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									                         Medical Care for Expats - The Facts
Working abroad is an exciting prospect. There is the possibility of making good money and
indulging in a new culture. While working overseas has its upside, there are downsides too,
usually in the health care department. That is why expat health care is a major issue.

Why Insurance Matters

Working in other countries exposes you to all sorts of potential ailments and diseases. For
example, there are certain diseases native to countries with a tropical climate. Extreme
weather conditions (i.e., too hot or too cold) can make you ill.

You will certainly need time to adjust. Needless to say, working in war torn countries entails
even more risks. With a good insurance / health care plan, illnesses and injuries caused by
accidents will be covered.

Medical Insurance Abroad

Given this fact, the majority of employers have an expat health insurance in place. This is to
reduce the risks of the employee when in an offshore site.

There are different kinds of insurances used by employers, but the most common is
international medical insurance. This setup is popular because both parties benefit. The
employee is protected, and the employer is assured their worker is healthy and can be a
productive member of the company.

Differences in Service and Quality

It must be stressed that medical insurance varies greatly. The treatment procedures, coverage,
medical bills, services and quality depend on several factors. Chief among these is the state of
the company. A large well-to-do company may offer extensive coverage. You cannot expect
the same from a small one. There may not even be insurance.

Other Factors Affecting Medical Care

The policy will also be affected by the economy of the country. Sometimes the disparity
between medical care in a developed and developing country is immense.

If you are an employer, it is in your best interest to provide suitable coverage for your staff.
The policy should cover emergency evacuation, repatriation and coverage in quality hospitals.

How to Choose the Right One

There is no shortage of insurance plans to choose from. The amount of health coverage varies,
and only you can decide what is appropriate. You should study the facts about each plan.

Aside from the basic coverage there are some useful features these companies offer. For
instance, some offer foreign language interpretation and 24/7 confidential advice assistance. If
you are looking for extra features, consider the private health insurance. They offer reliable
service and are prompt.

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