5 Things to Avoid in an Interview

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					                      5 Things to Avoid in an Interview

Here are 5 interview mishaps you will want to stay away from when applying to
hospitality jobs, service industry jobs, or nearly any other type of job.

      Ignorance isn't bliss
      Bad mouthing past employers
      Irrelevant or opinionated details
      Dressing poorly
      Lying

There is an old saying that ignorance is bliss, but when it comes to employment this isn't
the case. Companies look for people that want to be employed by them, and if you don't
know anything about the company to which you are applying, it can be slap in the face to
the interviewer. One of the most common questions asked is why you want the job.
Research the prospective employer before going to the interview so you are better
prepared to answer their questions.

Complaining about former employers is bad business and no company wants to take the
chance that you might do the same about them. When you start bad mouthing your old
boss, interviewers begin to wonder who else you might bad mouth. It is even more
important to give a positive review about past employment when applying for hospitality
jobs. After all, hospitality always comes with a smile - even when dealing with a difficult

Politics and religious discussions often lead to arguments, as is evident in current world
events. Don't discuss information that isn't relevant to the job you are applying for, and
opinions are just that - opinions. Don't take the chance of alienating yourself from you
prospective employer by talking about controversial topics. They may not agree with
your standpoint.

Everyone always says to dress appropriately and that is always good advice. Dressing
poorly isn't wearing torn jeans and a t-shirt that states you would rather be playing Xbox.
If you are applying for a job in a gaming store that is frequented by skaters and teenagers,
that may be the appropriate clothing. However, dressing up as a Goth when applying for
hospitality jobs is not. Use a little common sense and know that few people have ever
been turned down for a job because they were over dressed.

Fibbing on an application a little can't hurt, right? Wrong. Lying about qualifications,
employment history, or what schools you attended are eventually discovered, and when
they are, it can quickly end with you being fired. The tangled webs that are created when
we do lie can be difficult and exhausting to remember. Telling the truth is simply the best
way to start a new relationship with your boss even when it is inconvenient.

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