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									                                                                  Texas Checkoff Reaches
                                                                  International Consumers
                                                                       As beef producers keep a        the taste and nutrition of American
                                                                  close eye on trade with Japan, the   beef as well as recommended cooking
                                                                  Texas Beef Council (TBC) works       recipes of American beef to our con-
                                                                  to build Japanese consumer confi-    sumer," said Yutaka Shoji, a media
                                                                  dence in the U.S. beef supply by     team member with Hokkaido
                                                                  educating Japanese media. In         Broadcasting.
                                                                  conjunction with the U.S. Meat            During the Texas beef industry
                                                                  Export Federation (USMEF),           tour, the Japanese media team visited
                                                                  TBC showcased U.S. beef to four      numerous segments of the beef indus-
                                                                  key Japanese media through an        try. The tour began with beef cooking
                                                                  extensive tour of the Texas beef     and grilling demonstrations, followed
                                                                  industry.                            by a nutrition presentation and beef
                                                                       The Japanese media team,        cooking school. To ensure the team
                                                                  made up of a television broadcast    experienced a broad spectrum of the
                                                                  station, consumer magazine and a     beef industry, team members visited a
                                                                  television culinary instructor,      cattle feeding operation, meat plant and
                                                                  learned about U.S. beef first-hand   a working cattle ranch where they were
Chef Peter Rosenberg shows Japanese television culinary           during four days of presentations,   provided beef safety and research pre-
instructor Yoshie Uematsu the basics preparing and cutting        demonstrations and tours.            sentations.
a beef brisket.                                                        "We would like to introduce          "It was a great opportunity to hear
                                                                                                       from various pieces of the beef industry

       Understanding the Beef Checkoff
                                                                                                       such as producers, processors and food-
                                                                                                       service people," said Hiroshi Yugeta,
                                                                                                       editor, Orange Page Magazine. "I heard
                                                                                                       their passion for producing U.S. beef."
                                                                                                            The media team discussed the sta-
                                                                                                       tus and perception of U.S. beef in
                                   The Beef Checkoff                                                   Japan, explaining the lack of knowledge
                                                                                                       about U.S. beef. Utilizing information
                   Beef G Dairy G Veal Producers                 Importers pay                         and interviews from beef experts
                           pay $1/head                       $1/head or equivalent                     throughout the industry, the Japanese
                                                                                                       media team expressed their excitement
                                                                                                       to return to Japan and produce stories
                 State Beef                                                                            and broadcast information on U.S. beef
                  Council                                                    Cattlemen’s
                  Collects                     50                              Beef                   and share their experience with the
                   Dollar                                                      Board                   Japanese consumer.
                                                                                                            "Recognizing the importance of
                                                                                                       beef exports and the global economy,
                     50                                                                               each year TBC contributes checkoff
                       *1                                                     Beef
                                                                           Promotion                   dollars to various export partnerships
                                                                            Operating                  and programs like this media team,"
                                                                           Committee*2                 said Richard Wortham, TBC executive
                                            Federation                                                 vice president. "Our objective with this
                                             of State                                                  outreach is to showcase U.S. beef and
                                              Beef                                                     aid in increased sales of U.S. beef
                                             Councils                         National
                   State                                                                               products."
                 Programs                                                     Programs

                                                                                                            txbeef.org is
                                      Programs & Materials *3

                                                                                                           Working for You!
  Understanding the relationships of various organizations in the beef checkoff
  program is important when examining the state beef council’s role in conducting
  the national checkoff program. Over the next several issues of Cattle Talk, TBC
  will outline the specific responsibilities of the organizations that comprise the
  checkoff structure.                                                                                    From a recent Web site visitor:

  Congress created the Beef Promotion and Research Act, the ‘Beef Checkoff
                                                                                                              “I just wanted to thank you for
  Program,’ with passage of the 1985 Farm Bill. Producers approved making the Beef                       putting such complete nutritional
  Checkoff Program mandatory in 1988 with 79 percent voting in favor of it. In                           information on your website. It has
  Texas, there was an 89 percent approval on the vote.                                                   made it much easier for my family
                                                                                                         and I to enjoy beef without feeling
  *1   States may invest a portion of their 50 cents in national programs.                               guilty about calories. I never knew
  *2   The Beef Promotions Operating Committee has 10 members from Cattlemen’s Beef Board and            there were so many lean cuts of beef
       10 members from NCBA’s Federations of State Beef Councils.                                        available!
  *3   National programs and materials are used by states to extend national priorities.                      Thanks again.” - Chris
                                                              May Highlights
                                              A look at some of the projects funded by Texas checkoff dollars

