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                                                                        The Voice and Resource of the San Diego Autism Community

                                                                                                                        WINTER 2009

                                  PETER WRIGHT, ESQ. is an attorney who represents children with special educa-
                                  tion needs. Pete struggled with learning disabilities, including dyslexia, dysgraphia
                                  and ADHD. His determination to help children grew out of his own educational
                                  experiences. In October 1993, Pete successfully represented Shannon Carter before
                                  the United States Supreme Court. The Supreme Court issued a unanimous decision
                                                        The San Diego Autism Society Presents
                                  on Shannon's behalf in Florence County v. Shannon Carter.

                                 Since then, he and his wife have developed the “wrightslaw” special education law
                                 and advocacy website. It is the top ranked website in regard to special education
                                 advocacy for children with disabilities. He and his wife have also published the best
                                 selling special
                              PETER WRIGHT, ESQ. education law books entitled “Wrightslaw: Special Education Law”
                                 and “Wrightslaw: From Emotions to Advocacy.” They have an online newsletter with
                                 over 64,000 subscribers. He is a member of Advisory Boards for numerous disability
What You Will                 Learn...
                                 related organizations.
   "What a marvelous conference! I often leave sped presentations angry and/or guilty because of all the
This one day special educa-
tion law and advocacy pro-
                                         SPECIAL EDUCATION & ADVOCACY TRAINING
                                            Tuesday, February 17, 2009, Mission Valley Hilton
gram focuses were done or not done. This time I left encouraged, inspired and armed!" - Melissa from MD
   things that on four areas:

Special education law,                 he San Diego County ASA is pleased to offer this rare west coast
                                        opportunity to hear Pete Wright, Esq. that I lost all Pete of time.
   "I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. Your delivery was so engaging of Wrightslaw! track spoke
rights, and responsibilities
                                        in San Diego in 2007 to a sold out audience. If you are a par-
                                  ent, advocate, enlightening and or health care provider working with
   You gave me a great boost. Thank you for an educator, attorney stimulating presentation!" - Marie from F
Tests and measurements to
measure progress and regres-      children with disabilities, this is a must attend conference! Pete is not
sion                              scheduled to speak again in California in 2009. Register today!

                                                      at the conference including Units and Continuing Legal Education
                        There will be an exhibit areaContinuing Educationlocal service providers, merchandise and books. Units
                                                                  are available.
Introduction to tactics and
    What You Will Learn... insert flyer for information and registration.
                   See newsletter
strategies for effective
Autism Action is published quarterly by the San Diego County Chapter of the Autism Society of America
mailing address: PO Box 420908, San Diego, CA 92142-0908 (858) 715-0678 ïemail: ï
A Member of the Combined Health Agencies and the Combined Federal Campaign—Agency Code 95580
   This one day special education law and advocacy program
   focuses on four areas:
                                          PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
                                          Cherri Cary
                                                    riting this message during the Holidays, it’s only natural that I should be thinking
                                                    about how much we have to be thankful for and how much more I personally should
                                                    be doing to show my appreciation to those people who work to improve our lives.

