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									                                   Craig Warren Thompson
Office/Home: 340B ENGR, U Arkansas / 227 W. 29th Court, Fayetteville, AR 72701
Contact: 479-575-6519-office, 479-521-2068-home,,

   Ph.D. Computer Science, The University of Texas, Austin, Texas, May 1984.
   M.A. Computer Science, The University of Texas, Austin, Texas, August 1977.
   B.S. Mathematics, Stanford University, Stanford, California, June 1971.

   2003-present – Professor & Acxiom Data Engineering Chair, Computer Science and Computer Engineering
    Department, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR 72701
   1995-2003 – President, Object Services and Consulting, Inc., DARPA/SBIR R&D contracts and consulting.
   1981-1995 – Senior Member of Technical Staff and Research Manager, Object Technology, Multimedia, and
    Database Systems Branches, Computer Science Lab, Central Research Labs, Texas Instruments.
   1977-1981 – Lecturer, Computer Science Department, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Taught
    graduate AI and DBMS. Member, Graduate Admissions Committee and Undergraduate Studies Committee.
    Directed 22 teaching assistants.

Students Supervised in the Last Five Years
   March-October 2004: James Matt Doyle, Ciprian Caloianu, Kevin Smith, Oladayo Olagunju
   June-December 2004: Jared Allen, Quang Duong (robot agent interface)

   software architectures, middleware design patterns, agent systems, grids, services, traders. hypermedia, database
    systems including OODBs, AI, natural language interface, virtual office, standards.

Main Projects
   Everything is Alive Agent System. Developing application independent modular agent system – plugins
    inisitalize agent capabilities; agents send each other messages in XML.
   Acxiom Projects. Developing portioning and failover capability for grid nodes and automating operator flows.
   Key Contributor, Agent-Supported Information Visualization, $224K subcontract to ScenPro on Phase II AFRL
    SBIR contract, 2001-2003.
   Co-Principal Investigator, Message*Log Reliable Messaging for Logistics Planning, $1.1M contract, DARPA
    Ultra*Log Program, 2001-2003. Developing survivable adaptable message transport for Cougaar agent system
    including policy management control.
   Principal Investigator, Agility: Agent -Ility Architecture, $1.9M contract, DARPA Control of Agent-based
    Systems Program, 1998-2002. Led 4-5 member team to develop three agent grid services: web-scalable trader,
    eGents (agents that communicate via email), and web-enabled menu-based natural language query capability.
   Principal Investigator, Scaling Object Service Architectures to the Internet, $2.8M contract, DARPA Intelligent
    Collaboration and Visualization Program, 1995-1999. Led 5-7 member team to develop intermediary
    architecture for inserting modular middleware via Web proxies. Demonstrated annotation service, performance
    monitor service, and repository service.
   Co-Principal Investigator and Co-Architect, Open OODB, $5.5M contract, DARPA Persistent Object Base
    Program, 1990-1995. Led 5-10 member team to develop C++ and Lisp Open OODB. Message-bus architecture
    directly influenced OMG Object Management Architecture and OMG Object Services Architecture.
    architectures. Organized DARPA Open OODB Workshops I-IV. Field tested Open OODB at 25 sites in ‘93-95.
   Team Lead and Co-Architect, TI Zeitgeist OODB Project, 1984-1990. Developed modular OODB in Lisp. Led
    to DARPA Open OODB project. Used by TI internal CAD project.
   Team Lead, Panorama CommonTools Hypermedia Project, Texas Instruments, 1987-1989. Led to: Lead
    Architect, Electronic Shopping Mall Authoring Toolkit for Telaction, a JC Penney subsidiary developing a pre-
    Web pioneering interactive TV home shopping experiment where the home viewer navigated an electronic mall
    using cable TV and touch-tone phone. Field tested in Chicago, 1988.
   Co-inventor and Lead Developer, Menu-Based Natural Language Interface (MBNLI) technology, 1982-1986.
    New AI natural language interface paradigm: user selects phrases from menus to make up complex English
    queries and commands. Demo won $48M DoD contract. Basis for three TI products.

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   Lead Developer, RTMS: Relational Table Management System, 1981-1984. First industry OODB-RDB
    product, TI Explorer Lisp Machine.

