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									Bulletin Issue No. 106 – 6th April 2009


                                      The aim of this network is to share information among
                                      professionals, practitioners and interested persons in all
                                      matters relating to older people, whether in the health
                                      care, social care, public sector or voluntary sector
                                      arenas. We seek to provide information on a fortnightly
                                      basis, examples include: policy, practice, research,
                                      events, publications and funding.


                                     IN THIS EDITION:

 EVENTS:                 Silver Surfers’ Day 15th May 2009 – New SSD site is born: free learning
                         guides and more

                         Help The Aged – Get on Board for National Falls Awareness Day in June

 PUBLICATIONS:           Help The Aged – Future Communities Report on the HtA website

 INFORMATION:            NIACE - BT Community Connections: BT Community Connections
                         award scheme.

                         Homeshare International – Homeshare is a simple but brilliant idea – it
                         is the exchange of housing for help in the home

                         NESTA Public Services Innovation Summit – Report

                         Dignified Revolution – News Update March 2009

                         Research - A Master Student at Ultrect University in Germany is looking
                         to carry out interviews with elderly women on how they construct their
                         indentity within daily mobility paths and is looking for volunteers

                         A Grundtvig course “Manager for virtual learning in the field of voluntary
                         work in Europe”

                         Help the Aged Scotland & Age Concern Scotland – Merge

 EMPLOYMENT AT           Employment Opportunity – Project Manager – National Forum on
 COPA, QMU:              Ageing Futures Group

Bulletin Issue No. 106 – 6th April 2009

                                                          3. Know someone who's looking for an SSD
    EVENTS:                                               Event to attend?

                                                          From the beginning of May, they can ring
    SILVER SURFER’s DAY 15th May                          National Learning Helpline on Freephone 0800
    2009                                                  100 900 to look for Events by post code. To make
                                                          sure there will be an event locally, anyone can
    1. New SSD site is born: free learning guides and     lobby their local school, library, Age Concern,
    more                                                  community centre, lunch club, Ukonline Centre to
                                                          lay on a taster event. Offer to help, with anything
    We hope you are planning to run a Silver Surfers'     from publicity, to teas, if you can. The best thing
    Day IT taster event on or around May 15th!. It's      you    can      do    is     direct   them    here:
    simply a way for the whole of the UK to get           www.silversurfers.digitalunite.com .
    involved in offering a good, first-time 'taster'
    experience of online life to people over 50.          ____________________________________
    Whether or not you're planning to run an SSD
    event, there's something for you on our new
    website. www.digitalunite.com :

    - Hit the Learning Zone tab, for our 60 or so         Get On Board for National Falls Awareness
    legendary, easy-read, jargon-free, mini-guides,       Day in June
    for IT beginners and improvers. Also, there's an
    opportunity to ask and answer IT questions:           National Falls Awareness Day (NFAD) 2009
    www.learning.digitalunite.com                         takes place on Tuesday 23rd June. This year the
                                                          theme for the day is ‘Get on Board’ and will draw
    - Browse Silver Surfers for all the know-how you'll   attention to the issue of falls on buses. Help the
    need to plan a taster event:                          Aged want to work with bus companies to raise
    www.silversurfers.digitalunite.com .                  awareness of the needs of older passengers to
                                                          improve their safety when travelling on a bus. To
    - Browse DNC (Does Not Compute) blog to               support this work they are currently putting
    exchange information on topics such as Free           together research on the subject for use on the
    Laptop and Broadband Offer, Grannies for You          day.
    Tube and Schools for Silver Surfers:
    http://dnc.digitalunite.com/ .                        National Falls Awareness Day was set up by Help
                                                          the Aged in 2005 to raise awareness of the risk of
                                                          falling as we age and to promote prevention
    2. Do you need professional IT volunteers to help     methods that can reduce this risk. Every year
    you?                                                  since then, hundreds of event holders have been
                                                          running activities on this day to encourage
    There are still some free 'DU' registrations          thousands of older people throughout the UK and
    available with UK-wide organisation, IT4              abroad to get active in later life.
    Communities. If you register and mention SSD,
    and you are holding an SSD event, you could get       If you have had a fall on a bus and would like to
    free access to volunteer professionals. Move          share your experience with Help the Aged
    quickly! http://freevolunteers.notlong.com            researchers, please complete the questionnaire
                                                          enclosed. You can return either via email or post
                                                          at the following addresses:

