Career Cruising MLA Report by HC1206160222


									                           Walton County MLA Report

   1. Type report from the research you conducted about the Economic History of

       Walton County.

   2. Paper should be MLA format:

           a. 1” margins

           b. Correct header

           c. Heading information

           d. Title

           e. Introduction paragraph: Introducing topic and information that you will


           f. Body Paragraph – At least three

           g. Conclusion paragraph that summarizes the entire paper.

   3. Works Cited page should include all of your references used.

Information that should be included:

   1. Economic History of Walton County in the past five years.

   2. Demographics and information and how this has been influenced by the economic


   3. At least three businesses that are established in Walton County and how their

       growth has impacted the county.

   4. Basic history information about Walton County.

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