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									Chronic Cough

Chronic cough is a cough that is difficult to cure. Chronic cough is actually not a disease but a
symptom of a disease.

What are the causes of chronic cough?

      Some of these diseases cause chronic cough. Among others, sinus infections, asthma,
       colds allergies to the upper respiratory tract. Another condition that can cause chronic
       cough is the entry of foreign matter into the lungs. Therefore required chest x-ray
       examinations when patients come with complaints of chronic cough. Some cases which
       need to chest x-ray examination is:
      Smoking habit which often causes chronic cough.
      Asthma. Respiratory disease has difficulty breathing or wheezing due to an allergic
      GERD (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease). This disease is caused by the backflow of
       stomach acid into the upper respiratory tract or esophagus.
      Sinus. Sinus infection or sinusitis can also cause chronic cough. Disorder is slightly more
       difficult to detect, but with a complete examination of any small abnormalities in the
       sinus can be known.
      Bronchitis or pneumonia. Infections that occur in the airways caused by bacterial, fungal
       and viral infections.
      Some blood pressure medications or hypertension, ace inhibitor class.
      Causes of chronic cough include rare is tumor, sarcoidosis and other lung diseases.

How to treatment a chronic cough?

Chronic cough treatment is to treat a disease that causes chronic cough. Before it was
discovered the cause, patients may be given cough medicine according to doctor's prescription.

Chronic cough can be prevented?

Chronic cough can be prevented if you want to do the following:

      stop smoking. Because smoking is the biggest cause of chronic cough.
      Immediately to the doctor if you have chronic airway diseases such as asthma and others.
      Stay away from people which suffer from lung infections.
      Increase consumption of fruits, fruits that have a lot of flavonoid substances and high in
       fiber can prevent a chronic cough.

Source : Anti Cough

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