Sun City

                            E-mail message:

  [Dear Internal Revenue Service customer, after the last annual
calculation of your fiscal activity we have determined that you are
eligible to receive a tax refund of $120.50.
Please submit the tax refund form and allow us 3-5 business days in
order to process it.
To access the form for your tax refund, please Click Here. (ICON)
Thank you,
Tax Refund Deparment Internal Revenue Service.]
            Please do not fall for this scam!

Please e-mail the Sun City Posse if you hear about any new ways that
criminals are trying to steal from our citizens.

Click on this link to send information to the Commander:

See next page:

This Newsletter is updated frequently to provide the residents and visitors
of Sun City with updates on Posse activities. Please Bookmark this URL so
that you can go directly to the Newsletter in the future.

The Sun City Posse Command Staff carefully monitors the crime rate,
which is much lower than surrounding cities. Should problems occur,
Commander Miller is ready to quickly dispatch additional patrol units.

SCAM ALERT: Watch for “contractors” that wish to clean and “paint” your
Heater/Air Conditioning ducts for $150. Do not let them in your home.

     Yes, more Scam Alerts:
SCAM ALERT: If you receive a call stating that you “missed a jury duty
summons” HANG UP! The scammer will ask for your name, social security
number, etc. Maricopa County contacts only by MAIL. This scam is being worked
in all states in the country. Tell your friends please.

SCAM ALERT: If you receive a letter stating you need to pay $150 for a
Deed to your home, it is a SCAM disguised as an official document. If you
really want a copy of a deed to your home, the fee is $10.
Want Crime Reports or Block Watch information?
Fraud Alerts? Scam Alerts? Amber Alerts? Just click below:
You can be included on our crime info mailing list.
                    CONTRACTORS AND YOU:


  DON'T respond to scare tactic door to door salesmen
  who were just driving by and noticed a problem with
 your roof or driveway or want to install attic insulation.

DON'T make major or full payments to the contractor for
              purchase of materials.

      DON'T supply telephone solicitors with credit card

         DON'T accept the first bid that comes along.

     DON'T assume that if a contractor is licensed you will
                   get what you pay for.

DON'T allow solicitors or contractors to have access to
  your home or property without a prior appointment.
Verify the contractor's name, license number, and name
           of the person coming to your home.

     DON'T judge a book by its cover. Many con men are
             friendly and appear professional.


                   Thanks to Douglas Aleshire,
                    for the above information.

                     Posse Sgt. Dale Brandser
                  Crime Prevention/Block Watch

Block Watch Information below, please scroll down:
We have discontinued Pay Pal as a way to donate to the Posse.
Please click here for current donation info:


The Fire Department Emergency Entry can result in a broken door.

 A broken front door can be expensive in the aftermath of a medical, police,
                               or fire emergency:
Installing a Sun City Fire Department Lock Box gives the Fire Responders a
     quick way to enter your house if someone inside needs emergency
  services. Authorities may break in under emergency circumstances and
  the cost of a replacement door plus the door jam and hardware can be in
the Hundreds of dollars. These lock boxes are secure and contain the front
        door keys. Only the Fire Captain has this unique security key.
     This feature is available for Sun City and Sun City West at this time.

            Call today for information; please do not put this off!


            One time installation fee: $60.
             Call SCFD: 623-974-2321
         Are the keys in your Fire Department lock box
               CURRENT? (Will they work?)
      Call the Sun City Fire Department to exchange keys if locks changed!

      If you cannot afford a lock box, call anyway for special programs.

Please click this link about the Maricopa Posses:

                      An Important Announcement:
An efficient and free program to ensure Sun City and Sun City West single
occupant residents are O.K. The R.U.O.K. program is featured below. This
is a great free alternative for persons who want the freedom of living alone
in Sun City and Sun City West communities. Relatives please check it out!

                 This is a free service

                                 See below:


     “Quick access by Fire Department in an Emergency”

Mentioned below in this R.U.O.K brochure is “How does
              the Fire Department get in?”
      (A forced entry can result in costly repairs.)

 A SUN CITY Fire Department Lock Box costs only $60
   including installation. (Sun City & SS West only)
        Call Sun City Fire Dept at 623-974-2321
       Please, consider an Emergency Lockbox!



Call the Posse that covers your area during business
hours and a message will be left with the R.U.O.K.
Coordinator. The Coordinator will call you and set up an
appointment to fill out an application.

The application consists of the necessary information
for the program to work: Your Name, Phone Number,
Emergency Contacts, Doctor, Clergy Contacts and
Physical impairments.

This information is not given out to anyone and is used
for the express purpose of the R.U.O.K. Program.


        A Warm Welcome to our News Letter
The Sheriff’s Posse of Sun City welcomes you to our new public information

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         See the home page for the e-mail link directly to the

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  Please help the Posse!
  Safeway E-Scrip form is
       on page 19:

       For our Winter Vacationers, do not forget to bookmark:

     You can view this News Letter from anywhere on the Planet
                      where WWW is available!

