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					The Home Depot ® is Canada’s                            Solar Pool Heating Systems
#1 choice for expert installation                       While you’re having The Home Depot’s Installation
                                                        Service Provider install your new Solar Pool Heating System,
■   Reliable                                            consider having us do these other jobs around your house:
    On-time, courteous, respectful installers           ■   Install a new fence
    working for you.                                    ■   Install a new deck
                                                        ■   Install new gutters
                                                        ■   Install an outside storage building
■   Quality Work
    Expect licensed† and insured professionals
    who will get the job done right the first time.

                                                            Install a new interior or exterior door
                                                            Install a new garage door or keyless opener                                                                SOLAR POOL

                                                            Install a new furnace or air conditioning system
                                                            Replace your roofing                                                                                  HEATING SYSTEMS
                                                                                                                                                                   INSTALLED FOR YOU
■                                                       ■   Paint the interior or exterior of your home
    All installation is guaranteed††. The Home Depot    ■   Create handy storage solutions
    will stand behind the service you receive.          ■   Landscape your property, including stonework
                                                                                                                                                                       INSTALLATION YOU CAN TRUST
■   Financing
    We offer several convenient, attractive financing
    options and will find the right one for you.         Don’t put off your projects,
†As required. ††See contract for details.
                                                         put off your payments!*
                                                                                            No Payments, No Interest
                                                                                            & No Fees** for 6 Months*
                                                                                            On any in-store or online purchase
                                                                                            of $299 or more (after taxes)
                                                                                            when you use The Home Depot®
                                                                                            Consumer Credit Card†.
                                                                                            Low Fixed Interest Rates starting
                                                                                            at 9.99%. No Payments, No Interest
                                                                                            & No Fees** on All Purchases
                                                                                            for the first 6 Months after initial
                                                                                            purchase on your Home Improvement
                                                                                            Loan Card***.

                                                        * Interest accrues from the purchase transaction date and will be waived if the purchase amount is
                                                        paid in full by the plan expiration date. If not, interest will be charged at an Interest Rate of 28.8%
                                                        per annum in accordance with the Cardholder Agreement. This offer is valid at The Home Depot
                                                        Canada outside of Quebec. Offer not available to Quebec residents.
                                                        **There is no annual service fee and the retailer does not charge any plan administration fees.
                                                         OAC. Financing provided by Home Depot Credit Services, a unit of Citi Cards Canada Inc.
                                                          Registered trademark of Homer TLC., Inc. Used under license.

                                                        ***The annual Interest Rate that applies to a HIL account, as determined by Citi Cards Canada
                                                        Inc., will be 9.99%, 12.99%, 15.99% or 18.99%, depending on the Applicant’s income and credit
                                                        history at the time the Application is approved. The Interest Rate that applies to the HIL account will
                                                        be communicated to the Applicant when the Application for the HIL account is approved and will be
                                                        displayed on all HIL account statements. HIL account balances may be repaid in full at any time
                                                        without notice or penalty. Initial minimum purchase on a HIL account is $1,000 and must be made
                                                        within 60 days of the date the HIL account is opened. Additional terms apply, see store for details.
                                                        Promotion available to new HIL accounts only. Interest does not accrue during the 6 month†† no
                                                        payments, no interest and no fees** promotional period. Following the expiration of the promotional
                                                        period, standard Interest Rate and repayment terms apply. ††For the purposes of this promotion, six
                                                        months means 180 days.

                                                                                     Visit or
                                                                                     Call 1-800-HOME DEPOT (466-3337) for
                                                                                     more information on installation services

                                                 Solar Pool Heaters as easy as...
                                                 1consult                               2 install                  3 inspect

Using innovative
to capture the
power of the sun
Solar energy is a clean, renewable power
source that’s produced by capturing and          Solar Pool Heating Systems                            3 steps to professional solar installation:
converting the energy that’s created naturally   Solar pool heaters can be the primary source of
                                                                                                       1. In-Home Solar Assessment
by the sun. At The Home Depot we are             heat for your pool, eliminating the costly expense
                                                                                                       Call 1-800-HOME DEPOT (466-3337) and speak
committed to the environment – our Solar Pool    of heating with gas or electricity. The technology    to a knowledgeable customer service agent. An
Heating Systems will eliminate your pool         is a smart way to save money year after year on       authorized Solar Technician will visit your home
heating bills, reducing your family’s            energy costs, and will help to reduce your family’s   at your convenience to perform an on-site home
dependence on costly fossil fuels                impact on the environment.                            assessment and provide you with a cost estimate.
and electricity.
                                                 Our systems are durable and long lasting,             2. Professional Installation
Leave it to the experts                          require very little maintenance and will provide      Once you’ve made the purchase, an authorized
                                                 you with the opportunity to extend your swimming      Home Depot Service Provider will deliver and
Every Installation Service Provider meets our    season, with no additional heating costs.             install your solar pool heating system.
stringent licensing and insurance requirements
and offers thorough product and installation                                                           3. Follow-up Final Inspection
                                                 Take advantage of many great features
know-how. They have been professionally                                                                After the Solar Installation is complete, your
                                                 and benefits:
trained to ensure that your solar energy                                                               authorized Home Depot Service Provider will
                                                 ■ Reduce energy consumption and get an immediate
system is installed properly and                                                                       perform a final inspection and provide you with
                                                   return on your investment, with no more pool        proper instructions on how your system operates.
functions perfectly.
                                                   heating bills
                                                 ■ Reduce your impact on the environment

                                                   with renewable energy
                                                 ■ Enjoy many years of reliable,

                                                   safe and clean solar power

                                                 CALL 1-800-HOME DEPOT                                                   Visit for
                                                            (466-3337)                                  more information on installation services