Pre Employment Testing by rufiaha


									                              Pre Employment Testing

There are a number of excuses employees have when they are asked regarding their poor
performance at work. Most of the times, these excuses are not true and are sometimes
within an individual's personality to make such excuses. Identifying these issues prior to
hiring a person is highly recommended since doing so after the individual has been
employed can be an expensive and stressful for the business. There are times when
individuals having a bad attitude and risky behaviors end up being fired with a large
amount of resources being wasted. At other times, these individuals end up becoming top
performers within the company.

Due to hiring the right kind of employees being a risky task, pre employment testing is
now being encouraged. There is no longer any tolerance as businesses wish to get the best
employees for their firms. Even if it were possible for a candidate's flaws and potential to
be exposed during an interview, it would be very expensive and would take a lot of time.
It is due to this aspect that employers are now beginning to make use of pre employment
testing, particularly if they are owners of small businesses.

Integrity and honesty tests in particular are the kind which employers are more likely to
make use of. By making use of such tests, employers are able to better understand an
individual's attitude towards his / her work. Attitudes, which these tests measure include
the candidates dependability, honesty and whether or not he / she is hostile and if so, how
much. Tests which are more focused on an individual's behavior help in determining
whether a candidate would be fit for a particular kind of job. Other assessment tools
include evaluating the attitude of a candidate toward sexual harassment, substance abused
and misuse of computers.

Since the job market has steadily started to become competitive, employers are always on
the lookout for the best candidate to work for them, which is why they have begun to
resort to pre employment testing. When candidates submit resumes, employers are able to
get an insight into how capable a particular candidate is whereas an assessment test can
further help in getting to know more about the candidate's personality.

There are a number of advantages which can be achieved by making use of pre
employment testing. For one, these help employers to get to know more about candidate's
positive traits for example reliability, integrity, motivation and competence. Negative
traits can also be identified such as a person's inclination toward stealing or how
dependent a candidate is. With the help of these tests, an employer also gets further
insight about the persona applying for the job and it can also help in determining
differences between two candidates who had equally impressive resumes.

Disadvantages on the other hand may also be experienced while using these tests. It
should be kept in mind that these tests only make up one factor of the recruitment
process. Other factors should also be focused on such as how much experience a
candidate has had, his qualifications and how well the interview goes. Tests must also be
certified for reliability and validity. It should also be kept in mind that the results of these
tests do not state whether or not the candidate will be able to perform that particular job.
It simply helps in determining the candidate's potential. At times, testing may eliminate
those individuals who may be qualified but are unable to do well on such tests. Making
use of pre employment tests can certainly help employers in making the right decision
when hiring employees. It is only with the most competent employees that a business will
be able to do well and achieve its goals.

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