Selected Papers
   C. Thompson, “Agents, Grids, and Middleware,” IEEE Internet Computing, Sep/Oct 2004.
   C. Thompson and P. Parkerson, “DBMS[me], Architectural Perspectives Column, IEEE Internet Computing,
    May/Jun 2004.
   C. Thompson, “Everything is Alive,” Architectural Perspectives Column, IEEE Internet Computing, Jan/Feb
   B. Brown, P. Morris, C. Thompson, “SUO Communicator: Agent-based Support for Small Unit Operations,”
    IEEE Integration of Knowledge Intensive Multi-Agent Systems (KIMAS), Cambridge, MA, October 1-3, 2003,
   Allsopp, D.N., Beautement, P., Bradshaw, J.M., Durfee, E.H., Kirton, M., Knoblock, C.A., Suri, N., Tate, A.
    and Thompson, C.W. (2002) Coalition Agents Experiment: Multi-Agent Co-operation in an International
    Coalition Setting, Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Knowledge Systems for Coalition
    Operations (KSCO-2002), Toulouse, France, 23-24 April 2002. Revised for KSCO special issue of IEEE
    Intelligent Systems, Vol. 17, No. 3, May/June 2002
   Wells, Ford, Thompson, Bannon. Msg*Log: E-mail Based Agent Messaging to Improve Robustness in a
    Distributed Logistics Planner, Software Technology Conference, Salt Lake City, 2 May 2001. Re-published in
    The DoD Software Tech News Newsletter, Special Issue on Software Agents Part I, Vol. 4, No. 4, Oct. 2001.
   Thompson et. al., Final Report: Agility Project, DARPA CoABS contract, 1998-2002.
   Thompson et. al., Intermediary Architecture. ACM Computing Surveys, Special Issue on Intelligent
    Collaboration and Visualization, 1999.
   Thompson et. al., Final Report: Scaling Object Service Architectures to the Internet, DARPA IC&V contract,
   Organizer and Workshop Report, OMG-DARPA Workshop on Compositional Software Architectures, 1998.
   Thompson, Linden, Filman, Thoughts on OMA-NG: The Next Generation Object Management Architecture,
    OMG document ormsc/97-09-01.
   Editor, Object Services Architecture (OSA), OMG Document 92-08-01 (available to OMG members), Object
    Services Task Force, Object Management Group, 1992. Architecture for the OMG basic object services, led to
   Organizer, ANSI X3H7 Technical Committee on Object Information Management, 1992.
   Co-author, Object Management Architecture (OMA) Reference Model in Object Management Architecture
    Guide, Object Management Group, 1990. The central OMG object-bus-plus-services architecture was patterned
    after the Open OODB architecture.
   Vice-chair and co-author, Reference Model on Object Data Management, OODB Task Group, Database
    Systems Study Group, ANSI X3/SPARC, 1991. Characterized OODBs, precursor to OMG OMA though
    published later. Chaired First Workshop on OODB Standardization, X3 OODBTG, Atlantic City, 1990.
   Wells, Blakeley, Thompson. “Architecture of an Open Object-Oriented Database Management System,” IEEE
    Computer, October, 1992. 1989 version of this paper fed the OODBTG and OMG OMA/OSA above.
   Tennant, Bate, Corey, Davis, Kline, Oren, Rajinikanth, Saenz, Stenger, Thompson. “Software Innovations for
    the Texas Instruments Explorer Computer,” Proceedings of the IEEE, Vol. 73, No. 12, December, 1985.
   Thompson, Tennant, Ross, Saenz. “Building Usable Menu-Based Natural Language Interfaces to Databases,”
    Proceedings of the 9th Very Large Database Conference, Florence, Italy, October, 1983.
   Tennant, Ross, Saenz, Miller, Thompson. “Menu-Based Natural Language Understanding,” Proceedings of the
    21st Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL'83), MIT, June, 1983.

Professional Activities
   IEEE Senior Member, ACM member; OMG member (1990-2002), and W3C member (1998-1999). Organized
    and co-chaired OMG Agent Working Group 1998-2002. Organized and co-chaired OMG Internet Special
    Interest Group 1995-1998.
   Architectural Perspectives Column and Member of Editorial Board, IEEE Internet Computing
   40 papers, 7 patents issued, key patent award, 2 team achievement awards.

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