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									The Whizzzz™ Windmill Bicycle Reflector For Bicycling Safety & Fun

A unique bicycling accessory from Finland, now available in the United
States, may save countless lives as it catches on with gadget-happy

Malibu, CA, June 11, 2012 -- It’s The Whizzzz™ – a whirling beacon that
extends toward the traffic on a cyclist’s left side, effectively keeping
motorists a safe distance from the rider, as well as the bike, both night
and day. This molded plastic arm – with a red windmill-like reflector at
one end – easily attaches to the rear fork (chain stay or seat stay) or
bookrack on a bicycle. It unfolds outward fifteen inches, perpendicular
to the rear wheel, for use, and then folds inward, parallel to the rear
wheel for storage.

The U.S. Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety
Administration reports that in 2009 there were 51,000 car/bicycle
accidents resulting in 630 deaths. One study found 16% of the car/bicycle
accidents to be hit and run, often occurring as a sideswipe during
conditions of darkness. Noting that “a major deficiency exists in bicycle
visibility,” the agency calls for research “to develop more effective
devices. Such devices should not only call attention to the presence of
the bicycle but also be attractive in the marketing sense to increase
consumer desire to purchase and use them.”

The Whizzzz™ answers this need for increased bicycle safety, while
creating a popular trend. In Finland, the Red Cross alone bought over
500,000 units for distribution to Finnish cyclists. Research compiled by
the State Research Center of Finland has found The Whizzzz™ to have
excellent luminosity factors conforming to government standards for
bicycle reflectors. And the Central Organization for Traffic Safety in
Finland observed 3,508 car/bicycle passings and found that “vehicle
drivers made more room for bicycles fitted with a safety pennant (like
The Whizzzz™) than for those without such a device.

You can see The Whizzzz™ in action on You Tube @

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Contact :
Larry Nemkov
North American Natural Products
PO Box 6084
Malibu, CA 90264
310 589 5970

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