 1     Beach to Bay                                                                        2    Beef - Center of the Plate
Corpus Christi: To reach consumers with beef ’s positive nutrition mes-                  College Station: Over 60 participants from 32 companies in 18 states gathered in
sage, TBC traveled to Corpus Christi May 19 to participate in the 32nd                   College Station for the North American Meat Processors Association’s Center of the
Annual Beach to Bay Relay Marathon. Each year, over 10,000 runners and                   Plate Training May 1-3. The annual seminar, sponsored in part by the Beef Checkoff
spectators from all over the U.S. flock to the beach for the 26.2 mile relay             Program, brings together packers, processors and purveyors that
marathon. TBC gave out 2,500 lean beef kabobs and 2,400 beef bags full of                supply the foodservice industry. Throughout the three-day seminar,
recipes, nutritional brochures and spice packets. In addition, TBC sponsored             beef and veal industry experts shared new beef foodservice advertis-

                                                                                                           Cinco de Mayo
two category-winning teams, both of which wore ‘Lean Beef is Fuel for Your               ing, merchandising materials and the new Veal Optimization study.

Body’ running shirts.

                                                                                                    Lower Rio Grande Valley: The Ultimate Backyard was transformed into ‘La
                                                                                                    Gran Parrillada,’ or Great Grill Out, for the Cinco de Mayo celebration in Weslaco
                                                                                                    City Park. TBC’s Chef Harry Salazar reached Hispanic consumers with four cook-

                                                                                                    ing demonstrations featuring the Steak Salad with Roasted Pablano Vinaigrette
                                                                                                    recipe. During the annual celebration, TBC distributed beef samples, Spanish
                                                                                                    language beef recipes and nutritional information. TBC reached nearly 2,000
                                                                                                    consumers during this annual celebration.

Runners and spectators alike were immersed in the beef industry’s
                                                                                                                  4        6
healthy messages during the United States most premier and largest

   Texas Beef                                                                        7
relay running event.


Bermuda: Through a coordinated partner-

ship with the U.S. Meat Export Federation

(USMEF), TBC hosted a Texas Beef Festival at
Tucker’s Point Club, Bermuda. The festival

                                                                                                       3                   1
began with a barbeque dinner and cooking demon-
strations by Texas Chef Jeffery Blank. The following
day, consumers enjoyed two more Texas-style barbeque                                                                                       Texas Beef Council’s Chef Harry Salazar entices the
meals held on the beach. In addition to the barbeque                                                                                       crowd with mouth-watering beef cooking demonstrations
                                                                                                                                           during the Cinco de Mayo celebration.

                                                                                                                                      Main Street Days
events, a chef seminar was held for 140 chefs from across the
island. During the seminar chefs learned about Texas-style
smoking, marinades, rubs and U.S. beef cuts. The Texas Beef                                                                       4
Festival was an opportunity to showcase U.S. beef and pro-                                                                     Grapevine: Each year more than 300,000 outdoor enthusiasts
mote its advantages to foreign chefs and consumers.                                                                            gather for the annual Main Street Days festival held in

      Summer Grilling Adverting
                                                                                                                               Grapevine. This year, TBC’s Ultimate Backyard was on hand

                                                                                                                               showcasing beef during the three-day outdoor adventure. TBC
                                                                                                                               featured live grilling demonstrations offering all the necessary
Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio:                                                                               steps needed for a great grilling experience. Consumers were
To encourage consumers to keep beef top of mind during                                                                         given information on choosing the right cut of beef, applying
                                                                     Chef Jeffery Blank, owner and chef at Hudson’s
the summer grilling months, TBC kicked-off a radio adver-            on the Bend restaurant in Austin, prepares and            rubs and marinades, determining doneness and preparing the
tising campaign in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, Houston            showcases beef brisket for area chefs and consumers       grill. TBC also distributed beef samples, beef recipes, grilling

                                                                            The Ranch
and San Antonio markets reaching 1.5 million listeners.              during the Texas Beef Festival held in Bermuda.           guides, nutritional information and kid’s activity pages.

Along with the famous voice of Sam Elliot, TBC’s Chef
Tiffany Collins and Shalene McNeil, R.D., PhD, provided
additional content for the commercials. The TBC con-                 Amarillo: Key dietitians and top leaders in the Texas nutrition community gathered in Amarillo to participate in
sumer Web site, www.txbeef.org, will be featured on radio            The Ranch – An Insider’s View of the Beef Industry event. TBC hosted the three-day seminar which took place
station Web sites and will also be included in numerous              against the backdrop of some of Texas’ historical ranches currently practicing modern beef production and environ-
radio station e-mail newsletters. TBC will also partake in           mental stewardship. Throughout the ranch event, participants learned the latest nutrition research related to beef
11 live broadcasts to be used in conjunction with The                from top researchers in the U.S., visited the Randall County Feedyard, and also heard from two of the beef indus-
Ultimate Backyard events as well as retail events through-           try’s leading scientists on beef safety and production. The nutrition leaders also had the opportunity to network
out the summer.                                                      with their peers, as well as meet numerous beef producers throughout the event.

                                              For more information on these programs, contact TBC at 1-800-846-4113.

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