                                                          By email to: falls@helptheaged.org.uk

Bulletin Issue No. 106 – 6th April 2009

                                                          Key Dates
    By post to:
    Amy Burchel                                           Round One
    Policy and External Relations Division                • Applications will be accepted from 17 March
    Help the Aged                                         2009
    FREEPOST LON18932                                     • Postal applications must be received by 9 June
    LONDON                                                2009
    N1 9BR                                                • Online applications must be submitted by 11
                                                          June 2009
    To share your experience please complete the          • Winners will be announced the week
    Questionnaire in the attached word document           commencing 10 August 2009

                                                          Round Two
                                                          • Applications will be accepted from 17
                                                          September 2009
                                                          • Postal applications must be received by 5
                                                          January 20010
                                                          • Online applications must be submitted by 7
    PUBLICATIONS:                                         January 2010
                                                          • Winners will be announced the week
                                                          commencing 8 March 2010
    Future Communities Report is available on the         http://www.btcommunityconnections.com/
    HtA web site.

    The report is available on our policy website at:
                                                          HOMESHARE INTERNATIONAL -


    BT Community Connections is an award scheme
    which enables community and charitable                Homesharing is a simple idea. A householder
    organisations to get online and make use of           offers accommodation to a homesharer in
    information and communications technology             exchange for an agreed level of support.The
    (ICT).                                                support needed may be help with the household
                                                          tasks, or it may be financial support, or a
    Organisations, working in any field of community      combination of both. Homeshare is essentially an
    benefit, located throughout the UK or ROI can         exchange that recognises that two people have
    apply for a laptop and a year's free broadband        needs and something to offer.
    connection. There are more than 1,000 award
    packages available to groups who can                  Find out more about Homeshare around the
    demonstrate how an award will benefit their work      world from the new look website.
    and the local community.

Bulletin Issue No. 106 – 6th April 2009

    This site will be of interest to:                     Attached is a poster summarising some of the
                                                          key themes which emerged from the event. You’ll
           agencies already        running   homeshare
                                                          see it contains some blanks – we’d like to hear
                                                          your views on the drivers of radical innovation
           people who want to set up a programme         that we might have overlooked. This will inform a
           people who are looking for free or low-       short report of the event and shape our proposals
            cost accommodation                            to capitalise on momentum created by the
           people willing to share their homes in
            exchange for help                             PDF of Summit Poster attached
           people interested in inter-generational
           those interested in new ways of keeping
            older people independent
           policy makers and academics who wish to
            keep abreast of innovative programmes         A DIGNIFIED REVOLUTION -
    Elizabeth Mills OBE
    Hon Director
    Homeshare International
    11 Divinity Road, Oxford, OX4 1LH
    United Kingdom
                                                          Alone we can do so little; together we achieve so
    Telephone: +44 1865 699190 (messages only)            much!

                                                          NEWS UPDATE: MARCH 2009
    INNOVATION SUMMIT                                     Welcome to the March news update. As ever,
                                                          there is much information and news to report and
                                                          comments, suggestions and enquiries are
    At NESTA’s Public Services Innovation Summit
                                                          welcome If you have any information that you
    earlier in March, 110 of us put our minds to
                                                          would like to share with others please let
    addressing the big social and economic
                                                          Dignified Revolution know.
    challenges facing the UK and, in that context,
    began to consider the future of our public
                                                          Join the mailing list
                                                          If you would like to guarantee a regular monthly
                                                          copy of the mailing send your details to
    To help build on that debate, we’ve created a
    website containing videos and resources from the
    discussion groups, key points from feedback
                                                          Or contact:
    sessions and speeches, as well as the NESTA
    report The Innovation Imperative and the Lab
                                                          A Dignified Revolution, Britannia House, High
    Prospectus, published on the day.
                                                          Street, Cowbridge, CF71 7AD
    Username: pssummit
    Password: Nesta09

Bulletin Issue No. 106 – 6th April 2009

     Perceptive Professionals Embedding Dignity
                                                            MANAGER FOR VIRTUAL
         and Respect in a Care Environment                  LEARNING -

    Monday 22 June, RNIB Cymru, Cardiff                     Grundtvig course "Manager for virtual learning
    Tuesday, 23 June, 2009, Talardy Hotel, St Asaph         in the field of voluntary work in Europe" (MVL) will
    The workshop is focused on fine tuning                  take place in the fall 2009. The course will consist
    communication and listening skills to enrich            of a three week online preparatory phase
    relationships between patients/clients, relatives       ("Technical basis for virtual learning"), one week
    and carers and colleagues.      If you would like       residential course in Ulm/Germany from
    further information about these events please           November 23rd to 27th, 2009 a and two week
    email info@dignifiedrevolution.org.uk                   online follow-up phase.

