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					“Libraries enable the past to talk to the future”.
                                          ~ Edward Cornish

                PUBLIC LIBRARY BOARD
                   ANNUAL REPORT

     Submitted to the Library Board by the Chief Executive Officer
                         LIBRARY BOARD

Mr. Stephen Duquette      Chairman

Mr. Dennis Alexander      Vice-Chair; Chairman of Policy and Planning

Mr. Dan Bouffard          Chairman of the Finance Committee

Mrs. Hélène DeVillers     Township of Tiny Representative; Chairman of the
                          Facilities Committee

Mr. Dan LaRose            Council Representative
Mr. Gabe Brunelle         Council Representative

Mrs. Trish Stack          Trustee
Mr. Ross Cooper           Trustee

Ms Rosemary Marchand      January – April          Secretary/Treasurer
Ms Cyndy Coté             April – December         Secretary/Treasurer

                         LIBRARY STAFF

Ms Rosemary Marchand      Chief Executive Officer; January 1 – March 31

Ms Cynthia Coté           Chief Executive Officer; April 1 – December 31

Mrs. Janet Ryan           Library Assistant 1; January 1- March 31
                          Head of Public & Technical Services; April 1 –
                          December 31

Mr. Charles Lafrenière    Library Assistant 1

Mrs. Nicole Maurice       Library Assistant 1

Mrs. Marita Barter        Library Assistant 1

Mr. Réjean Laurin         Library Assistant 1; April 1 – December 31

Mr. André Ogilvie         Adult Library Page

Mr. Algis Strimaitis      Custodian

Mr. Richard Marchildon    Custodian; Contract

Mrs. Paulette Hamilton    Relief Staff

Ms Chantal Demers         Summer Staff

                                   BOARD ACTIVITIES

Acting together, through the committee process, the Library Board implemented several
new policies, revised existing policies, developed a one year Annual Plan to bridge two
Strategic Plans, realized the retirement of a CEO, and hired a replacement CEO.

   Operating Budget:

      Repair and replacement of missing downspouts on the south side of the library
      Repair and painting of the window ledge in the Children’s Reading Area
      Construction of laptop bar to accommodate increased laptop usage
      Repair damage incurred in the ladies washroom due to roof leakage
      Migration to the new Symphony Automated System
      Cross Connection Control - Survey


      Maintain Cap computers
      Final phase of spending for the Provincial $15 Million grant completed - the Provincial
       Government awarded the Southern Ontario Library Service and the Ontario Library
       Service North a “$15 Million Grant”. A portion of the grant was allocated to individual
       libraries in the form of library credits. The Penetanguishene Public Library received
       $14,000 as their portion, to be spent in 2009 and 2010. In 2010 approximately half of the
       grant money remaining was spent on enhancing new collections created in 2009. The
       purchases were applied evenly throughout the year so as to sustain the new collections
       and guarantee their continued appeal.


      Xerox 215 photocopier (existing lease)
      County of Simcoe Collection Leasing Program (continuation)

Policy and Planning Committee:

      Revised Personnel Policy – Annual Vacation
                                 – Job Reclassification
                                 – Leave of Absence
                                 – Performance Evaluation
                                 – Preamble
                                 – Probationary Period
                                 – Retirement
                                 – Salary
                                 – Statutory Holidays
      Revised Use of the Library Community Meeting Room Policy
      Revised Fee Schedule for Services provided by the Library
      Adopted Violence in the Workplace Policy
      Adopted Computer Usage Policy

Finance Committee:

      Directed the estimation for the Operational Budget
      Non-resident fee structure revised
      Approved the Contract for Library Service
      Identified the new and pending Capital Projects for consideration


The Penetanguishene Public Library’s Volunteer Program plays an important role in the effective
operation of the Library, thanks to efficient co-ordination by Janet Ryan, Head of Public and
Technical Services.
The knowledgeable in-house Library volunteers provide a minimum of 24 hours of indispensable
work per week. These tasks include support to the Technical Services Department, and often
enrich the public service which staff provides to library patrons.

The library often receives requests from local High School students to be allowed to complete
their 40 hours of Community Service requirement in our facility. Duties are varied and can range
from assisting with Spring clean-up to shelf reading. Regardless of the tasks assigned, both the
library and the students benefit from this volunteer partnership. In 2010 three students were
involved with this program.

