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									                                            BUY-GUIDE TABLE                             Last update: JAN 2010
  CAL-LAB in PJ is located at::             >Please note that goods will only be delivered after payment has been credited
S2 CENTREPOINT,                             >Prices for West Malaysia only.     // No cash-refund! Not sure? Don't buy yet!
Bandar Utama, 47800 PJ                      >Prices & Specs subject to change. Please confirm before payment
       Tel: 03-7726 8680                    >Contact CAL-LAB: FAX or phone: 06-9517680 Email:
Email:                   >More info or Terms & Conditions or down-load this form in
       How to pay?                                                                                     Hot-line: 012-773 8225 / 012-771 8225
Cash-on-line to our A/C, then provide pay-in details                                         Biz-Partner PROMO available from time-to-time!
MAYBANK A/C 501048 160813 A/C NAME <CAL-LAB Mktg S/B >                                       Please call for details. Approval by case-to-case basis.

Outlet-          MODEL-VERSION                   FOR WHAT EQUIPMENT?                 RRP     OPTION       AC-DC             Tel      TV      Sat.     LAN    Earth
    Max.                                                                                                3-pin     2-pin    RJ11     PAL          FC   RJ45
               COMBINED VERSIONS                      For equipment set-up            RM
 1-5A      SF 9512AR-D (Analog + C-ID)      For Fax-Cordless-Modem                   79.00
 1-5A      SF 9512-DSL (High-speed)         DSL broadband / PC                       79.00
 1-5A      SF 9812 (+SKPX module)           Tel-line +P / for Fax-cordless-modem     89.00
 1-5A      STV 9511 (for 1 RF Ant.)         Off-the-air TV ++                        79.00
 1-5A      SFTV 9822-FC (4-in-1)            Satellite TV ++                         108.00
 1-5A      SFTV 9622-FC (4-in-1)            Satellite TV ++                          99.00
 5-10A     SFTV9622FC-MS2+3                 MS version-SFTV9622                     113.00
                Trinity Promo packs
  3-10A    NILI-PLC-GBH USO-3               PLC-Bridge +Filtered outlets 5A/10A     143.00               USO
  3-10A    NILI-PLC-GBH WPS1+2              PLC-Bridge +Filtered outlets 5A/10A     143.00             2+1USO
  6-10A    A-V Pack (Home-Video)            Satellite TV +++ +FC-isolator           143.00
  7-10A    I-T Pack (IT&T Equipment)        ADSL2/2+ broadband +M-Sockets           123.00
 10-10A    Trinity Twin Power Pack +E       Power supply side +M-sockets            123.00
                Power Supply Only                    For stand-alone eqt.
 1-10A     SC0039 (Plug & socket)           Air-con/Fridge/copier                    49.00
  1-8A     NILI9920F (High-Surge PS)        Fridge / M-wave / freezer                79.00
  1-3A     SL-AR (Auto Reset P&S)           Sensitive device./ fridge(3A)            79.00
 1-1.5A    SL-AR (Auto Reset P&S)           WI-FI Notebook charger (1.5A)            79.00
                Power (P&S +1M +E)                May be used with other CLLI
 1-5A      SL-AR (Auto Reset 5A)            At power supply side of setup            89.00
 1-5A      SL 9602F (with EMI-filter)       At power supply side of setup            79.00
 1-10A     MDSC0039                         At power supply side of setup            53.00
 1-10A     MDSC0039-FC                      Power supply side + F-connector          63.00
 5-10A     SL –MS2+3 (3-pin + 2-pin)        At power supply side + M-sockets         73.00
 4-10A     SL-MS4                           MS +Power (Make to order only)           83.00
                 AT CO-AX CABLE                       Used with power LI
   -       MDTV9922 (Ant. Mixer) +P         At PAL TV antenna +P                     33.00
   -       MD-FC (Sat. co-ax cable) +P      At Satellite-cable +P                    33.00
   -       MD-BNC-0E (No Earth-filter)      At CCTV port or Camera (Floating-E)      43.00
                AT TEL-LINE ONLY                         Add to tel-line
