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									What Every Elevator Owner Needs to Know
Licensing and Inspection Information
The Laws of Florida have changed concerning ownership of an elevator or other type of vertical
conveyance in the State of Florida. The Florida Legislature made certain revisions to Chapter
399, Florida Statutes, known as the Florida Elevator Safety Act, in recent years that require the
owner/operator ensure the elevator meets all safety requirements on an annual basis. It is now the
owner’s direct responsibility to schedule an annual safety inspection to ensure the safe operation
of their elevators before obtaining a Certificate of Operation.

In previous years, the Bureau of Elevator Safety conducted all required inspections; this is no
longer the case. Elevator maintenance companies now complete the required annual safety
inspections and tests, upon request of the elevator owner/operator. Each elevator owner/operator
is responsible for ensuring that their elevator is in compliance with the Elevator Safety Code.
Your elevator inspector or service company can explain the inspection process and required tests.

The required annual safety inspection must be completed by a Florida Certified Elevator
Inspector. Inspection Reports can be submitted electronically or by mail. A list of Florida
Certified Elevator Inspectors can be found online on the department's public records page.
Elevator Inspection Reports (DBPR Form HR 5023-003) may also be found online on the
division's forms and publications page.

Chapter 399, Florida Statutes, specifically Sections 399.061 and 399.07, explain the
requirements for annual inspections, correction of violations, and payment of fees in order to be
licensed. You may view the statute online from our administrative rules and statutes page.

Two factors can prohibit license renewal: a failed annual inspection and/or non-payment of fees.
A current satisfactory inspection for safety must be completed within the previous 12 months and
contain no violations. Please note: a failed inspection containing violations must be corrected
within 30-days of the inspection and a re-inspection or callback inspection must be performed.

Remember, to become a licensed elevator operator in the State of Florida you must:

1. Pay the annual fee.
2. Have a current, annual satisfactory inspection performed
by a certified elevator inspector.
A link to the website for the Florida Bureau of Elevator Safety is located in the box located at the
bottom right on the National Elevator Services “Customer Resources” page.

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