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									                                      Rick Falco
  for School Trustee, Ward 6 and 11, Dufferin-Peel Region
                                        By Melissa Cabillan

  "Rick, you are one of our best former Trustees; we need you again, especially in our battle for the
long overdue promise of equitable funding          from the province."– Educators, Catholic community
leaders, and Separate School Taxpayers
  Rick Falco understands their crucial concerns and interests. Since 1994, he served as trustee for 9
years and in the last 6 years he was acclaimed to office. As a great leader, he has shown through his
words and actions that not only does he deliver with success but also possesses a passion to care about
the issues at hand. After all, was it not Catholic Education the reason why he ventured into politics
some 12 years ago? How can he say no to that service call?
  When asked why he did not run in his former ward, Rick said this year he had given his word to a
couple of his supporters who sought to run as trustee this year. It would have been a lot easier to break
one's word for political expediency, but not Rick Falco “a person true to his vision through integrity
and accountability; the person he stands today because of his faith, his roots, his upbringing, and the
love of his family and his many friends.
  For the current November 13th election, the City of Mississauga added two new Wards: Wards 10
and 11. With these new Ward boundaries, certain areas of Ward 5 moved to Ward 11. Separate School
Trustees can now, in some cases, represent more than one Ward whereas City Councilors may only
represent one councilor per Ward.
  "Let's not talk about myself but on the real issue - The Future of Our Children!" stresses Rick Falco.
  “ For a number of years, our Catholic Board suffered chronic under-funding. It is high time the
Province pay for the full cost of our children's education, including salaries of Teachers, Custodians,
Early Education Workers and other support staff.
  FIX THE FUNDING FORMULA “ Stop the window dressing, fix the root cause of the problem,
and make the funding formula equitable.
  SPECIAL EDUCATION “ The Province must fulfill its promise and provide optimum resources for
our most vulnerable students.
  TRANSPORTATION- Our Catholic School board has one of the most efficient integrated systems
in the province. The province must correct the imbalance and provide equitable funding for our
children's transportation to all boards. We are only asking for our fair share! No more, no less!
  CATHOLICITY “ Our Catholic Faith lies as the foundation of our family and community values.
We must continue to promote, support, and practice our strong Faith in our schools through the
partnership of homes, schools, and parishes."
  Rick Falco's experiences speak volumes about his qualifications to be the first elected Catholic
Board Trustee in the newly combined Wards 6 and 11 of the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School
  He served as Chairman of the Administration and Finance Committee, Chairman Faith & Human
Resources, Chairman Contracts & Negotiation Committee, and has been a Member of numerous
School Board Committees. Rick Falco was the Trustee responsible for naming the first Catholic
school in North America after San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila, the first Filipino Saint. He has over 30
years of business experience: 12 years as Financial Controller, and currently stands as Vice President
of Business Development for an international company.
His extensive involvement and service in the community include: 4th Degree-Knights of Columbus, Fr.
Gregory Kelly Assembly; Active Member in the St. Francis Xavier Parish Council, Active
Neighborhood Watch Coordinator, former Treasurer/Director of the Mississauga Crime Prevention
Association, former Chairman for the Parent School Council and former President of various
community organizations. Rick Falco has also received many Outstanding Community Service Awards
from Parent Councils and from all levels of Government.
  For our kabayans who would like to help and/or volunteer in Rick's campaign, you may call The
Friends of RICK FALCO at 905-890-7520 or 647-723-3624, and/or you may send your donation to
3450 Wolfedale Road, Mississauga, Ontario, L5C 2V6.

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