Biology 2010C: General Biology, Fall 2006 by FaaQ0V7q


									                 BSC 2010H - General Biology I Honors
                             Spring 2012
Section 204: MWF 09:30 – 10:20 Lecture (BHC 128), Lab Section 211: T 12:30 – 03:20 (BL 414)
Section 205: MWF 11:30 – 12:20 Lecture (BHC 128), Lab Section 212: T 08:30 – 11:20 (BL 414)

Instructor: Dr. Cynthia Bayer                   Office Hours: MWF: 10:30-11:30
Office: BL 439                                                 M: 2:30-5:00
Email: Webcourses@UCF                                          T: 3:30-5:00
Phone: 407-823-1460                                            (or by appointment)
1) Campbell BIOLOGY, 9th Edition. Reece et al., 2011. Pearson Benjamin Cummings Publishing Co.

                                     Full edition: hardcover
                             or      UCF Custom Edition, Chapters 1-25: softcover

2) "MasteringBiology" Student Access Kit* - bundled with BIOLOGY textbook at UCF Bookstore

3) Lab notebook: 3-ring binder with dividers

How to Study Science, 4th Edition. Drewes, F. and K. Milligan. 2003.

*Publisher’s web site: This is an excellent resource from the textbook publisher, including the entire
textbook as an eText. I will assign some activities or self-quizzes as homework, and you can take
practice tests, download MP3 lectures, watch videos and animations, and access other study aids at the
site's Study Area. You will need to enter the access code that came with your text to register. If you
have a used book and have no access code, you may purchase one on-line at the website: Once there, find our course: BSC2010H Spring 2012 and register
using Course ID: MBBAYER01018

Course website: find the website for your section at Webcourses@UCF:
BSC2010H - 12Spring_0204 or BSC2010H - 12Spring_0205

There you will find a folder of Lecture PPTX for you to print and bring to lecture. These PowerPoint
slides are sized to be legible when printed at 6 slides per page. You will also find a folder of Lab
Exercises for you to print and bring to each laboratory session. Note: some labs have more than one
document associated with them.

Communication with the class: I will use the mail tool at our Webcourses site for communication with

Classroom Conduct: By enrolling at UCF, all students have agreed to abide by the Golden Rule. Please
become familiar with this document at: Please also use common
courtesy in class by arriving and departing on time, refraining from talking during class, and silencing
cell phones and other electronic devices.

Grading: You receive one grade for BSC 2010H that combines your lecture and laboratory point totals.
There will be 600 points available:

      Best 3 out of 4 lecture exams (100 points/exam x 3 exams)            300 points
      Required final exam                                                  100 points
      Assessments (quizzes, homework from textbook or website)             100 points
      Laboratory                                                           100 points

The laboratory component will be based on participation, assignments/lab notebook, quizzes, and a
laboratory report. At the end of the semester, your score for each of the above components will be added
together and converted to a percentage by dividing by the total number of points available (600). Letter
grades for the semester will be awarded using the scale below. These grade ranges will be strictly
adhered to with no exceptions.

               Grade range %            Letter Grade         GPA
                 90 - 100                     A              4.0
                 87 - 89                      A-             3.75
                 84 - 86                      B+             3.25
                 80 - 83                      B              3.0
                 77 - 79                      B-             2.75
                 74 - 76                      C+             2.25
                 70 - 73                      C              2.0
                 67 - 69                      C-             1.75
                 64 - 66                      D+             1.25
                 60 - 63                      D              1.0
                 below 60                     F              0

Lecture Exams: All exams will be based on BOTH lecture material and assigned readings. Some
material from the laboratory exercises may be included on lecture exams as well. There will be four
lecture exams during the semester. There will also be a COMPREHENSIVE final exam. All students are
required to take the final exam.

Your lecture exam point total will be based on the best three out of four lecture exam scores. If a
student misses an exam for an excused event, that will be the dropped grade. If a student misses a
second or subsequent exam due to an excused event, a make-up exam will be given following the final
exam or at a mutually convenient time to be arranged. Everyone must take the final exam and the final
exam grade will not be dropped. For all excused events, a student must present acceptable documented
evidence from an appropriate authority (doctor, police, judge, etc.) that circumstances beyond your
control prevented you from taking the exam, or that you were required to participate in official UCF
business. A doctor’s note must be on letterhead with a contact phone number, and must indicate that a
medical condition was treated. Documented evidence must be presented to me within 24 hours of the
start of the exam. In the absence of acceptable documentation, a grade of 0 will be assigned for the
second or subsequent missed exam.

Taking Exams: You must take each exam in the section for which you are registered. All exams will
use scantrons that will be provided to each student. It is your responsibility to bubble in the scantron
answers completely and erase clearly. You will need to bring a #2 pencil and your valid UCF Student ID
card. Your name and PID number must be printed on the answer sheet and will be checked as you leave
the exam. If you arrive late to a test, you will be allowed to take the test. However, you must turn in the
test paper at the regular scheduled end of the test. You will not be allowed extra time unless a
documentable emergency has occurred (see above).

Cheating will not be tolerated! Any person caught plagiarizing, using unauthorized materials in a test,
copying off another paper, signing in for someone else on an exam, or in any way misrepresenting their
work will receive an automatic F and the matter will immediately be referred to the UCF Office of
Student Conduct for disciplinary action.

