EARLY INTERVENTION
                                   FY’12 CONFERENCE BUDGET REQUEST
The Massachusetts Early Intervention Consortium respectfully asks the Conference Committee and the Legislature
to support the following Conference budget request:

Support the Senate Budget Appropriation of $31.1 million and the Senate language for Early Intervention
DPH Line Item 4513-1020 Senate language: “The Department shall provide services to eligible children through one service
delivery model and shall not determine eligibility for services based on family insurance status.”
The Senate budget provides the funding and language needed to:
 Preserve eligibility for the 33,000 children currently receiving Early Intervention Services statewide;
 Prevent bifurcation or the creation of two separate and unequal systems for Early Intervention. Thousands of
   children would be placed on a waiting list and would never receive the critical EI services they need if the
   system is bifurcated. For the first time in 20 years, access to EI services would not be based on a child’s level
   of delay, but on the ability to pay. Bifurcation= Discrimination;
 Maintain one unified and equal system of care for all children birth to age three with developmental delays.
Both the Senate funding level of $31.1 million and the Senate language are essential to save the Early
Intervention program in FY’12.

Early Intervention is an investment that yields significant savings for cities and towns and the
      $29 million in Special Education savings to cities and towns as a result of the state’s investment in Early Intervention.
       The Senate appropriation of $31.1 million is nearly offset dollar for dollar by the savings that Early Intervention generates.
      Babies Can’t Wait. According to the EEC Report: From the Day They Are Born, modest spending on effective programs in
       the early years is paid back more than tenfold through savings in special education, reductions in grade retention, school
       dropout rates, decreases in juvenile and adult crime and child abuse, and increases in lifelong physical and emotional health,
       education and productivity.

Early Intervention is the state’s most cost effective program for children birth to age three who have disabilities and
developmental delays. Saving Early Intervention saves the Commonwealth and is a lifesaver for children and families.

Support the Early Intervention Conference Request: Senate Appropriation of $31.1 million and Senate language
for Early Intervention DPH Line Item 4513-1020. For more information on the Early Intervention Conference Request
contact: Mary Ann Mulligan, ITA Legislative Consultant (617)447-5043 or mamulligan@governmentalstrategies.com

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