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             Marine Corps University
                Health Assessment
                  of PME Study
               Implementation Plan
              Resource Requirements
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                     Mission Analysis

 CPG Guidance: Assess the health of our PME programs and, taking
  advantage of recent studies, make recommendations for reorganization,
  resourcing, and adjusting throughput that will strengthen officer and
  enlisted PME.
 Specified: Assess Health of “USMC” PME (utilize 2006 OPME study)
            • Holistic – All ranks, officer and enlisted, resident and distance
            • Review of all officer PME programs (foreign, joint, fellowships,
 Specified: Make recommendations for reorganization, resourcing, and
  adjusting throughput
            • In-depth review of PME programs
            • Integrate with USMC end strength increase
            • EPME/T Policy – PME equivalency, infantry career progression,
              and promotion policy
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                  Health Assessment
                                               Significant Problems
             Students                          Few Problems
                                               Fully Operational


             PME & Support Programs

             Faculty & Staff

             Facilities & IET Infrastructure

             USMC Policy

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  OPME Throughput
      • CLS, ILS, & TLS resident throughput has remained steady for past 5
      • DEP completion rates have increased for CLS & ILS
      • DEP completion rates have decreased for TLS
      • DEP graduates approx twice as many students as resident programs

  EPME Throughput
      • EPME completion rates vary widely by rank over past 5 years
              Cpl & Sgt completion rates have increased
              SSgt & GySgt completion rates have decreased

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                     Curriculum (Officer)

 MCU curricula is properly focused on educating leaders to meet the warfighting
and security demands of the 21st Century
 MCU schools are the repository (and currently only venue) for Combined Arms
Operations, MAGTFery, and Amphibious Operations across the spectrum of
 Accreditation enhances academic rigor and assessment requirements
 Curriculum Review Board (CRB) provides programmatic oversight for PME
continuum and ensures appropriate emphasis on art vs. science and appropriate
emphasis on culture & language
 Inadequate Information Education Technology (IET) and facility capabilities
limit development/delivery of curricula
 C2 and Strategic Communication portions of curricula need strengthening
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               PME Programs (Officer)

 Career-Level          • EWS resident structure is sound, remains same
 Schools (CLS)         • Wartime POI if required (two six month courses)
 Resources Required:   • POM-12 MCON new academic facility

 Intermediate-Level    • CSC and CSCDEP throughput correct
 Schools (ILS)         • CSC – create SAW-like experience (smaller
 Resources Required:   seminars)
                       • POM-10 $591K civilian faculty; POM 12 MCON
 Advanced ILS          • Throughput inadequate (PP&O study underway)
 (SAW)                 • Establish SAW as separate school
 Resources Required:   • POM-12 MCON new academic facility
 Top Level School      • Double size of MCWAR over five years
 (TLS)                 • Expand TLS opportunities
 Resources Required:   • POM-10 $377K civilian faculty; POM 12
                         MCON; additional Marine students
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                   PME Programs (Enlisted)

Corporals Course    • Entire Course rewritten, more practical applications
                    • Course materials available to units beginning Jan 08
                    • Distance education curriculum revision begins Jan 08
                    • 202K ESI adds billets at SNCO/A as MET cadres
Sergeants and       • Dedicated Curriculum developers being hired
Career Course       • More practical applications
                    • Forward Observer Personal Computer Simulation tested
Advanced Course     • Dedicated curriculum developers being hired
                    • Course revision underway; 12-18 months to complete
                    • More critical thinking, guided discussions
Senior Enlisted     • Rigorous curriculum…measurable outcomes
Course              • Five week in-residence pilot program spring 08

Resources Required • POM-10 $1.63M
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                     PME Support Programs

        Lejeune Leadership Institute est. 2005
          • Leadership excellence, values, and ethics
          • Senior Leader Development Program
          • Commander’s Program
          • Professional Reading Program
          • Resources Required: POM-10 $499K

        Marine Corps University Press est. 2008
         • Specific recommendation of 2006 OPME Study
         • Primary publishing arm of MCU
         • Quarterly professional journal, papers and manuscripts
          Resources Required: POM-10 $837K

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                     PME Support Programs

          Center for Strategic Studies est. 2007
            • Supports Strategic Visions Group
            • Focus on China and Iran
            • 3 FTE civilian/contract personnel
             Resources Required: POM-10 $344K

          Leadership Communication Skills Center est. 2007
            • Leadership through communications…oral and written
            • Supports both officer and enlisted PME
            • 3 FTE civilian/contract personnel
             Resources Required: POM-10 $220K

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                  PME Support Programs

          School of MAGTF Logistics (SOML)
            • ALOC, TLOC, and MCLEP
            • DC I&L requests increased student throughput
            • Increase number of ALOC and TLOC in-residence opportunities
            • Create a mobile education team
             Resources Required: POM-10 $186K

          MCU Culture and Language Program
           • DLI 40 hours of survival language course
           • Currently under GWOT funding program
           • Arabic, French, Chinese, or Korean
            Resources Required: POM-10 $170K

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                      Faculty & Staff
 Faculty …Center of gravity of the University
   • Too few faculty to properly develop, deliver, and assess curriculum
   • Fully engaged, no research, writing, or publishing opportunities
   • Student to faculty ratio too large, seminars too large

 Staff
   • Inadequate number to support schools and programs
   • Original T/O was too small…no increase since 1990
   • Tremendous growth in staff requirements and functional areas

       Resources Available: 202K End Strength Increase (partial solution)
         • 80 military (69 – EPME; 11 – OPME)
         • $1.1M funding provided to support additional civilian faculty and
         staff billets

       Resources Required: POM-10 $7.4M (see slide #16) adds civilian
      faculty and staff to support improved and expanded PME programs.