The library was also fortunate to have two Co-op students at the library in 2010. Both Ecole Le
Caron and Penetanguishene Secondary School placed students with our facility.

Lastly, volunteers play an important role in fundraising for the Library Board through the Friends
of the Penetanguishene Public Library. Sub-committees such as the Bingo Committee raise
much-needed funds for automation support and continue to identify additional projects that will
enhance the Library and library service.


Along with changing CEOs in 2010 the library also saw the resignation of the Friends of the
Penetanguishene Public Library Executive who had been in service prior to 2000, and were
replaced by a new executive body in April 2010. The new group decided to actively seek new
memberships and identify two or three major fundraising goals. To that end the Friends of the
Penetanguishene Library continued with the Angel Gate Bingo commitment and raised $6,412
over the entire year. As well, the Friends partnered with the Library, capitalizing on the Christmas
Fancy Nancy programme, and donated a “Fancy” doll with accessories for a raffle which realized
a profit of $655.

The following is a list of the fundraising activities the library participated in and benefitted from in

   Winterama Book Sale                     $580.00
   Fifth Avenue Jewelry Show               $571.00
   Foodland Tapes                          $260.00
   Angel Gate Bingo                      $6,412.04
   Caisse Populaire Desjardins             $250.00
   Fancy Nancy Raffle                      $655.00

Total Fundraising in 2010                   $8,728.04

                        STATISTICS AT A GLANCE

                       2009    2010        +/-
Memberships            8,695   6,787        _    All non-active memberships
                                                 from 2007 to 2008 were purged
                                                 in 2010
Holdings              53,984   53,001      _     All VHS and Cassette tapes
                                                 were weeded in 2010
Weeding                2,658   3,442       +      See above
Acquisitions           4,169   2,285       -
Replacement                                _
Copies                  127      86
Circulation           117,324 125,092      +
Reference               507     569        +
Database Access        2,262    3,256      +
Website Access        21,406   23,201      +
Internet Access        8,881    8,317      -
Wireless Access         672     1,084      +
Fines Collected       $9,299   $9,706      +
People Entering
the Library           67,156   70,314      +
Class/Individual       110       90        -
Meeting Room           229      129         -
In House                ?
Inter-library Loans    1,123   1,388       +     Received
Inter-library Loans     951     723        -     Sent
Patron Initiated
Inter-library Loans     ?       150


Exchange of Materials:

The Library’s special collections are supplemented through Library Pool Memberships. The
Library pays an annual fee to the individual pool, in exchange for scheduled rotations throughout
the year. This allows the library pool administration to purchase new materials and distribute
them evenly in blocks to participating libraries. These materials are then exchanged or rotated
three to four times a year through the existing Library Courier System. When received, the
records for these materials are then downloaded, or manually entered into the automated system
and prepared for circulation.

        Simcoe County Libraries Large Print Pool       – 4 exchanges     – 300 large print
        Trent Large Print Pool                         – 3 exchanges     – 200 large print
        Simcoe County Libraries Video Pool             – 3 exchanges     – 120 DVDs/Videos
        Southern Ontario Library Service DVD Pool      – 6 exchanges     – 278 DVDs
        Southern Ontario Library Service Playaway Pool – 1 exchange      – 30 units


To further enhance the Library’s collection the Library Board participates in an exchange of
materials through the County of Simcoe Library Co-operative.

4 exchanges – 4,095 items total

Items in the exchange included large print books, books on CD, read-alongs, music CDs, DVDs,
CD-ROMs, Blue rays, Play-aways, and Video games.

Block loans:

The Library provided block loans of French language materials to the following library:

        Wasaga Beach                    – 6 exchanges            - 90 items total

On-Line Databases:

This was a year of transition for library databases, with Knowledge Ontario restructuring their
database tiers, and the Simcoe County library purchasing databases in partnership with the
County of Simcoe Library Consortium. The following databases were available to library patrons.