   -       SP 9201-ARD (Analog only)        Stand-alone phone                        33.00
   -       SP 9201-DSL (broadband)          At tel-line of modem +P                  33.00
   -       SP9201-DAF(dsl filter+LI)        DSL-filter-splitter at tel-line +P       43.00
                 FOR NETWORKS                         Used with power LI
  1-5A     SD-8C (RJ-45 in-out)             Power +Network (make to order)           99.00
  1-5A     SD-4C (1236)                     Power +Ethernet terminal                 89.00
    -      SLAN-1236 (RJ45-UTP) +P          At Ethernet network port +P              39.00
    -      MD-BNC cu (Data-0E)              Network port BNC 0-volt to Earth         43.00
                KEYPHONE / PABX                      Replaceable module
   -       SKPX –M (Analog Module)          At each trunk line                       19.00
   -       SKPX –D (Analog+Caller ID)       At each trunk line                       19.00
   -       SKPX –DSL (DSL Module)           At each trunk line                       19.00
   -       SKPX –EX 24V (Ext.)              At each Extension line                   19.00
   -       MLPX 9708 – BB                   Base for up to 4 SKPX                    49.00
   -       MLPX 9708 – BX                   Box for up to 4 BB inside                29.00
   -       SP-KX-2 (At Key-phone port)      At each key-phone ext.                   33.00
                Professional series                  For competent users
  0-2A     MDSF9512cu (Tel +P)              Power +TEL-line or alarm dialer          53.00                TB
  0-xA     SC 9517 (Fuse– 5A or 10A)        Add to power cord / cables               49.00                TB
  0-2A     MD-SC3C (std version)            Power supply 240V-2A                     43.00                TB
  0-xA     MD-SC3C cu (1A or 5A)            Power supply 240V                        43.00                TB
 0-10A     MD-SC3C cu (xV-10A)              Power supply xV-10A                      53.00                TB
    -      MD-4Ccu (Data-5V)                4-core Data line +E                      43.00                TB
  0-1A     MD-4Ccu (+12V or +24V)           2-core Data +Power +E                    43.00                TB
  0-1A     MD-4Ccu (12V or 24V)             2-pair all-Power +E                      43.00                TB
  0-1A     MD-4Ccu (CB-36V or xxV)          4-core C-Bus Data line +E                53.00                TB
    -      MD-8Ccu (RJ45 in-out +E)         RS232 / RS485 adaptor                    93.00                TB
  0-1A     POE-1236 (RJ45) +E               Power-over-Ethernet                      89.00                TB
 DCJ2A     DCJ-cu +E (12V or 24V)           At DC jack of Camera                     33.00                TB
  0-1A     DCJ-cu (12V or 24V)              At Alarm / photo-beam / Data / etc       33.00                TB
  0-5A     DCJ-cu (12V or 24V)              At Alarm / photo-beam / Data / etc       33.00                TB
  0-1A     DCJ-cu (5V-1A or 2A or Data)     At Alarm / photo-beam / Data / etc       33.00                TB
                  SPECIAL ITEMS             Non-standard items
 1-8A      NILI9920-PLC-GBH ( PS)           Cleaner Power supply to HI-FI or PLC    103.00
 1-5A      SF9512-D +OR                     Customized for Fixed-wireless            83.00
 1-8A      SD-4Ccu (+AR-D) or (+DSL)        for Network-printer-FAX-copier          108.00
 0-2A      MD-3-Phase (2A)                  Power supply 3X240V-2A                   53.00                TB
 2-10A     MD-PLC-2                         BPL/PLC FILTER-ISOLATOR                 118.00
                 HOME ESSENTIALS                 Lifestyle Enhancement series
  0-1A     CAREFREE LITE – Pro              Auto nightly-Dark-ON switch              43.00                TB
  0-1A     CAREFREE LITE – P&S Ready        Auto nightly-Dark-ON switch              73.00               USO
  0-1A     DELAY-OFF SWITCH – Pro           Auto-delay-OFF switch                    43.00                TB

           TB=Terminal Block P&S = plug & socket. BPL-PLC = Broadband-Power-Line. Fsd=Fused. Item-option: FC option C=Cable / TP=Twist-on-Plug

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