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UNCLASSIFIED       Information Education
                      Technology (IET)
    MCU’s IET infrastructure is unsatisfactory
     • NMCI not designed to support an academic environment
     • No capability to conduct wargaming, modeling, and simulation
     • No IET faculty or staff to design, develop, deliver, manage, integrate,
       and coordinate C2 and IO curriculum
     • Deficiencies in current facilities restricts short-term and mid-term
     • Imbalance in “art vs. science”

    IET Master Plan Study underway
      • Supports the Strategic Plan and Facilities Master Plan
      • Establish an IET division in FY 08 and hire Director of IET
      • Combination of civilian and contract support personnel

          Resources Required: POM-10 $2.55M

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    Main campus facilities are inadequate
      • History Division and EPME housed in temporary facilities
      • SOML has no dedicated classroom space
      • Breckinridge, Dunlap, and Ellis Halls already at max capacity
      • Antiquated IET infrastructure and classroom size
    Facilities Master Plan Study
    Four MCON projects required to address main campus deficiencies:
      • P-615 SNCO/A Annex 10,000 Sq.Ft.
      • Bldg 3080 (old mess hall) renovation for SOML
      • P-541 Extension to the Gray Research Center 48,000 Sq.Ft.
      • P-XXX Academic Support Instructional Facility 110,000 Sq.Ft.
    Satellite Campuses (SNCO/A) require MCON for new or renovated
    Resources Required: See slide # 17

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               GRC Extension and ASIF

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       Board selection process for resident PME is
       Revised PME Order provides clarity for PME
      completion requirements
       CMC White Letter to emphasize importance of
      completing PME at all ranks

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                               Way Ahead

                   • Continue OPME board selection process for resident schools
Students           • Increase number of students in MCWAR
Curriculum         • Improve C2 and Strategic Communication portions of curricula
                   • Retain EWS current Structure
PME and PME        • Increase number of CSC seminars (from 12 to 16)
Support Programs   • Adjust SAW throughput based on requirement
                   • Double the size of MCWAR to two conference groups in near term
                   • Execute EPME/T plan; create Senior Enlisted Course
                   • Establish MCU Press and IET Division
                   • Sustain and improve LLI, CSS, LCSC, SOML, and CSC language programs
Faculty & Staff    • Increase faculty and staff size through 202K Plus Up and POM-10 Initiatives

Facilities & IET   • Complete IET and Facilities Master Plan Study
                   • Identify and justify MCON requirements for POM-12/14/16
                   • Publish CMC White Letter and new PME Order

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UNCLASSIFIED        Summary POM-10
                   O&MMC Requirements
    Project/Program                                        O&MMC

       Information Education Technology Division            $2.5M
       EPME Senior Enlisted Course                          $1.6M
       MCWAR Expansion                                      $377K
       Lejeune Leadership Institute                         $499K
       Expansion of CSC Seminars                            $591K
       MCU Press                                            $837K
       Center for Strategic Studies                         $344K
       Leadership Communications Skills Center              $220K
       School of MAGTF Logistics                            $186K
       Continuation of MCU Culture and Language Program     $170K

    Total POM-10 Health Assessment of PME Initiatives        $7.4M

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UNCLASSIFIED             Summary MCON

      POM Project/Program                MCON   Collateral

      12     P-003 SNCO/A Lejeune       $26M       $8M
      12     P-615 SNCO/A Annex          $4M     $1.3M
      12     Renovate Bldg 3080         $1.5M     $.5M
      12     P-541 GRC Extension        $16M       $3M
      12     P-XXX ASIF                 $42M     $13M

      14     SNCO/A 29 Palms             $8M      $2M
      14     SNCO/A Hawaii               $8M      $2M

      16     SNCO/A Pendleton            $8M      $2M
      16     SNCO/A Okinawa/Guam        $15M      $5M

      Total Costs Estimates:          $128.5M   $36.8M

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 UNCLASSIFIED          Summary of Total
                     Resource Requirements
                  120,000                                                                        MILCON
                  100,000                                                                        Coll Equip
                   80,000                                                                        Civ Labor

                   60,000                                                                        O&S

                       FY10       FY11       FY12       FY13      FY14       FY15     FY16

    Requirement     41,876     43,274    159,777     45,639     66,645     47,846    78,778
Projected Funding* 34,468      35,679      36,413    37,407      38,202    39,202     39,555
           Delta   (7,408)     (7,595)   (123,364)   (8,237)    (28,443)   (8,644)   (38,923)

                    * Projected from MCPC 660698,670108,670103,660598 funding
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