Canadian Encyclopedia                    Encyclopedia Britannica
World Book Encyclopedia                  Encyclopedia Universalis         Novelist Plus
Encyclopedia of Music in Canada          Knowledge Ontario                E-books
Canadian Reference Centre                Consumer Health Complete         Career Cruising
Home Improvement Reference               Auto Repair Center               Canadian Point of View
Small Engine Repair Reference            Science Reference Centre         Culturegrams
Library and Archives Canada              E-Audio Books                    A to Z maps
Biblio. et Arch.Nationale du Qué.        Teen Health & Wellness           Global Road Warrior
Mango Languages                          Image Collection                 Learning Express


The Library provides space for the Midland Area Reading Council tutors and their students to
hold learning sessions. We are also providing space for private tutors and their students.


The Alzheimer’s Society of Greater Simcoe County displayed materials during Alzheimer’s
Awareness Month in January.
National Flag Day (February 15 ) was promoted through the use of posters and in-house

MS Society displayed materials during their MS Awareness Week.

The Library built a display for Nutrition Month which ran during the month March.

The Library displayed all the Forest of Reading materials in conjunction with area schools.

                                     COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS

Through different programs and partnerships the library keeps expanding their role in the
Municipality. By listening to the patrons of the library and the public at large we identified and
offered several new programs, as well as continuing to provide existing services and support.
The following are some of the Outreach Services and community events in which library staff
assisted. Whether through the use of staff, the facility, or attendance at community events, the
Penetanguishene Public Library is an active and available Community Partner

         Alzheimer’s Awareness workshops
         Author Read in support of Canadian League of Poets Nominee
         Day Camp visits
         Early Years – facility partnership
         Fine Forgiveness Week for all local students
         Literacy Week – Alpha-Huronie
         Le Caron – Book Sale (fundraiser)
         Midland Area Reading Council –Literacy Partnership
         Proctoring
         PSS – promotion support
         School visits
         Seniors Book Club – off site
         Seniors Day
         Service Ontario Information/Training Partnership
         Shut-in Service
         Terry Fox Run
         The Mayor’s Walk
         Today I’m Working for My Hospital
         Welcoming the Doctor Recruitment Attendees
         Wye Write Book Launch


Tales for Tots:

The Penetanguishene Library continues to offer a pre-school, literacy based program in both the
English and French languages. The program ran in sessions of six weeks, with each session
offering a new theme. The weekly program is held on Wednesday afternoons, a change which
occurred in the fall of 2010 to work better with the change in school curriculum. This literacy
based program incorporates a chosen theme through stories, finger plays and the occasional age
appropriate craft.

This year the library ran the Tales for Tots Program through the summer for the first time since its
implementation. This decision was made in the hope of providing children 3-5 years of age with
an activity during the summer to help develop and foster a love of reading.

The objective of the program was to provide children with the six pre-reading skills needed to
begin reading, to provide a stress-free reading environment, offer flexible and fun word activities,
interactive events, and a safe environment with approachable and helpful staff.

In total, the library offered 60 sessions with a total attendance of 61 children.

TD Summer Reading Program

The theme for this year’s Summer Reading Program was Destination Jungle. The program ran
from July 6 – August 10 and offered in both the French and English languages; Tuesday
mornings from 10:00 am - 11:00 am for the English program, and 11:00 am - 12:00 pm for the
French program.

The program ran as a book club this year, which was a new approach for the library. The clubs
were divided by age; 6-8 year olds and 9-11 year olds. Each group read and discussed a book
which complimented the reading level for that age. The titles chosen supported the TD theme for
the summer but were also part of a series. The hope was that the children would continue reading
the series once the club had ceased for the summer. The books selected received approval from
the members and several finished the club ready to read the next book in the series.

In total, the library offered 12 sessions with a total attendance of 111 children.

Wii – Children’s Video Game Camp           *New in 2010

The library introduced a new summer program for children in 2010. The Wii game camp was
held twice over the summer to offer children an activity during the summer in a safe and
controlled environment.

In total, the library offered 8 sessions with a total attendance of 41 children.

Computer Camp for Seniors       *New in 2010

The library began a new computer training program for seniors this year. Held over six months,
the sessions focused on basic instruction on computer use. The sessions were held once a

month, with a new skill being taught each month. The understanding was that participants could
come throughout the month to practice their new skills.

In total, the library offered 6 sessions with a total attendance of 16 adults.

Beading Workshops       *New in 2010

The library partnered with Gail Forbes, a local artisan, to provide Beading Workshops during the
summer and fall of 2010. The program supports the library mission of promoting life-long learning
by teaching a new skill to those interested. The partnership also raises awareness of the local
talent we have in our community. Due to the nature of this workshop registration numbers were

In total, the library offered 10 sessions with a total attendance of 6 people.

