Now there are two great reasons to contact your California Casualty by jolinmilioncherie


									 Now, there are two great reasons to contact your California Casualty
              Auto and Home Insurance Program today:

We continue to spread the exciting news about our CTA-endorsed auto and
home insurance program. They lowered their auto rates in 2010, and if you
haven’t looked at their rates recently, it may be a good time to do so. See
what Martha Seaman of Southwest Teachers Association, San Diego
County found:

I wasn’t looking to change my automobile insurance carrier when a
California Casualty representative visited my school and offered to prepare
a quote for me. She explained that they had recently reduced their auto
insurance rates and that it would only take a few minutes of my time. I
figured “why not – it wouldn’t hurt to look.” I was very surprised to see that I
could switch both my auto and home policies to California Casualty and
save about $1,000 in annual premiums. I’m so glad that I took the time to
talk to her and look at the quotes. It’s great that CTA provides benefits and
savings like this to their members. My savings on the California Casualty
products alone exceed the cost of my annual association dues!

 California Casualty offers Other Benefits Exclusively for Educators

   •   Zero-deductible coverage for collision or vandalism to vehicles
       parked on or within 500 feet of school property. This covers vehicles
       parked at school, school offices, education association offices, and
       off-campus during school authorized activities.
   •   $500 personal property coverage if any belongings are stolen from
       your car, including school supplies.
   •   Convenient payment plans including holiday and summer skip, and
       other payment options in the event of a layoff or CTA-sanctioned
Please contact California Casualty for a quote, as well as encourage other
members to do so. Quotes can be obtained by phone at 877-658-6573 or
online at



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