Zavod za Vodostopanstvo na Republika Makedonija Skopje by NO9Q47


									                                     R E P O R T

Project title “Consultant’s capacity building for eco-management implementation in
                         receiving country – POEMS MKD”

on the performed activities during the first Seminar held in Kochani on 15 May 2004

Based on the signed contract between CEMC from Czech Republic (acting as
international project leader and represented by Mr. Jiri Student) who has chosen DKA
Eko – Ars Konsalting DOOEL from Republic of Macedonia (acting as local project
leader and represented by Mt. Goran Arsov) and delivered obligations, both organizations
have prepared project start-up.

Performed activities prior to the First Seminar:

      CEMC from Czech Republic has delivered package of information and project
       responsibilities to the local partner organization;
      DKA Eko – Ars Konsalting DOOEL has established project team constituted by:
       Mr. Goran Arsov, Team Leader, Mr. Todor Kushevski, Project Coordinator, Mr.
       Zvonko Naumoski, Local Consultant, Mr. Dimitar Brankov, International
       Consultant, Mr. Blagoj Arsov, Logistical Support, and Mrs. Liljana Midzova,
       Financial Assistant;
      Mr. Todor Kushevski traveled to Czech Republic in order to participate the
       Project Introductory Meeting;
      Mr. Todor Kushevski traveled to Ukraine to participate the First Seminar
       “Consultant’s capacity building for eco-management implementation in receiving
       country – POEMS UKR”;
      DKA Eko – Ars Konsalting DOOEL has performed a meeting with Mr. Ljubomir
       Janev. Minister of Environment and Physical Planning in order to inform him on
       project activities and to decide for 5-7 project participating companies;
      List of 7 (seven) companies was defined: 1. Mirana - Veles, 2. Leov Company –
       Veles, 3. Komunalno Javno Pretprijatie Vodovod – Kochani, 4. Zavod za
       Vodostopanstvo na Republika Makedonija – Skopje, 5. Komunalno Pretprijatie
       Parkovi i Zelenilo – Skopje, 6. DOOEL TING – Kochani, 7. Deltateksko –
      DKA Eko – Ars Konsalting DOOEL sent letters with basic project information to
       targeted companies;
      6 companies have expressed interest to participate in the project, except
      Seminar date was scheduled;
      Logistics for the Seminar was prepared:
       A) Organization of meetings;
       B) Organization of site visits;
       C) Organization of seminar.
After the arrival of CEMC Project Team, represented by Mr. Jiri Student and Mr.
Bohuslav Moucha on 13 May 2004, both project teams have finalized all issues (agenda
for the visit, meetings and seminar, presentations, logistics, and follow-up activities).

On 14 May 2004, project partners have performed:

      Site visit to Leov Company (9:00 AM) where we have been introduced to the
       project team and production facilities;

      Meeting with Mr. Ljubomir Janev. Minister of Environment and Physical
       Planning (12:00 AM at the MoEPP) where CEMC representatives introduced Mr.
       Janev with their company, POEMS MKD project goals and project agenda, and
       have discussed potentials for expansion of activities in several other spheres, such
       as: 1. including CEMC in communal waste-water treatment facilities (know-how
       and technology transfer) for small /rural communities along River Vardar, 2.
       establishment of Certification Body for ISO 14001 where both project partners
       should have input and 3. CEMC “know –how” for solid waste management. All 3
       (three) proposed ideas were accepted and supported by Minister Janev, who
       requested short application form to be prepared and delivered to him in order to
       be presented to Czech Minister of Environment during their next meeting, which
       will take place in Czech Republic in June 2004.

      Site visit to KJP Vodovod – Kochani (new drinking water production facility).

On 15 May 2004, project partners have performed the First (Entrance) Seminar

                                    Seminar Agenda

10: 00 –10:15 Registration of participants
10:15 – 10:30 Greetings to seminar participants: Mr. Todor Pashoski, Mayor of Kochani
10:30 – 11:00 Introduction to POEMS MKD : Eko-Ars
11:00 – 11:15 Introduction to CEMC and Eko-Ars: CEMC and Eko-Ars
11:15 – 11:45 General POEMS goal, objectives, project duration: CEMC
11:45 – 12:15 Coffee break
12:15 – 12:45 Project experiences from Macedonia and Czech Republic: Mr. Dimitar
Brankov from Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce (BIA) – Clean Industry Center and
12:45 – 13:00 Introduction of participant companies
13:00 – 13:15 Future activities
13:15 – 13:30 Q/A and evaluation of the seminar
13:30 – 14:30 Lunch
                          Description of the seminar logistics

Seminar was performed in the Restaurant Elpida – Kochani. Sessions were prepared in
PowerPoint and showed on a screen. Every participant has received notebook and pen,
copy of CEMC CD and handouts of seminar sessions. Two lady employees of KJP
Vodovod served seminar as hostesses. Mr. Goran Arsov and Mr. Zvonko Naumoski
performed translation from English to Macedonian language. Mineral water was served
during the seminar. Coffee was served during the coffee break. At the end of the seminar,
every participant had lunch/meal.
                                  Goals of the Seminar

Goals of the seminar were to convey the message and inform participant companies about
the value of EMS implementation, to see their commitment and readiness for project
participation, to assess capacities of their project teams and build trust among every
project participant including CEMC and Eko-Ars Konsalting.

