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									Neighborhood News                                                                                                  March 2007
                                                                                                              Volume V, Issue 3
“Helpful Hints & Shortcuts for Life at Home”

Flora & Fauna
                                                                           MasterCare Cleaning Co., Inc.
     The Power of Flowers
                                                                           90 Kester Rd.
Quick: how do you feel when you answer your front door
and find a floral delivery driver holding a paper-wrapped                  Roseburg, OR. 97470
surprise in his or her hands? If you’re like most of us, a                 (541) 440-1424
huge smile will quickly spread across your face and your
heart will beat a little faster.                                           www.mastercaremark.com
      For those of us who live in northern growing zones,
flowers become even more precious during the coldest
months, when brown earth and white snow fan across
lawns and neighborhoods, offering no respite for the
winter-weary spirit.
      Flowers, we have discovered, not only delight our
                                                                  MasterCare will be at the Home Show!
senses but they can be very powerful psychological                                March 2nd, 3rd & 4th, 2007
influences in our lives, too. To prove this theory, New         You’re invited to stop by and visit us at the Douglas Countyth
Jersey’s Rutgers University conducted an extensive study        Fairgrounds on Friday, March 2nd through Sunday, March 4 at the
to see exactly how women react to receiving flowers and         Home and Garden Show! We will be located in the Douglas Hall
here is what the research proved:                               near the Men’s restrooms.
      Women of all ages who were given floral bouquets          We will have a special exhibit of how a horribly stained carpet can
smiled “significantly more” than those presented with           look new again, several before and after photos of jobs we have
fruit, candy or a scented candle. That smile of delight         done around Douglas County, and our friendly and knowledgeable
didn’t diminish immediately, either.                            staff will be available to answer any questions or concerns you may
                                                                have about carpet, upholstery, tile & grout cleaning, as well as our
      To test the theory of mood-lifting behavior found         janitorial services.
after flowers are presented to women, researchers boarded
elevators at test sites and handed every woman entering a       We will also be demonstrating how Teflon® works, and how well
fresh, long-stemmed flower. Not only did these women            our professional spotters work on hard to get out stains. Such as
                                                                grease, coffee, kool-aid, and we won’t forget nearly everyone’s
react with a dazzling smile, but they didn’t deliberately       biggest problem…pet odors and stains. Gift certificates and
move away from the person handing out the flowers (as           professional strength spotters will also be available for purchase.
was the case when females in a control group were
                                                                Tell your friends and family that haven’t yet experienced our
handed a pen upon entering their elevator).                     services to stop by. We will have brochures, newsletters, coupons
      Researchers were delighted to take note of this           and lots of information for them to take home with them. PLUS!
unexpected reaction to the floral give-away during the          While you’re visiting us, don’t forget to enter our drawing for a
elevator test: Not only did floral recipients beam, but         GREAT Grand Prize give away! See you there!!

they engaged other passengers in conversation, too – a
behavior rarely seen in elevators. A couple of the women
were so delighted, they failed to get off on the right floor!
      Flowers have proven to be such powerful influencers,
doctors have studied links between people and depression
by measuring levels of mood swings between women                • 1784   E. Kidner opened the first cooking school in England
continually surrounded by flowers against those who             • 1845   President John Tyler annexed the Republic of Texas
weren’t exposed to cut or blooming florals. Even those          • 1864   Rebecca Less was the first African-American woman to earn
conducting this test were surprised to find that not only
                                                                         a medical degree in the U.S.
did the presence of flowers lift depression, they even
                                                                • 1912   The New York City police force named Isabella Goodwin its
triggered changes in the brain that boosted memory. This
                                                                         very first female detective on the force
evidence was gathered during a diary-writing exercise
                                                                • 1932   The Lindbergh baby was kidnapped from his home near
conducted with retirees whose average age was 73.
                                                                         Hopewell, N.J., setting off one of America’s largest manhunts
         Next time you think that putting so much effort
into planting perennials and annuals isn’t worth the agony      • 1940   “Gone With the Wind” was named best picture, and Vivian
of broken fingernails, a sore back and a sunburned nose,                 Leigh best actress, at this year’s Oscar awards ceremony.
think about the joy you bring not just your family and          • 1961   John F. Kennedy established the Peace Corps
neighbors, but folks passing by your home. And next time        • 1977   The Bank of America’s marketing department chose the name
you debate the merits of sending flowers versus candy,                   VISA for its innovative, new credit card program concept
remember these findings and go for the bouquet.                 • 1997   The Brazilian Senate passed a law allowing women to wear
                                                                         slacks in that country.
 Grab Some C’s: Cheese, Coffee and Chocolate!
We don’t know about you, but we think cheese, coffee and chocolate have all gotten a bad rap over the past few years.
These delicious food and beverage groups have been blamed for everything but global warming. Cheese, we’ve been
told, will clog our arteries, compromise our hearts and if we eat too much, the pounds will roll onto our hips like a big
wedge of Cheddar. Chocolate has been everyone’s diet scapegoat for decades and coffee is sure to cut short our life,
according to plenty of doctors and scientists!
     Given the awful reputation these foods seem to have gotten over the recent past, we were delighted to read that,
like a reformed criminal, cheese has joined the ranks of chocolate and coffee: Now, you can include these in your diet,
stay healthy and maintain your health, too.
     What happened to put Gouda, Swiss and Muenster back on top? How come chocolate and double frappuccino
lattes are now appearing on approved lists? Scientific research, of course. Australian medical investigators decided to
compare butter to cheese and concluded that the latter is much healthier. When the results of the study were measured,
doctors were stunned to see that butter eaters proved much more likely to die of heart disease than cheese eaters, so
keeping moderate amounts of cheese in one’s diet while avoiding butter (even if you have high cholesterol) will keep
your health on track.
     Here in the U.S., a beverage study conducted at Harvard University delivered great news to those of us who suffer
from high blood pressure and love coffee: they found that having up to four cups of either regular or decaffeinated
coffee daily doesn’t elevate blood pressure, but substituting four or more soft drinks (with or without sugar) hiked the
risk of blood pressure spikes by 19% to 28%. Want to mediate this? Add some dark chocolate or olive oil to your diet
and you’ll cut your overall risk of blood pressure problems.
     Like most scientific research, these conclusions are based on highly regulated studies with certain types of test
volunteers, so it’s never a good idea to beef up your diet (pun intended) without consulting your doctor. That said,
enjoy your coffee, chocolate and cheese in moderation and you’ll not only boost your health but life will probably feel
much richer and more enjoyable, too.