Mother & Daughter Book Club       *New in 2010

The library introduced a Mother & Daughter book club this fall which still has strong participation.
This program offers Mothers and daughters the opportunity to share reading experiences.

In total, the library offered 4 sessions in 2010 with a total attendance of 19 people.

Adult Book Club

The library continued to offer the Adult on-site book club. The club saw some change in
membership, but participation is strong. The variety of genres makes for interesting
conversations and debates at the monthly meetings.

In total, the library offered 12 sessions with a total attendance of 60 adults.

Seniors Off-site Book Club

The library partnered with Bayfield House in 2010 to provide a monthly book club for the
residents. This club mirrors the adult club run from the library and in so doing benefits from the
staff preparation time required to run the club.

In total, the library offered 12 sessions with a total attendance of 77 adults.

Writers in Residence *New in 2010

The library launched a new partnership in 2010, acting as host for local writers interested
in honing their craft among their peers. The group meets once a month and provides writing
prompts, critiquing sessions, and valuable feedback. This program was launched during Public
Library Week and the hope is it will attract a dedicated following.

In total, the library offered 3 sessions with fluctuating attendance.

Stand Alone Programs

The library also offered two “stand alone” programs for children. The Duct Tape Program and
The Fancy Nancy Soirée were both well attended, and will be repeated in 2011 due to the
positive feedback received from both participants and parents.

These 2 sessions saw a total 35 people in attendance


On behalf of the Penetanguishene Public Library Staff I wish to express my sincere appreciation
to all those individuals and organizations that provide support to the library and its patrons.

De la part de l’équipe de la Bibliothèque publique de Penetanguishene, j’aimerais exprimer mon
appréciation sincère aux individus et organismes qui soutiennent la bibliothèque et ses patrons.

    To our Council and staff of the Town of Penetanguishene for their continued financial and
     administrative support and encouragement.
    Au Conseil et au personnel de la Ville de Penetanguishene pour leurs finances continués et
     au soutien et à l’encouragement administratif.
    To the Library Board who recognize their role of Governance and their commitment to that
     role throughout their term of office.
    Au Conseil de Bibliothèque qui reconnaît leur rôle de Gouvernance et leur engagement à ce
     rôle à travers leur terme de bureau.
    To the staff who are steadfast in offering equitable and accessible public library service in
     our community.
    Aux personnels qui sont stable à offrir le service de bibliothèque publique équitable et
     accessible dans notre communauté.
    To the Friends of the Library for their commitment in time, energy and eagerness in
     providing fundraising for the Library.
    To the in-house volunteers who provide behind the scenes support on a weekly basis to
     Technical and Public Services.
    Aux bénévolats internes qui fournissent, en àrrière de les scènes, le soutient aux services
     techniques et aux services public à chaque semaines.
    To the countless individuals in the community who have made donations to the Library in
     many ways.
    Aux individus innombrables dans la communauté qui ont fait des dons à la bibliothèque
     dans beaucoup de façons.
    To area organizations and groups who have formed successful partnerships with the Library
     and by so doing enriched the service offered to the public.
    Aux organisations et aux groupes dans la région qui ont formé des partenariats réussis
     avec la bibliothèque et de telle façon a enrichi le service nous offrons le public.
    To the County of Simcoe Library staff for their constant support, both through materials and
     information access, and technical support and advice in our newest automated migration.
    To the Southern Ontario Library Service for their constant support and assistance.
    To the local media for their support in promoting the programs and services of the Library.
    Aux médias locaux pour leur soutien dans la promotion des programmes et des services de
     la Bibliothèque.

     Lastly, I wish to thank Rosemary Marchand for her many years of service to the library. Her
     dedication to her profession is realized everyday in our Library. Her ability to recognize and
     embrace changes and advancements in library services has resulted in our Public Library
     always being in a position to offer the newest and best to the community. As well as
     understanding the possibilities the library could offer the community, Rosemary understood
     the responsibilities involved with attaining those goals. She worked diligently as the library
     CEO, tirelessly as a Fundraiser, and constantly as an Advocate. The Library we are so
     proud of today is largely due to her determination and foresight.

                                               Cyndy Coté / CEO Penetanguishene Public Library