     Click on the link below to see ABC film on Vacation Watches

         Neighborhood Watch Program
          Also Known as Block Watch
The Block Watch Program is as always,             The number to call is 623-972-2555.
a high priority for the Sheriff’s Posse of        Please ask for our Block Watch Sergeant
Sun City and meetings between Posse               Dale Brandser, in charge of the program.
members and concerned residents of
Sun City continue. To schedule a
meeting with your Block Watch residents
or Condo Members, just call our offices
during our business hours. As we are
volunteers our business hours are
weekdays, between 9 AM and 1 PM.


                                          While you are reading this, you might
                                          have some suggestions as to what useful
                                          information should be included in this
                                          News Letter.

                                          Emergency phone numbers may come to
                                          mind. You may need to call and report
                                          an emergency. 911 will contact all the
                                          emergency help needed within Sun City.

                                          Welfare Checks on Family:
Please observe for your neighbor’s
safety. This Neighborhood Watch           Many persons moved from another part
Program really makes us all safer.        of the country and relocated in Sun City.
                                          As time passes and people age, there are
                                          substantiated concerns about the well
                                          being of family members.
Vacation Watch Patrols:
                                           For those reading this News Letter that
The Sheriff’s Posse of Sun City quietly
                                          are out of state, we have a solution,
checks homes where the residents are
                                          should there be concerns about the
away on vacation. This service must be
                                          welfare of a loved one. Call the Sun City
requested. You may pick up a Vacation
                                          Posse at 623-972-2555 or the Maricopa
Watch Card at our Base Headquarters or
                                          County Sheriff’s Office at 602-876-1011.
obtain information by calling us during
business hours at 623-972-2555.
                                          We all view a personal welfare issue as
                                          very important. See above about the
The link to a Vacation Watch form has
                                          RUOK program that is administered by
been removed. You may also contact
                                          Maricopa County at no charge to
any patrol for a blank Vacation Watch
                                          members of this program.
                                          Call the Posse Base Headquarters for
Please do NOT send an abbreviated or
                                          more information.
incomplete Vacation Watch Card to us,
as we will be unable to service such a
request.                                  Please Assist The Sun City Posse:

It needs to be stated once again; that    Click on the underlined link below for
absolutely no funds are received from     more information:
County Government, and that the sole
source of our operations is from          www.
                                            *SAFEWAY E-SCRIP
Please Click this Link for Information:
                                          You may also wish to consider
It is a fact that Posse members           joining our Safeway Market e-
personally donate thousands of hours of
their time and receive absolutely no      Scrip program. Click the
compensation.                             underlined link below for an
                                          application. You can print it out,
Your Positive Remarks Requested:          send it to the Posse or give it
                                          personally to a posse member. As


you shop and purchase, Safeway                 Old American Flag Disposal:
donates funds to our
Posse. This does not cost you a                Please stop by and drop off your worn
                                               American flags. We will see that the flag
cent.                                          is retired properly. You can give your
                                               flag to a Posse patrol member also.
Download an application file by
clicking on the underlined link
below and printing it out:                     We do it right the first time:        Someone aptly stated: Do any task
                                               properly, as if you are being watched,
We also have an Albertson Market               even if no one is watching.
program that donates to the Sun City
Posse based on your purchases. The             Having observed fellow Sun City Posse
donation is by the Albertson Markets and       members doing their appointed missions
does not impact your total at the cash         in patrol and many other functions, it can
register. Stop by the Base HQ during our       be stated that the Sun City Posse
business hours—before 3:00 PM on --            members are conscientious and
weekdays—or contact any of our patrol          dedicated to do the right thing in every
units in the field for a bar code card.        situation.

The Sun City Posse collects used Cell           The Sheriff’s Posse of Sun City
Phones and passes the phones on to be          provides additional personal service to
used as 911 phones. The recipients may         the Sun City community and is only a
be battered women and other needy              phone call away.
                                               We assist challenged senior citizens in
If you have an old pistol, rifle, or shotgun   many ways and every day. If you are
that you no longer want, just bring it to      living in the Sun City Community and
us or call the dispatcher at 972-2555 and      have any serious problems and concerns
our Duty Officer will pick the firearms up.    about your health and safety, please give
We can safely dispose of old ammunition        us a call during business hours.
as well.

                   CRIME ALERTS SUN CITY
                                 From Sgt Dale Brandser:

Greetings all Crime Watchers,

I am happy to report that we have partnered with SPOT CRIME and
are now able to provide you with more timely crime reports.
Instead of a monthly report as you have received in the past you may
now get daily reports on crime in Sun City or anywhere you are
interested in.


You will need to sign up with SPOT CRIME to get their daily emails.

To do this go to
Click on the Sign Up tab at the top of the screen.

You will be asked for your email address, a password, and your home
It will then give you a list of the crimes in your area.

I thank you for your interest and I will still provide the SCAM
ALERTS as they occur.

Click on the link below to join the Crime Prevention mailing list:


Sgt. Dale Brandser
Crime Prevention/Block Watch
Sun City Posse
                                Jules Staats
                              Sun City Posse

                END OF NEWSLETTER

                Thank you for visiting us.