                        Kid’s Corner: Creative Rx for Moms
Those of you lucky enough to be living in temperate climates may have already experienced the joy of saying, “Go
out and play!” For those of us with a bit longer to wait for the big announcement, there’s still plenty of fun and games
to be played inside. Unfortunately, kids will be kids and whether they’re running around inside or out, their exuberance
and joy make them prime candidates for a wide variety of boo-boos. Check out these tips to minimize the pain when a
kiss on the finger needs a little bit of creative help.
     1) “Ouchless” bandages really aren’t, so avoid the temptation to pull one off a healed wound with a quick tug or
you’ll find your kids running in the same direction they do when the cough medicine comes out! Rub baby oil or olive
oil all over the bandage and massage the area so it seeps under the bandage and preps the skin for its removal.
     2) There’s something about kids and trees that are irresistible, but when a splinter results from one too many
adventures, trying to remove it can be an exercise in tears and frustration. Not only is it hard to see the splinter on
occasion, but pulling it out may take a few tries. Take the advice of those who have experience with splinters: use
a compress of baby oil or olive oil on the area before you attempt to remove it. Moms swear splinters slide out
faster and easier when they use this treatment.
     3) Try as we will, keeping gum out of a child’s hair is sometimes impossible to do and the pain of trying to
remove it can be daunting. You’ll want to call out the big guns to help you do the job as effortlessly as possible. The
oils in peanut butter, cold cream or olive oil are ideal for softening the gum, so it can be removed prior to a good
shampoo. While ice can freeze gum so it can be broken off, savvy moms who have tried ice say the process isn’t worth
the hassle. We say: whatever works for you is the best method of all.
     4) Keeping kids away from germs in the first place is the key to keeping them healthy, but you never know when
you’re going to run into bacteria and viruses. That’s why many moms bring ordinary sheets and pillow cases along
when they travel by car. Sheets are great for creating a clean play area on motel and hotel floors when you’re not
feeling confident that your room is as clean as it looks.
     5) If you’re on the road with toddlers and want to be sure they don’t roll off motel beds and hurt themselves, try
extra pillows stashed between mattress and box springs to creates an elevated lip. It’s almost as if the child is tucked
into a hammock if both sides are raised and everyone will get a great night’s sleep on the road.
Homestyle Recipes Just for You                                                                        Spring Veggie Frittata
                                                                                                                                       Makes 4 Servings
     3 medium carrots, shredded
     1 pound of asparagus (trim bottoms)
     1 tablespoon of olive oil
     6 cups of frozen, country-style has brown potatoes                                                    If part of your Spring clean-up and
     1 teaspoon salt
                                                                                                        clean-out includes getting on a healthier
     8 large eggs, beaten
     6 oz. shredded, smoked Gouda or mozzarella cheese                                                     eating plan so when shorts season
     ! cup scallions                                                                                    arrives, you’ll be happy to put on a pair,
                                                                                                         substitute egg whites or egg beaters for
1) Bring 1 cup of water to a boil in a large, non-stick skillet
                                                                                                        whole eggs and select your favorite light
2) Add carrots and asparagus, reduce heat and simmer 5 to 6 minutes (‘til asparagus is tender)
3) Drain veggies and wipe out pan                                                                        cheese to make a delicious meal that’s
4) Heat oil in skillet over medium heat. Add potatoes and half the salt                                            also kind to your hips!
5) Cook about 5 minutes, using spatula to push potatoes up the sides of the skillet as they brown
6) Mix remainder of salt with the eggs and pour mixture over potatoes
7) Top with the carrots/asparagus
8) Cover and cook over medium low heat about 10 minutes (eggs should almost be set)
9) Sprinkle with cheese and scallions. Cover and cook until cheese is melted
10) Serve with toast or English muffins and enjoy!

