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					                              Otley Town Council

Meeting:             Environmental & Economic Development

Date:                4th December 2006

Venue:               Otley Civic Centre

Committee            Cllr K Cooney (Chair)
Members              Cllrs J Eveleigh, N Gill, M Stott, G Kirkland,
Present:             J Spencer

Members              Cllrs N Birch, G McGowan, C A Campbell

In Attendance: Mr I Plumtree (Town Clerk), Mrs E Bradley
               (Committee Clerk), Mrs J Johnson (Community
               Development Officer)
               Ms P Milne (Leeds City Council), Mr L Cross and
               Mr M Silverwood (Otley Town Partnership),
               Ms R Glossop (Environmental Protection
               Agency), Mr M Blackwell and Mr L Ross (Friends
               of Gallows Hill)

Apologies:           It was resolved to accept the following apologies:
                     Cllr J Kirkland (substituted by Cllr G Kirkland),
                     Cllr N Francis

155. Declarations of Interest

Councillor Eveleigh declared a personal interest as Director of Otley
Town Partnership and Councillor G Kirkland declared a personal
interest in Item 158. Proposed Incinerator

Council Year 2006/2007 Environmental & Economic Dev Committee 4th December 2006   107
156. Presentation by the Environmental Protection Agency, Ms
Rachel Glossop, on flood issues affecting Otley

Ms Glossop presented her report on flood issues affecting Otley. A
copy of the Flood Map document is attached.

(Councillor Spencer joined the meeting at 7.40pm).

Ms Glossop highlighted the main issues that when developments on
the flood zone were planned then compensatory storage had to be
provided. She said that this had to be provided near to where the
land had been displaced so that water flow blocked by building could
be diverted. She also said that an analysis of the river Wharfe had
been carried out looking at what could be done further upstream to
protect towns. From the perspective of the E.P.A any building on a
flood plain was difficult and they took flood risk extremely seriously.

157. Presentation by Leeds City Council, Ms Pippa Milne, on
waste issues

A copy of the Integrated Waste Strategy document and waste
planning document provided by Leeds City Council is attached.

Councillor Eveleigh asked whether Leeds City Council could see the
possibility of a partnership working with town councils and if grant aid
could be provided to assist towns with composting and re-cycling
schemes. Ms Milne said the City Council would happily form
partnerships, and that funding would be dependent on what was
planned and what the results would be.

158. Resolution in respect of the incinerator solution put
forward by Leeds City Council for the Metropolitan Area Waste,
resolution proposed by Councillor K Cooney, seconded by
Councillor J Eveleigh

Council Year 2006/2007 Environmental & Economic Dev Committee 4th December 2006   108
Resolved:                   that the Environment & Economic
                            Development Committee of Otley Town
                            Council has learned with dismay of the
                            City Council’s decision to build a new
                            waste incinerator plant. Given the growing
                            public acceptance of the need to behave
                            responsibly on environmental issues we
                            believe this sends out exactly the wrong
                            signal to our citizens. We would
                            wholeheartedly oppose the building of
                            such a facility in the Otley area and
                            recognize that it will be opposed wherever
                            it is proposed to site it. We therefore call
                            upon the City Council to reverse their
                            decision and to re-examine alternative
                            measures of disposing of waste including
                            the maximization of recycling options.

159. Presentation by Otley Town Partnership on the Street
Scene Design Guide including application for funding
assistance by way of grant

The Street Scene Design Guide is attached.

Mr Cross said that it was important to get wider support for the plan
and to begin a public consultation process. He asked that:
  1) The Town Council consider the document
  2) The Town Council make any comments and suggestions
  3) The Town Council endorse the document
  4) Otley Town Council considers match funding of £500 already
      agreed by Leeds City Council so the final document can be

Resolved:                   that Otley Town Council endorse the
                            document and agree match funding of

Council Year 2006/2007 Environmental & Economic Dev Committee 4th December 2006   109
160. Garden of Remembrance

Chair commented that the garden looked very well on Remembrance
Sunday. Members debated the alternative plants/bushes style.