                                                            The course will deal with practical and theoretical
    RESEARCH                                                issues of ICT in relation to voluntary work, leading
                                                            to the development of concepts and ideas for
    A Master Student at Ultrect University is looking       virtual learning with focus on seniors' exchange
    to carry out interviews with elderly women on how       on national and international level.
    they construct their indentity within daily mobility
    paths and is looking for volunteers                     The course aims at facilitators from the fields of
                                                            further education and voluntary work.
    If you would like to participate, or for information,
    please contact:                                         A leaflet about the course with further information
                                                            will be available in the near future.
    Marthe Stiansen
                                                            Information about the course is in the Grundtvig
    c/o Prof. Dr. Martin Dijst
    Utrecht University                                      database
    Faculty of Geosciences
    P.O. box 80115                                          under the number DE-2009-902-001. You can
    3508 TC Utrecht                                         apply for a scholarship for this course at your
    The Netherlands                                         National Agency. Please inform yourself as soon
    E-mail: m.stiansen@students.uu.nl                       as possible at your National Agency and apply
                                                            before the 30th of April !
    Phone: (UK) +44 (0) 7503968814 or (NL ) +31
                                                            or Ralph Schneider, ralph More information about
    More information on the project is in the attached      Ulm: http://www.ulm.de/start.3080.htm . In Ulm
    PDF                                                     you will also have the opportunity to visit the
                                                            famous Ulm Cathedral with the highest spire in
                                                            the world and the Christmas Market that draws
                                                            tourists from all of Europe.

                                                            If you have any questions please contact:
                                                            Monika Schmid, monika.schmid@uni-
    COPA bears no responsibility for this project.          ulm.de.schneider@uni-ulm.de.
    Volunteers will be provided full details by the

Bulletin Issue No. 106 – 6th April 2009

                                                           EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY:

                                                           PROJECT MANAGER – NATIONAL
                                                           FORUM ON AGEING FUTURES

                                                           RBS COPA, QUEEN MARGARET
    As many of you will know, Help the Aged                UNIVERSITY, EDINBURGH
    Scotland and Age Concern Scotland have
    merged as of 1 April 2009 and the Help the Aged        This new post will be key in stimulating,
    team will move over to the current ACS offices in      encouraging and producing new ideas on ageing
    Causwayside.                                           policy, planning and practice across all sectors to
                                                           the benefit of Scottish Government through
    Age Concern national bodies and Help the Aged          innovative and imaginative policy formation and
    are merging together all over the UK and an            planning. It will take a uniquely Scottish approach
    announcement will be made later in the year as to      to ageing that is positive and addresses particular
    what the new merged charity will be called. Until      issues in Scotland. Reporting into the National
    then in Scotland, they will be operating under the     Forum on Ageing Futures Group the post holder
    joint name of:                                         will respond proactively to ageing issues as they
                                                           arise and the solutions created will have come
    Age Concern and Help the Aged in Scotland              primarily from older people themselves.
    Thoughout the month of April, there will be joint      Based in the RBS Centre for the Older Person’s
    press releases and a briefing note to friends and      Agenda at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh
    supporters. This is a momentous move for Age           the post holder will be responsible for
    Concern and Help the Aged. In uniting, they are        consultation and communication between older
    combining over 100 years of experience working         people, the National Forum on Ageing Futures
    with and for older people in the UK and overseas       Group and the Scottish Government to assist with
    and together, that expertise will be put to work for   policy development.
    older people in the difficult circumstances of the
    current world.
                                                           For further information about this employment
                                                           opportunity, please click on the link below and
    There will be a brief hiatus while Help the Aged       type in the word “Project Manager” as the job title:
    transfer their IT systems, files and folders over to
    the new offices at:                                    https://webrecruit.qmu.ac.uk/tlive_webrecruit
    Age Concern and Help the Aged in Scotland
    Causewayside House                                     Or contact HR, Queen Margaret University,
    160 Causewayside Street                                Edinburgh – Tel: 0131 474 0000 for an application
    Edinburgh, EH9 1PR                                     pack, quoting reference PRPA011B.
    Tel 0845 833 9301
                                                           CLOSING DATE: WEDNESDAY 15 APRIL 2009

Bulletin Issue No. 106 – 6th April 2009

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Bulletin Issue No. 106 – 6th April 2009

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