                                  List of participants

   1. Mr. Jiri Student, CEMC, Executive Director
   2. Mr. Bohuslav Moucha, CEMC, Project Manager
   3. Mr. Goran Arsov, Eko-Ars, local Project Manager
   4. Mr. Zvonko Naumoski, external consultant to Eko-Ars
   5. Mr. Todor Kushevski, external consultant to Eko-Ars and Project Coordinator
   6. Mr. Dimitar Brankov, external consultant - Bulgaria
   7. Mr. Todor Pashoski, Mayor of Kochani
   8. Mr. Jacob Cable, Citizen Information Center – Kochani
   9. Mr. Slave Bojkov, Deputy General Manager of KJP Vodovod – Kochani
   Mirana – Veles (food production, such as margarine, oil, ketchup, sweets)
   10. Mr. Zoran Mirsinov, Owner
   11. Mrs. Ana Mirsinova, General Manager

   Leov Company (boilers)
   12. Mr. Zharov Nacho
   13. Mr. Bangievski Dine
   14. Mr. Shontevski Nikola

   KJP Vodovod –Kochani (drinking and sewage water management, solid waste
   management, geo-thermal waters management, green areas and parks
   15. Mr. Zorancho Georgiev
   16. Mr. Vasil Pendevski
   Zavod za Vodostopanstvo na Republika Makedonija – Skopje (water
   17. Mr. Kaevski Ivanco, General Manager
   18. Mrs. Emilija Spirovska
   19. Mrs. Vesna Nikolovska

   DOOEL Ting – Kochani (machinery production)
   20. Mr. Slave Jordanov, General Manager & Owner
   Komunalno Pretprijatie Parkovi i Zelenilo – Skopje (green areas and parks
   21. Mr. Zmejkov Angel
   22. Mr. Dime Velkovski, and

   Not invited: Fond za vodi na Republika Makedonija (national water
   management fund)
   23. Mrs. Snezana Martulkova.

   Based on prepared Evaluation Form, participants have evaluated the Firs Seminar:

Question No.1: Have you received on time information on the purpose, date and place of
the training?                   Yes              No
                                 11               0
Question No.2: Are you committed in the project capacities of CEMC and Eko-Ars?
                                 Yes              No
                                 10                0
One answer: not competent to assess their capacities
Question No.3: Did the seminar provide enough information to help your organization in
understanding the importance of EMS implementation?
                                 Yes              No
                                  11              0
Question No 4: Does your organization have capacities to perform project activities?
                                  Yes             No
One participant did not answered this question
Question No.5: Does the seminar helped and committed you/your organization to
continue with the project activities?
                                  Yes              No
One participant did not answered this question
Question No.6: Are you satisfied with the logistics of the seminar?
                                   Yes             No
Question No.7: What changes are suggested for next seminar(s)?
Nine participants have no suggestions.
One participant suggested handouts to be delivered a week before the seminar takes
One participant suggested more often contacts before the seminar.
Question No.8: Evaluation of the seminar from 1 (bad) to 5 (excellent)
Eight participants assessed the seminar with 5, and three with 4
Average: 4,72

   In addition to the Seminar, two not planned and scheduled activities were performed:

              Site visit to DOOEL Ting; and
              Interview with Mr. Goran Arsov for local TV station from Kochani.

After the Seminar, CEMC representatives and Mr. Goran Arsov have discussed future
project activities:
     Seminar / activity report to be send to CEMC;
     Overall activity plan (seminar dates) to be send to CEMC;
     Letter of agreement/cooperation to be signed by Eko-Ars and project participant
     First activity (Initial Environmental Review) to be performed by project
        participant companies before beginning of the Second Seminar.

On 16 May 2004, DKA Eko-Ars Konsalting DOOEL (Mr. Goran Arsov) has prepared
and delivered to Mr. Jiri Student (on hands) second Invoice (No:2/2004) for the second
installment amounted on 4000,00 (four thousand) Euros.

On 16 May 2004, CEMC representatives were transferred to the Skopje Airport and left
Republic of Macedonia.

1. Eko-Ars Power Point presentation;
2. Mr. Brankov Power Point Presentation
3. Evaluation Form – in Macedonian language
4. Invitation Letter to Mr. Brankov
5. Invitation Letter to Mr. Student and Mr. Moucha

Veles, 25 May 2004

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