                                          As a board member of the SDASA, I have watched a dedicated team of volunteers envision,
                                          engineer and sustain programs for people affected by autism thru simple determination and an
                                          energy that is sometimes superhuman. These people often work full-time all day, care for their
     BOARD OF DIRECTORS                   families and then add hours to their work days attending committee meetings, board meetings,
     2008-2009                            facilitating support group meetings, writing grants, responding to phone calls from families,
     CHERRI CARY, PSY.D.                  and more. On the weekends they might be attending an outreach event, providing resource
     President                            information about autism, participating in conferences or workshops or researching possible
                                          sources of income for our recreational programs. To all of our board members: I appreciate
                                          everything you do and I am truly thankful. To a few specific individuals, more recognition is
     Immediate Past President             deserved- if you see any of these folks around, please take a moment to thank them as well:
     Treasurer                            The Newsletter Committee- Karyn Searcy, Kathi Ahles and Kay Freeman have been pro-
     DEEDEE SPANGLER, M.S.                ducing this quarterly newsletter as a team for two years now and the sheer volume of work
     Secretary                            involved in making this happen deserves note! Thanks to each of you!
                                          Our E-News editor and publisher Mara Parker- Mara, a new board member offered to step
     ALAN LINCOLN, PH.D.                  up and not only create the monthly e-news, but to learn the software application practically
     GREG FLETCHER                        overnight. Mara, you deserve the Rookie of the Year award for this!
     JON HICKEY                           All Out for Autism Chairs- Ken and Silvia Abeloe have been working on the April gala event
                                          since last May, having chosen a location, organized subcommittees and recruited volunteers,
                                          they are currently hard at work connecting with potential corporate sponsors. Without their
     MARA PARKER                          dedication, this event could not be the signature event it has become. Thank you Ken and Silvia
     MARK JONES                           for your continued commitment to a larger than life project!
     MIKE ALTSHULER                       Splash for Cash and Pool Pals Team- Shirley Fett, Tina Huston, Tammy Anderson and Shelly
     SHELLY HIRSCHBERG, PH.D.             Hirschberg continue to work to not only sustain the SDASA aquatics programs, but to seek
                                          potential sites in North County and the funding required to bring this about.
     THERESA HARRINGTON                   The Countywide Parent Support Group leadership team- Shelly Hirschberg ( North Coun-
     TINA WATERS                          ty), Sherry Soule ( East County) Victoria Sanchez Schreiter ( Spanish language) and Bobbie
     Directors-at-Large                   Kohrt ( central) who show their commitment every single month, providing speakers, snacks,
     BOBBIE KOHRT, M.A.                   space and most importantly a place for families to connect and share where they will feel wel-
                                          comed and understood.
     KATHI AHLES                          Stauffer Fund Scholarship committee – Melinda Donovan and Kathi Ahles review each ap-
     LARS PERNER, PH.D.                   plication, interface with the Stauffer Foundation to report funds spent and request new funds
     SANDY SHAW, PH.D.                    and have worked creatively with school districts to use funds efficiently by training several
     SHIRLEY FETT                         staff at once. You two are awesome and there are lots of people who appreciate your work!
     VICTORIA IKERD SCHREITER                                                                 President’s Message, continued on page 3

          Visit us on the web at
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                                           the Autism Action                                        Endorsement Policy
    For the latest chapter events, sign                                                     The San Diego County Chapter of the
                                           Business card size: $100/ per issue
        up for the SDASA e-news!                                                            Autism Society of America (SDASA)
                                           Double business card size: $150                  does not endorse individual programs
                                                                                            or products. References appearing in
           Autism Action editors:          Quarter page: $200                               the Autism Action regarding programs,
              Kathi Ahles and                                                               resources, treatment, etc. should not
                Karyn Searcy               Half page: $300                                  be interpreted as an indication of en-
         Layout Design:Kay Freeman                                                          dorsement by SDASA. They are pro-
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                                           on the discretion of                             vided for information only.
          Email:        SDASA’s editorial staff.
2                                                   San Diego County Chapter Autism Society Newsletter ï Autism Action ï    Winter, 2009
SDASA SELECTS HEALTH HERO FOR 2009                                         Help Get Insurance Coverage for Autism in
                   DMS Consulting has been chosen for 2008

