Affordable Housing in Antioch by jolinmilioncherie


									     Where can I find help with                          Where can I get help fixing up                                                    Affordable Housing
  purchasing an affordable house?                                my home?                                                                       in Antioch
                                                                                                                                            Answers to Frequently
The City of Antioch contracts with the East
Bay Delta Housing Finance Agency to pro-
                                                   The City of Antioch contracts with Contra Costa
                                                   County’s Neighborhood Improvement Pro-                                                     Asked Questions
vide loans for first-time homebuyers in Antioch.   gram to provide loans to fix up homes. The loans
These loans are particularly designed for          are limited to low-income Antioch residents. Most
families earning between $40,000 and $70,000       loans are offered at 0% interest and the loan is       Where can I find the             (depending on family size) per     While Antioch has more
a year. For more information call                  paid back upon the sale or cash-out refinancing of                                      year. Unfortunately, they          affordable units than most
                                                                                                           City’s Housing                  usually have a long waiting list   cities in the Bay Area, you
(888) 572-1222 or visit            the property (though occasionally the County             Department?                    for public housing and Section     may want to look at the list-
                                                   issues an interest-bearing loan depending on the
Contra Costa County maintains an excellent                                                                                                 8 programs. The Section 8          ings for apartments in other
                                                   owner’s income.) For more information on the
website for information about government -                                                                                                 program provides a voucher         cities as well as Antioch. The
                                                   program contact Pat Corum, Contra Costa              The City of Antioch does not       that can be used to help you
sponsored first-time homebuyer programs at                                                                                                                                    broader the geographic area
                                                   Neighborhood Improvement Program Coordinator         have a Housing Department.         rent an apartment anywhere         you search, the better your             at 335-1137 or visit      Direct questions about             that accepts the voucher.          chances are of finding some-
You are also encouraged to talk to lenders to      depart/bi.                                           Section 8 and public hous-                                            thing quickly.
identify loan programs that match your financial                                                        ing to the Housing Author-         If you’d like a list of all the
situation.                                                                                              ity of Contra Costa County.        lower-income units in Contra
                                                         Where can I get help fixing up
                                                                                                        The City contracts with two        Costa County, visit
You may also want to look into the Contra                  an apartment building?                       agencies — Housing Rights for a list
Costa County Mortgage Credit Certificate                                                                and Pacific Community
                                                                                                                                           of County Assisted Rental
Program and CalHFA Loans. Administered                                                                  Services, Inc. — to help you       Units. Please note that CC                ASSISTANCE
by lenders, these programs are designed to         Apartment building owners who live within a          with housing-related ques-         REACH lists many units that
help first-time homebuyers with good credit        targeted area of Antioch (bordered by Tregallas      tions. You are encouraged to       are not much cheaper than                Housing Rights
and some down payment who need help to be          on the South, the San Joaquin River to the North,    contact those agencies. If         regular market rate units.                (800) 261-2298
able to afford the home of their choice. For       and Cavallo Road to the East) are eligible for a     they can’t answer your ques-       Some apartment buildings      
information about the Mortgage Credit              low-interest, deferred loan to help fix up their     tions, the City of Antioch’s       rent only a small number of
Certificate call 335-1254 or visit                 units through the Rental Rehabilitation Program.     Housing Coordinator is             units at reduced rent.                  Pacific Community For infor-        To qualify for this program, you are required to     available to help you find                                                    Services Inc.
mation about the CalHFA program visit              rent these units to low-income tenants. Apart-       other assistance.                  In Antioch, you are encour-               (925) 439-1056                                 ment owners are required to finance 50% of the                                          aged to contact the affordable    
                                                   costs of repairs themselves. The loans cover up                                         apartment complexes listed
If you have credit problems that are keeping       to the remaining 50% of the repairs. The City of         Where can I find               inside this brochure for va-          Housing Authority of
you from buying a home, you may want to look       Antioch contracts with the Housing Authority of       affordable housing in             cancy information. Apart-             Contra Costa County
into California Home Source’s Lease                Contra Costa County for the administration of this                                      ments for seniors are also               (888) 746-8731
                                                                                                               Antioch?                    listed.                                  (925) 957-7002
Purchase Home Ownership Program. This              program. For more information about the pro-
may not be the best option for buyers with         gram, contact Adrienne Smith at 957-8035 or                                                                        
                                                                                                        The Housing Authority of           Finding an affordable housing
problems other than credit. Call (800) 807-        e-mail                Contra Costa County is a
8277 or visit for more                                                                                               unit can often be time-con-             City of Antioch
                                                                                                        good place to start in your        suming. Call as many afford-
information.                                                                                            search for affordable housing.                                           Housing Coordinator
                                                                                                                                           able housing complexes as               (925) 779-7013
                                                                                                        The Housing Authority admin-       possible and put your name
                                                                                                        isters approximately half of all   on the waiting list. Consider
                                                                                                        the low-income units in Con-       renting a room in someone’s
                                                                                                        tra Costa County. Its proper-      home. See the Contra Costa
                                                                                                        ties are mostly designed for       Times for a list of rooms
                                                                                                        individuals earning less than      available.
                                                                                                        $29,000, couples with less
                                                                                                        than $33,100 a year in in-
                                                                                                        come, and families earning
                                                                                                        less than $37,250-$54,650
                              Where can I get help               How can I get help               I am homeless. Where                   Where can I find a
                             with my first- and last-            with a problem with                  can I find help?                   unit that accepts
                                month deposits?                     my landlords?                                                           Section 8?