                          Painting Pointers                                                           … Carpet Talk…
  We read about someone who waited 10 years (that’s a decade!) to paint their house          • Having a hard time visualizing the area rug size you
                                                                                             need? Put several pieces of newspaper on the floor
  because the job seemed so daunting that they continually put it off. Eventually,           and move them around to fit the space you’re trying to
  Jan knew she had run out of excuses, so she headed for a paint store and was lucky         cover. Tape them together when you’re satisfied with
  enough to encounter the perfect “paint psychologist.” He understood Jan’s fear             the area size, measure the circumference and you’ll be
  from having dealt with so many paint-o-phobes in the past. He knew exactly what            glad you took the time to add this extra step!
  to say to take the edge off her fear and get Jan and her brush moving in the right
  direction. Now something of a painting pro, Jan can’t wait to share her tips with          • Use walk-off mats over carpet at all entrances to your
                                                                                             home to absorb soil and moisture. Make sure to have
  anyone who will listen, so get on board the paint train with her recommendations:          your area rugs cleaned regularly so they don’t become
                                                                                             grime-ridden sources of dirt themselves.
  Essential gear:
  • 4-inch-wide, flat polyester brush(es) (Wash new brushes to remove loose hairs)           • When picking carpet padding, take the advice of
  • Rollers for large areas                                                                  your carpet care professionals. Good padding offers
                                                                                             resilience and extends the life of carpet, so when you
  • An angled sash brush for neat window frames and trim                                     choose padding, get the best you can. Some carpets
  • Plenty of painter’s tape to keep boundaries nice and clean.                              carry warranties strongly recommending a certain
                                                                                             grade of padding, so be sure you don’t violate that
  Pre-paint prep:                                                                            warranty by going for a lesser grade. Keep the old
                                                                                             saying in mind…”you get what you pay for.”
  • Remove as much furniture as possible
  • Cover the furniture that remains after moving it into the room’s center                  • Pile crushing can be a serious problem if you don’t
  • Use muslin or bed sheets as drop cloths; plastic can be dangerously slippery             move furniture on occasion to relieve the pressure.
  • Remove pictures, switch plates and window treatments                                     Furniture coasters help distribute weight so crushing
  • Wrap doorknobs in foil; wrap light fixtures in plastic bags                              is less concentrated. Be aware of the damage chairs or
                                                                                             appliances on rollers or casters can do to carpet, too.
  • Scrape away loose, cracked or peeling paint and spackle holes                            Chair pads were invented for just such situations, so
  • Want paint to adhere better? Lightly sand walls.                                         be sure you use them to protect the life of your pile.

  Mess- and stress-saving tips:                                                              • If you’re moving particularly heavy furniture (think
                                                                                             pianos, buffets and other huge pieces), minimize the
  • Using more than one gallon of a color? Mix them together for color consistency           trauma your carpet experiences by putting sheets of
  • Brush a swath of paint on the outside of each can for quick color identification         heavy cardboard or plywood between the wheels or
  • Rub a thin coat of petroleum jelly on your face so spatters come off fast                legs of the furniture and the carpet.
  • To stop other drips, make brush “shields” from coffee can lids (cut center slits)
  • Damp brushes and rollers make paint application smoother than dry brushes                • After cleaning throw rugs and carpet, wait until
                                                                                             both are completely dry before you layer them again
  • Keep the lid on the paint can while working to keep out dust and contaminants            to short-circuit the start of mold and mildew.
  • Dampen a rag for fast drip removal (use solvent on a rag for oil-based paint)
  • Soften old brushes: Soak them in 1 tbsp. hair conditioner to a pint of warm water        • If your carpet gets prolonged exposure to sunlight,
  • Dip only 1/3 of the brush into the paint (don’t drench it); wipe away excess             making sure the color remains as vibrant as the day
                                                                                             it was installed requires closing the curtains or blinds
  • Put brushes in a plastic bag after cleaning them, then stow them in the freezer.         during the brightest parts of the day. This simple act
                                                                                             keeps color fading minimal, if at all.
                              MasterCare Cleaning Co., Inc.
                              90 Kester Rd.
                              Roseburg, OR. 97470
                            ( (541) 440-1424

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                Neighborhood News
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