                 Health Hero Award by SDASA, based on the
                 companies history of consistently helping with                                               he autism insurance reform
                 the cause of keeping San Diego healthy through                                               movement in California is
                 support and/or participation with SDASA’s                                                    ramping up to achieve cov-
cause, programs and services.                                                                          erage for children with autism this
                                                                                                       year. Volunteers in four other states
DMS Consulting is committed to providing the most advanced                                             (Arizona, Florida, Louisiana and
and quality services for all ages (infant to adulthood).Dee Dee                                        Pennsylvania) were able to achieve
Spangler, owner and founder of DMS, specializes in educational             insurance coverage for their children this year. A total of sev-
consultative services for students with Autism, Aspergers, PDD-            en states now meet standards of appropriate coverage, ending
NOS, MR, CP, Down Syndrome, Bipolar, Landau-Kleffner, TBI,
                                                                           autism insurance discrimination and covering treatments and
Rubinstein-Taybi, ADD/ADHD, Developmental Delays and
other Learning Disabilities. She earned her Masters degree in              therapies that are medically necessary, including speech, occu-
Special Education from National University and her Bachelors               pational therapy, and applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy.
degree in Communications from Ohio University, with a Minor in
Coaching. Dee Dee also received a Certificate in Applied Behav-            HOW CAN YOU HELP IN CALIFORNIA?
ior Analysis as a Behavior Analyst from National University in
2005. She has been involved in the San Diego Special Education             1. VISIT the website and register to receive
community since 1996 as an Educational Advocate/Consultant:                advocacy alerts.
Behavioral Consultant; Director of a Multi-Sensory
Therapy Center, Special Education Teacher; Home School Teach-              2. EMAIL if you are interested in
er/Supervisor/ Therapist; Special Education Classroom Assistant;           serving as a District Captain to lead efforts in your own home
Campus Behavior Specialist.
                                                                           district, attend rallies, speak with state legislators, attend hear-
                                                                           ings at the capitol and help spread the word.
SDASA Book “Club”                                                          3. SHARE this information with family, friends, neighbors,
We would like to share your input regarding books                          teachers, therapists and co-workers...anyone who lives in Cali-
you have enjoyed or found useful in your under-                            fornia that would be interested in helping end insurance dis-
standing autism spectrum disorder. Parents & pro-                          crimination for children with autism statewide.
viders are invited to submit book reviews for publication.                 For more information on the autism insurance reform effort in
                                                                           California, visit
Email Karyn Searcy:

President’s Message, continued from page 2
Camp I CAN Committee- Shirley Fett, Shelly Hirschberg and Sil-             AOA committee. Thanks Megan,we are so happy you are a part of
via Abeloe for bringing Camp I CAN to the North County Madeline            our team!
Ecke YMCA this winter, and to Shirley for her ongoing grantwriting
activity which sustains not only the camp but other SDASA activi-          And finally, to the unsung heroes of volunteers everywhere: Thank
ties as well. Literally hundreds of people appreciate the results of       you to the spouses, children, significant others, etc. of all of the peo-
the work you do!                                                           ple mentioned above; I know that every minute spent working on an
                                                                           SDASA project is time away from you and that time with family is
SDASA Executive committee members- Tina Huston ( treasurer)                precious. I appreciate the support you provide our projects when you
and DeeDee Spangler (secretary) whose ‘behind-the-scenes’ work             take on the household duties while your husband or wife attends a
makes all of the other things possible- without your steadfast and reli-   meeting or takes a long phone call.
able efforts we could never provide the level of activities and services
we do. Thanks so much!                                                     So, if you happen to see any of these people around, please think of
                                                                           this message and of all the behind the scenes work that gets done so
SDASA Administrative Coordinator- Megan Avery joined out                   that support group meeting, camps, parties and conferences can take
team in the summer and was able to jump in with both feet and step         place. And if you can, please tell them “Thanks”.
right up to the tasks required with almost no direction. Additionally
she is able to lend us her development skills and to assist with the
                                                                                                                   Cherri Cary
   San Diego County Chapter Autism Society Newsletterï Autism Action ï     Winter 2009
All Out For Autism 2009
                                                                                                                Featuring Bill Menish

The San Diego County Chapter of the Autism Society of America (SDASA) is proud to announce that we are going “All Out for
Autism! – Flamenco Nights” for our 9th Annual fundraiser benefiting Camp I CAN (Camp Including Children with Autism Now). We
invite you to enjoy a night of scrumptious food, exciting silent and live auctions, great raffle prizes, and fantastic Flamenco dancing all
while supporting a great cause! Flamenco Nights will include a silent auction, live auction, and raffle, hosted by Mr. Bill Menish. Even if
you can’t join us in person that night, please consider other ways to show your support for our one of a kind camp.

The summer of 2009 will be Camp I CAN’s eighth year. Our unique camp provides children and teens with autism the opportunity of
experiencing summer camp just as their siblings and friends do. Creating this special opportunity requires SDASA to raise over $120,000
each year, but with your help, we can continue to offer this incredible camp for years to come!