Reviewing Exams: Scantrons will not be returned to students. Each student will, however, get an
individual test report sheet with all correct and incorrect responses marked on it. Grades will be posted
on the My Grades page at our Webcourses site. Exam papers and scantrons can be reviewed in my
office, during regularly scheduled office hours, for the period of time up until the next exam (e.g., exam
1 can be reviewed up until exam 2 is administered).

Disability Access Statement: The University of Central Florida is committed to providing reasonable
accommodations for all persons with disabilities. Students with disabilities who need accommodations
in this course must contact the instructor at the beginning of the semester to discuss needed
accommodations. No accommodations will be provided until the student has met with the instructor to
request accommodations. Students who need accommodations must be registered with Student
Disability Services, Ferrell Commons 7F, Room 185, phone (407) 823-2371, TTY/TDD only phone
(407) 823-2116, before requesting accommodations from the instructor.

Help & SARC: Please ask for help if you need it! I am here to answer your questions. Additionally,
there is help available through SARC (Student Academic Resource Center, Howard Phillips Hall, Room
113: 407-823-5130; SARC provides students with free individual and
small-group tutoring for Biology 2010 and Supplemental Instruction (SI). Students can also request a
Learning Consultation with a Learning Skills Specialist, or attend Academic Success Workshops to
improve study skills & strategies.

Laboratories: The labs are an integral part of this course and students are required to attend ALL
laboratory sessions in the Biology Building (BL 414). More than one unexcused laboratory absence will
result in 0/100 points for the laboratory portion of your grade for BSC 2010H (i.e., you are allowed one
and only one unexcused absence, and you will receive a "0" for that lab). Laboratory sessions cannot be
made up. If you have a valid, documented reason for missing a laboratory session (from doctor, police,
judge, official UCF business, etc.), you must contact me within 24 hours of the start of the lab.
Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each lab. If you leave during a lab without permission, it
will be considered an unexcused absence. It is advisable to wear old clothes to lab. Closed-toe shoes are
required by OSHA regulations. After the first week, if you are not wearing closed-toe shoes you will be
asked to leave and an unexcused absence will be recorded. There will be no smoking, eating or drinking
in the laboratory.

There will be 100 points available for the Laboratory component of the course:

       30 points - Laboratory notebook
       30 points - Laboratory Report (oral presentation, draft and final copy of written report)
       40 points - quizzes and participation

Tentative Schedule (subject to change):
Please read the assigned chapters listed below before coming to the lecture.

Lecture                                                     Lab Exercise

Jan 9: Course introduction                          Lab 1. Daphnia Heart Rate
Jan 11: Chapter 1 - Life
Jan 13: Chapter 2 - Chemical Context
            Add deadline at 11:59 pm

Jan 16: MLK Holiday                                 Lab 2. Solutions/Dilutions/Spectrophotometry
Jan 18: Chapter 3 - Water
Jan 20: Chapter 3/4 - Carbon

Jan 23: Chapter 4                                   Lab 3. Standard Curve Hemoglobin
Jan 25: Chapter 5 - Large Biomolecules
Jan 27: Chapter 5

Jan 30: Exam 1 (Chapters 1 – 5)                     Lab 4. Enzyme Activity
Feb 1: Chapter 6 - The Cell
Feb 3: Chapters 6

Feb 6: Chapter 7 - Membranes                        Lab 5. Oral Presentations
Feb 8: Chapter 7
Feb 10: Chapter 8 - Metabolism

Feb 13: Chapter 8                                   Lab 6. Electrophoresis I / Lab Report Draft due
Feb 15: Chapter 9 - Cellular Respiration
Feb 17: Chapter 9

Feb 20: Chapter 9/10 - Photosynthesis               Lab 7. Electrophoresis II / Lab Notebook check
Feb 22: Chapter 10
Feb 24: Exam 2 (Chapters 6 – 10)

Feb 27: Chapter 12 - Cell Cycle & Mitosis           Lab 8. The Cell Cycle & Mitosis
Feb 29: Chapter 12                                                        Lab Report Draft returned
Mar 2: Chapter 13 - Meiosis

Mar 5 - 9: Spring Break

Mar 12: Chapter 13                                  Lab 9. Simple Mendelian Genetics in Drosophila
Mar 14: Chapter 14 - Mendel and the Gene Idea
Mar 16: Chapter 14

Mar 20: Withdrawal Deadline at 11:59 PM

Mar 19: Chapter 14                                  Lab 10. Human Phenotypes
Mar 21: Chapter 15 - Chromosomal Inheritance                             Final Lab Report due
Mar 23: Chapter 15

Mar 26: Problems                                   Lab 11. Drosophila Polytene chromosomes
Mar 28: Exam 3 (Chapters 12 - 15)
Mar 30: Chapter 16 - Molecular Basis of Inheritance

Apr 2: Chapter 16                                   Lab 12. DNA Replication
Apr 4: Chapter 17 - From Gene to Protein
Apr 6: Chapter 17

Apr 9: Problems 16/17                               Turn in lab notebook for grading
Apr 11: Chapter 22 - Descent with Modification
Apr 13: Chapter 22

Apr 16: Exam 4 (Chapters 16, 17 & 22)               Notebooks returned & Lab Survey
Apr 18: Chapter 23 - Evolution of Populations
Apr 20: Chapter 23

Apr 23: Last Day of class

Final Exam:
Section 204: Friday 4/27     7:00am – 9:50am (Exam Day 4)
Section 205: Wednesday 4/25 10:00am – 12:50pm (Exam Day 2)

Note that the instructor reserves the right to make changes to the syllabus or other aspects of the
course at anytime. These changes will be announced in class.


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