                                                                                                 The Homeless Hotline --
                            If you need financial help with   The City of Antioch contracts      (800) 808-6444 -- is the best       The City of Antioch does not
                            your first- and last-month rent                                      place to call first. They match     administer Section 8 or public
                                                              with Housing Rights and
                            deposits, call SHELTER, Inc.                                         homeless people with ser-           housing programs, and does
                                                              Pacific Community Ser-
                            at 778-0298 or 335-0698                                              vices throughout Contra             not maintain a list of apart-
                                                              vices, Inc. to provide assis-
                            ext. 100.                                                            Costa County. They also             ments open for Section 8
                                                              tance with tenant/landlord
                                                              issues. Contact those agen-
                                                                                                 maintain the waiting list for the   tenants. For Section 8 infor-         LEGAL HELP
West Rivertown Apartments                                                                        single adult homeless shelter       mation you need to contact
                                                              cies for more information.         in Concord.
                              Where can I find help                                                                                  the Housing Authority of
       APARTMENT                                                                                                                                                         Bay Area Legal Aid
                              to address a housing                                                                                   Contra Costa County.                  (800) 551-5554
       COMPLEXES                                                                                 There are many other organi-
                                  discrimination                                                 zations that can help as well.                                  
      West Rivertown                concern?                                                     SHELTER, Inc. can provide                                                Housing Rights
                                                                Where can I find help            you with first and last month’s                                           (800) 261-2298
                                                                with a problem at an             rent deposits if you earn             How can I deal with
       4th and J St.        The City of Antioch contracts                                                                                                      
                            with Housing Rights and             apartment owned by               enough to afford to rent a             a problem with a
      (925) 777-1605                                                                                                                  Section 8 tenant in my
                            Pacific Community Ser-              the City of Antioch?             market-rate apartment. They                                             Pacific Community
  Pinecrest Apartments      vices, Inc. to help with dis-                                        also publish a “Street Sheet”           neighborhood?                      Services Inc.
      1945 Cavallo          crimination problems. Con-                                           which lists services available                                            (925) 439-1056
     (925) 777-9657         tact those agencies for more                                         to help homeless people.                                          
                                                              The City of Antioch does not       Contact SHELTER, Inc. for
Terrace Glen Apartments     information.                                                                                             For information about all
                                                              own or manage any apart-           information about their pro-
      20th and A St.                                          ments. Therefore, you need                                             issues relating to Section 8,
                                                                                                 grams and a copy of the             contact the Housing                   HOMELESS
     (925) 777-9657                                           to talk to your property man-      “Street Sheet.”
                               How can I keep my              ager. If that is not successful,                                       Authority of Contra Costa             ASSISTANCE
     APARTMENTS                  landlord from                contact Housing Rights or                                              County. The Housing Au-
                                                                                                 SHELTER Inc. also runs the          thority is legally obligated to
     FOR SENIORS                raising my rent?              Pacific Community Ser-             East County Family Transi-          maintain confidentiality re-         Homeless Hotline
                                                              vices, Inc.                        tional Center and the                                                     (800) 808-6444
                                                                                                                                     garding whether homes are
      Hillcrest Terrace     The City of Antioch does not                                         Pittsburg Transitional              occupied by Section 8 ten-
                            have rent control and there-      The City has provided finan-       Housing Center which pro-                                                 SHELTER, Inc.
       (925) 706-0874                                                                                                                ants.
                            fore the City has no authority    cial assistance to West            vide housing (up to eighteen                                              (925) 778-0298
 Rivertown Apartments       over the rents charged by         Rivertown Apartments, Ter-         months) to help homeless                                              (925) 335-0698 ext. 100
     (925) 706-0874                                           race Glen, Pinecrest Apart-        families prepare to access          The City of Antioch’s Neigh-
                            private landlords. If you                                                                                                         
                                                              ments, Hillcrest Terrace,          permanent housing and obtain        borhood Improvement
                            believe you were not given
                                                              Rivertown Apartments, and                                              Program can take complaints
  RENTAL LISTINGS           adequate notification of a rent                                      employment. You may call
                                                                                                                                     regarding the condition of any         PHOENIX, Inc.
                            increase, contact Housing         Casa del Rio. If you live in       755-8591 to inquire about                                                  (925) 778-3726
                                                              any of these complexes and         these centers or be placed on       home in your neighborhood,
         CC REACH           Rights or Pacific Commu-
                                                              your problems are not being                                            regardless of whether it is
                            nity Services, Inc. for more                                         the waiting list.                                                      Contra Costa County
       (925) 335-1275                                         adequately addressed by the                                            occupied by a Section 8      information.                                                                                             tenant. Call 779-7042 for         Homeless Ombudsman
                                                              property manager, you may          PHOENIX Inc. runs a Multi-
                                                                                                                                     more information.                    (925) 313-6736
  Contra Costa Times                                          want to also contact the City      Service Center at 400 “O”
                                                              of Antioch’s Housing Coor-         Street in Antioch to help link     I am being evicted.             dinator.                           homeless individuals to ser-                                            SECTION 8 AND
                             Where can I find help?                                              vices. Call PHOENIX Inc. for
     FIRST-TIME                                                                                  more information.                                                      PUBLIC HOUSING
    HOMEBUYERS              If you are a tenant who is
                            about to be evicted, you can                                         If you live in an encampment                                           Housing Authority of
East Bay Delta Housing      get help from several agen-                                          or are in need of emergency                                            Contra Costa County
   Finance Agency           cies including Bay Area Legal                                        services, you may also want                                               (888) 746-8731
    (888) 572-1222          Aid, Housing Rights and                                              to contact the Contra Costa                                               (925) 957-7002       Pacific Community Ser-                                               County Homeless Ombuds-                                     
                            vices, Inc.                                                          man for help.

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