DATE: April 4, 2009
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM VIP Reception (VIP and Corporate Sponsors)
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM Welcome Reception
     Silent Auction (closes at 8:00 PM)
     Magic Mike
8:00 PM – 9:00 PM Evening Program with Bill Menish
     Live Auction
     Message from a Camper Parent
     Message from the SDASA President
9:00 PM – 11:00 PM Flamenco Dancing and Open Dance Floor
10:00 PM – 10:30 PM Raffle Prize Announcements
         TICKETS: Tickets: $115 Individual | $250 Premier Level
                  $1500 – 10 Person VIP Table
Please register at

All Out for Autism 2009 will include various exciting live auction items to include:

•        Fantastic travel opportunities to include golf packages and ski vacations
•        Exciting local getaways and overnight stays
•        Sport memorabilia from the San Diego Chargers and San Diego Padres
•        Personal Chef: Dinner for 10 at your home including a fabulous wine selection

We continue to seek corporate and individual sponsorships for the AOA 2009 Flamenco
Nights event. Please let us know if you or your company are interested in sponsoring the
event or reserving a VIP table for the event.

                                                            San Diego County Chapter Autism Society Newsletterï Autism Action ï   Winter 2009
San Diego County Chapter Autism Society Newsletterï Autism Action ï   Winter 2009   5
     for kids with special needs
O       pportunities for children with disabilities abound in San
        Diego. SDASA and the San Diego County Regional Center
        have listed recreational opportunities at
org, and at or 858-576-2996. SDASA has compiled
this list of recreational programs from parents:

                                                                          REINS Therapeutic Horsemanship & Tack Shack at 760-723-
                                                                          Dream Rider Equestrian Therapy at 619-445-2576 or Cath-
                                                                     •    Round Up Hope, Inc. at 951-676-4673 or rounduphope@msn.
Baseball – There are Spring challenger leagues throughout San        •	   Partners Therapeutic Horsemanship at 619-469-9544 or
                Diego County for children with disabilities, with
                registration open now. Most have a teenage           •	   Ivey Ranch Park Association at 760-722-4839 or iveyranch@
                shadow/aide assigned to your child both in the  
                outfield and when batting. There is live pitch-      •    TERI, Inc. at 760-630-4298 or
                ing from a coach/adult, with a tee used after        •	   Happy Trails Riding School at 760-473-3611 or meandmy2po-
                if there is no success in hitting the live pitch.
                Uniforms and trophies provided. Contact your         •	   Horsemanship For The Handicapped, La Mesa, 619-441-7868
                local Little League chapter for details.             •
                                                                     Drama - The Stage School, directed by Elisha Exon, and White
Soccer – There are challenger leagues throughout San Diego                          Horse Theater, directed by Stephen Bair, will in-
                County for children with developmental dis-                         troduce their theatrical day camp for school-aged
                abilities. Some leagues operate year-round,                         children with developmental disabilities, in con-
                some only in the fall.  Uniforms and trophies                       junction with The Crimson Center for Speech &
                provided. Contact your local AYSO or Parks and                      Language. These camps will be directed by Exon
                Recreational Department.                             and Bair, who are regional community members with expertise
                                                                     in the performing arts, in consultation with speech and language
                 North County Soccer Park in Poway and Lit-          pathologists from Crimson Center. The focus of these camps is to
tle Rascals Soccer – a great “next step” after some challenger       provide artistic expression for all children with disabilities, and
leagues. No shadow is provided for the child. The coaches are        enhance their communication opportunities and skills. For more
parents or volunteer coaches. They keep score, but emphasize         information, call 858 695 9415.
playing for fun and all players are rotated into the game.
                                                                     Dance - Rhythm in Motion offers private dance, cheerleading
Karate – Family Karate offers a FREE karate class in Rancho                        or gymnastics classes for special needs children:
            Penasquitos every Saturday morning at 10:15 AM for                     Taught by Kristina Stewart, classes will be held
            children over 5 years of age and young adults with                     at TRC Gymnastics in Solana Beach or privately
            developmental disabilities. Warning: this is a loud                    in-home. For more information you can call (619)
            experience for those who have auditory sensitivities.                  787-8375 or visit
            Contact: 858-484-4747 or e-mail: PQ@familykara-
                                                                     Music Classes for individual lessons -
YMCA - activities, sports and camps – check with your                               •	 Coast Music Therapy at 858 453-5211 or info@
               local YMCA. Most provide inclusive opportunities           
               for children with disabilities and may also pro-                     •	 Music Therapy Center of California at 610 299-
               vide a shadow aide if needed. Contact your local                     1411 or
               branch.                                                              •
Adaptive Swim Lessons – 1:1 swim lessons for children with                           •	 Club Xcite is an innovative after school and
            autism is available in Clairement. Aqua Pros offers                      summer mentoring organization dedicated to as-
            a Pool Pals program subsidized by SDASA. Contact                         sisting families who need a helping hand in edu-
            them 858- 858-484-4747.                                                  cating, mentoring, or just involving their children
            St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center offers lessons in East                     in athletic, academic, or social activities. Con-
            County, and can be reached at (619) 442-5129.                            tact (858) 779-9674 or
                                                                     •    I Can Play! provides social skills groups, recreational classes,
                                                                          and enrichment courses for children of all ability levels - in-
Therapeutic Horse Back Riding – adaptive riding lessons                   cluding children with developmental delays. Contact ICAN-
             for children with disabilities are available at vari- or (619) 218-8744
             ous locations throughout the county, including:
             •	 T.E.A.C.H. at      SDASA does not endorse any particular program.
             •	 Helen Woodward Animal Center at 858-756-             The success of your child in a program can vary.
             4117 or                           If you know of another program to include on our list, please
             •	 Adaptive Equestrian Riding for Therapy at 619-
                                                                     email the chapter at, with the subject
•	   Bonita Equestrian Therapy for the Handicapped at 619-475-       line “recreation”.

