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From:         Aneiry Batista, Senior Advisor
              Espaillat for Congress Campaign
To:           Top Supporters and Surrogates
Re:           Fundraising
Date:         June 15, 2012

As you may know, we just finished the most recent financial reporting period in Senator
Espaillat’s campaign for Congress.

We are pleased to report that this cycle was a remarkable success and that our campaign
continues to pick up crucial momentum heading into the final ten days before the June 26th

Our campaign raised more than $259,000 this cycle! The overwhelming majority of this came in
small donations; and 100% of the sum was donated by individuals, not Political Action
Committees (PAC’s). By comparison, Congressman Rangel only raised $191, 742 from

The numbers confirm what so many of us already knew: There is strong support for Senator
Espaillat’s campaign, which continues to grow and gain momentum heading into Election Day.
Our message of bringing change to Congress and working with President Obama against Tea
Party Republicans, is clearly resonating.

By contrast, there is utterly no enthusiasm for a Rangel re-election campaign that continues to
struggle keeping up with Senator Espaillat’s campaign. A 42-year incumbent who was formerly
chair of the powerful Ways & Means Committee is on par with his challenger in raising funds –
a credit to our campaign and an indictment on the problems resulting from Congressman
Rangel’s ethics censure which didn’t only embarrass him; it cast a dark shadow over the entire
Democratic Party which lost 60+ seats in the following election and with it control of the House
of Representatives.

Thank you for your continued support, advice, and hard work. Together, we will win this
campaign, and move our city and our country forward.

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