Resolved:                   that Chair and the Town Mayor be
                            authorized to investigate the possibility of
                            Otley Town Council taking over the care
                            and maintenance of the Remembrance

161. Public Toilets in Orchardgate

Resolved:                   that the Town Clerk be given authority
                            to contact the management company to
                            try to resolve the issues surrounding the

162. Reports will be received from a) Friends of Gallows Hill
b) A written report from the Town Clerk was considered in
respect of Gallows Hill issues c) Otley in Bloom

a) Mr Blackwell reported that their main activities were tree and
hedge planting and that over the next few months they would be
replacing hedge gaps and carrying out pruning. Their AGM will be
held on the 22nd April which was open for anyone to attend.

b) The Town Clerk’s report is attached.

Resolved:                   to accept the recommendations contained
                            in the Town Clerk’s report entitled
                            “Gallows Hill Nature Park” that:
                            1) The Committee set a deadline of 30th
                               May 2007 for the achievement of LNR

Council Year 2006/2007 Environmental & Economic Dev Committee 4th December 2006   110
                            2) The Committee requests that the Town
                               Clerk obtains and reports back on a
                               costed design brief for a watching
                               screen in the park.
                            3) The Town Clerk obtains and reports
                               back on a costed design brief for a
                               study centre at the park.
                            4) The Town Clerk consults with Leeds
                               City Council rangers and Groundworks
                               to obtain and report back with a costed
                               design brief for a pond dipping platform
                               at the main pond in the park.
                            5) The Town Clerk is authorized to acquire
                               tenders for the paths at the park to be
                               brought up to DDA standard and that he
                               reports to the next committee with the
                               tenders and funding solutions.
                            6) The Town Clerk is authorized to put the
                               annual grass cutting works out to
                               tender on the same basis as last time
                               with the first cut to be made in March
                            7) Other pond sites in the park also be
                               considered as to their suitability for
                               pond dipping.

c) The written report from Otley in Bloom is attached.

163. HGV issues

Councillor Eveleigh reported on the latest HGV Forum.

Resolved:                   that Otley Town Council supports the view
                            of SOOR and writes to Leeds City Council
                            Highways Department in support of the
                            Traffic Regulation Order proposed to the
                            Executive Board.

Council Year 2006/2007 Environmental & Economic Dev Committee 4th December 2006   111
164. Sustainability Issues and Aalborg+10

(Councillors C A Campbell and M Stott left the meeting at 9.50pm).

The Town Clerk’s report on Sustainability and Aalborg+10 is attached.

Resolved:                   to accept the recommendations contained
                            in the Town Clerk’s report that:
                            1) Committee agrees to the 2 education
                               days as indicated on the basis that
                               these are grant funded.
                            2) Committee requests that the Town
                               Clerk’s office investigate with Leeds
                               City Council and other appropriate
                               bodies the issues surrounding local
                               recycling and composting options and
                               reports the same to committee.
                            3) Committee request that the Town
                               Clerk’s Office seeks key note articles
                               from respected environmentalists for
                               the next 4 issues of Otley Matters as
                               well as monitoring the regular
                               environmental column.

165. Otley Market

The Expenditure Analysis received from Leeds City Council is

Resolved:                   1) that the Town Clerk would contact the
                            Executive Board Member and the Director
                            of the Development Department of Leeds
                            City Council for further information.

Council Year 2006/2007 Environmental & Economic Dev Committee 4th December 2006   112
                            2) That the Town Clerk will approach
                            Wetherby Town Council for information on
                            the running of their market.

166. Street Lighting

Resolved:                   1) to invite the PFI Lighting Project
                            company to attend the Executive
                            Committee meeting on 18th December 2006.
                            2) to request that the 9 historic lights
                            remain in situ, or in the event that they
                            have to be removed, that they be re-sited
                            within the town, with suitable sites to be
                            determined by the Otley Conservation
                            Task Force.

167. Chevin Forest Park

Resolved:                   1) that Chair of Committee, Councillor
                            Cooney, will respond to the Chevin Forest
                            Park 10 Year Plan.
                            2) That a letter of thanks be sent to Mr
                            Richard Marsh for the production of his

                                           Chair ……………………………….

Council Year 2006/2007 Environmental & Economic Dev Committee 4th December 2006   113

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