6                                                      San Diego County Chapter Autism Society Newsletterï Autism Action ï   Winter 2009
                giving programs
       lease show your support of SDASA during the holiday season andthroughout the year by participating in
       the following giving programs. They are convenient and simple to use, and will help to provide SDASA the
       funds needed to continue to serve the autism community in San Diego County.

eScrip                                                                   iGive
eScrip is a hassle-free way to support the SDASA through ev-             Shop at the Mall at You get free
eryday purchases made at eScrip merchants. Over 150 mer-                 membership to shop at 400+ stores, and without even know-
chants contribute a percentage of your purchases to SDASA.               ing it, you’ll be helping SDASA at the same time. Up to 26% of
Simply log on to to sign up and designate our             every purchase you make will be donated directly to SDASA.
group (#785161) to receive contributions
                                                                         Cartridges for Kids
Vehicle Donation Program                                                 Used cellphones, laptops, PDAs, empty laserjet/inkjet car-
Contact SDASA at or 858.715.0678                      tridges turn into cash for SDASA! Bring your discards (ask
                                                                         friends and businesses too) to the monthly support meetings.
Albertson’s Community Partner Program                                    It’s the easiest way to rasiefunds all year round. Great for the
Visit then go to In Community at the                  environment too.
bottom of the page. Click on CommunityPartners and log in or
sign up for a card. Enter #49000123471 for SDASA                         Workplace Giving Programs
                                                                         You can also show your support for the SDASA by participating
Ralph’s & Food 4 Less Grocery Card Program                               in the following workplace giving programs:
Register your Ralph’s card online at (click on            The United Way/CHAD Campaign. The agency code # is: 95580
Community Contributions and then Participants.)                          The Combined Federal Campaign. The CFC # is 33465
For Food 4 Less visit to register (click              The California State Employees Charitable Campaign. The
on Community Rewards then Participants). SDASA is #80074                 CSECC ID # is 3201
for both stores

To make a monetary contribution directly to the SDASA, visit our Donations page at
All donations are tax deductible.

       Seeking Newsletter Articles
       We are currently soliciting feature articles, book reviews, photos and/or topic
       ideas from parents and providers. Please submit articles, questions or com-
       ments to Karyn Searcy at, or fax to 858 695 9412. We ap-
       preciate any input!

Board Members Present Short Course at Annual
Speech-Language Conference
SDASA Board Member at-large Karyn Lewis Searcy, M.A. CCC (speech-language pa-
thologist and director of Crimson Center), in collaboration with SDASA’s president
Cherri Cary, Psy.D (psychotherapist and parent), Aubyn Stahmer, Ph.D., BCBA (re-
search psychologist at Rady Children’s Hospital & UCSD), and Sandra Lindaman,
M.A., CCC, MSW, LCSW (speech-language pathologist and clinical social worker
from the Theraplay Institute; Chicago) presented their short course, Empowering
Parents of Children with Developmental Disabilities. This presentation was held
at the November, 2008 American Speech and Hearing Association’s annual confer-
ence at Chicago’s McCormick Place. Searcy, Cary and Stahmer have presented
various versions of their program at the California Speech Hearing Association in
Long Beach (2007) and Monterey (2008).

San Diego County Chapter Autism Society Newsletterï Autism Action ï   Winter 2009                                                    7
    COMPASS Family Center
    When:           Every other Wednesday evening
                    6:00-7:30 p.m.

    Where:          Crimson Center for Speech & Language
                    9606 Tierra Grande #107
                    San Diego, CA 92126

    Cost:           Free

    Facilitators:   Kelly Baier, Psy.D. and Jennifer Johnston, MFT

    Participants:   Single parents and couples raising a child with any type of disability
                    or special need. Focus of discussion will be on school-age children. We
                    do ask that participants commit to attending on a regular basis.

    Childcare:      Free childcare will be provided by childcare workers experienced in caring
                    for children with special needs.

    Sign-Up:        To register and attend you must contact the COMPASS Family Center.
                    Space is limited and you must be registered for the group to attend.

    Contact:        Jennifer Johnston
                    Services Coordinator and Counselor
                    COMPASS Family Center
                    (619) 260-7658

                                              Tuesday January 13, 2009
                                                    7 - 8:30 PM
                                          Presenter: Michael Linden, Ph.D.
                                        Licensed Clinical Psychologist, PSY 11788
                                            Marriage, Family & Child Therapist
                     B.C.I.A. Fellow & Nationally Certified Neurofeedback & Biofeedback Therapist
                                         Director – The Attention Learning Center
                            Director – Mission Psychological Consultants Biofeedback Program
                                                    Licensed since 1984

                           Dr. Linden will discuss use of Biofeedback with ADHD and ASD children.


                                          Crimson Center for Speech & Language
                                       9606 Tierra Grande #107, San Diego, CA 92126
                                                       Miramar Area

                                      Please call 858 695 9415 to reserve free seating

                                The Crimson Center cannot endorse any individual program.

8                                                San Diego County Chapter Autism Society Newsletterï Autism Action ï   Winter 2009
          Informational & Support
        Third Tuesday of the month at 6:30 PM                                            COFFEE TALK
4699 Murphy Canyon Road, San Diego, CA 92123
•	     Tuesday, January 20, 2009                                                        Sit . . .Relax . . . Chat
          Annette Eros from the Miracle League
          on Team Sports for Special Athletes                         Calling all parents who would like to sit and chat with other
•	     Tuesday, February 17, 2009                                     parents of children with ASD. Meet and join others over a
•         Wendy Smith from the Home of Guiding Hands                  relaxing cup of coffee. These 2008-2009 events are hosted
          talking about the Life Planning program and                 by Shelly Hirschberg and take place the 2nd Thursday of the
          their non-profit foundation to provide families             Month at 9 a.m., unless otherwise noted.
          with Special Needs Trustees.
                                                                      •    Jan. 8:        Panera Bread * 401 Vista Village Dr., Vista
             Asperger & HFA                                           •    Feb 12:        Panera Bread
                                                                                          667 San Rodolfo Dr., Solana Beach
            Parent Support Group                                      •    Mar. 12:       LaCosta Roasters
      These support groups are for parents of children with                               6965 El Camino Real Suite 208, Carlsbad
       Asperger’s and high functioning autism of all ages.            •    April 9:       Panera Bread * 575 Grand Ave. San Marcos
                                                                      •    May 14:        Pannikin Cafe * 510 N. Hwy 101, Encinitas
                        East County                                   •    June 11:       Panera Bread * 401 Vista Village Dr., Vista
            The 1st Tuesday of each month                                 no need to RSVP * for more information call 858 715 0678
                  6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
                    Java Mama Café
      8250 La Mesa Blvd (behind Wireless Toyz) La
                    Mesa, CA 91941                                           Grupo de Apoyo en Español
         Check website for updated list of topics
                      and speakers.                                                      Segundo lunes de cada mes.
             Sorry, no day care is provided.                                                  6:00-8:00 p.m.

                       North County                                                    Scripps Mercy Well Being Center
              The 1st Monday each month                                             237 Church Avenue, Chula Vista 91910
                     7:00pm-8:30 pm
           Carlsbad Senior Center 799 Pine Ave.                       Para familias de niños y adolescentes con autismo. Un
                   Carlsbad, CA 92008                                 foro abierto para información, liderazgo, recursos en la
                                                                      comunidad, abogacía, y compañerismo. Los esperamos/
 •      1/5/09:     Susan L. Daniel, OD--Vision Therapy               lo sentimos, no contamos con cuidado de niños. Para
 •      2/2/09:     Sharon Lerner-Baron, Ph.D & Daughter
                    Michelle (age 16)--The Sibling Experience         información llamar al 1.800.281.8252
 •      3/2/09:     Summer & Rec Opportunities for Children
                    with ASD
 •      4/6/09:     Helen Jacobsen, Registered Dietitian--
                    Feeding the Picky Eater
 •	     5/4/09:     To Be Announced
 •	     6/1/09:     Teacher & Caregiver Appreciation Night

 for more information: 858 715 0678 or
San Diego County Chapter Autism Society Newsletterï Autism Action ï   Winter 2009
                                                am Roberts, a 20 year old young man with High Functioning Autism,
                                                spoke with his mother Merryn Affleck at the North County Asperg-
                                                ers and HFA parent group in December. Sam provided many insights
                                           into what it is like to grow up with autism, including the things that were
                                           particularly challenging for him, as well as how he has learned to cope
                                           with them.

San Diego Walk Now for Autism
This past November 1st, over 2,000 people came
together, forming nearly 230 teams, at the Balboa
Park in San Diego, raising over $190,000 and count-
ing for autism research.


10                                               San Diego County Chapter Autism Society Newsletterï Autism Action ï   Winter 2009
Pool & Pizza Parties!
Mark you calendars to attend our
fun and popular monthly pool par-
ties. They’re held the 2nd Friday
evening of each month at the Boys
& Girls Club in Clairemont. 4635 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
6:00-8:00 pm. Free pizza & drinks! The whole family
can swim in an indoor, heated pool. Lifeguards provid-
ed. Please RSVP at least FIVE days in advance to insure
sufficient food and beverages for all.
            619-298-1981 or

SDASA in cooperation with National ASA
has partnered with AMC to bring Senso-                                                               JoinforRace 5th28, 2009.San Di-
                                                                                                            in the     Annual
                                                                                                                   for Autism sched-
ry Friendly films to the San Diego Area.
                                                                                                     For questions about the San
Check our web site for upcoming dates.                                                               Diego Race for Autism, please
                                                                                                     National Foundation for Autism
                                                                                                     Research 858-679-8800,
                           SAVE THE DATE:
                            All Out for Autism 2009

                                 Flamenco Nights
                                    April 4, 2009 at the
                            Marriott San Diego Hotel & Marina
                                                                                                  SAVE THE DATE!!!
                          The San Diego County Chapter                                           The Annual Splash for Cash will
                          of the Autism Society of America                                       be on Sunday, May 17, 2009. Each
                          is proud to announce “All Out                                          year we hold this swim party to raise
for Autism! - Flamenco Nights,” its 9th annual fundraiser                                        money for the SDASA’s Pool PALS
benefitting Camp I CAN! (Camp Including Children with                                            programs. Help keep our monthly
Autism Now). Enjoy a night of scrumptious food, exciting                                         pool and pizza parties, Surf Camp
silent auctions, great raffle prizes, and fantastic Flamenco             and Adaptive Swim Lessons going by planning to partici-
dancing all while supporting a great cause!                              pate. The day will include team swimming, pancake break-
                                                                         fast and chili dog lunch, prizes, silent auction, resource fair
For more information, including sponsership apportunities,               and kids fun zone. Stay tuned...more details will follow.
please visit:
or call SDASA at 858-715-0678

San Diego County Chapter Autism Society Newsletterï Autism Action ï   Winter 2009                                                   11
                                                                                                                             Non Profit Org.
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                                                                                                                             San Diego, CA
                                                                                                                             Permit No. 455
Autism Society of America
PO Box 420908
San Diego, CA 92142-0908
(858) 715-0678
  Membership in the local San Diego County Chapter of the Autism Society of America is required to realize the full value of our local programs.

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