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            Meeting recorder
  Application based on Software Agents
Authors: Hazanovitch Evgeny
            Hazanovitch Alex
Instructor: Eddie Bortnikov
                Project background
Now there are two types of multi-user collaboration:

 • Synchronous collaboration (Chat, VoIP)
    • Conversation in real time, no history recorded
    • Problem: no history browsing

 • Asynchronous collaboration (Forum, Voice mail, e-mail)
    • All messages recorded
    • Problem: no real-time experience

 • Our goal: get the best of all worlds
    • Recording and browsing of on-line voice and text conferences
   Functional:
       Develop meeting recorder application that records all text and VoIP
        streams in chat and gives users ability to retrieve the streams.

   Software:
       Develop a framework for automated software agents that will allow
        implementing more services for rich collaboration experience
Problem and Solution
         •Lets middle Software Agent
        •In theconnect of important conference
        •Oneof users that runs on to leave
                Software may want remote computer
               will lose the important user
        •So he Connects to chat like regular conversation
              Receives and records Voice and
               Text streams
                 Project Deliverables
   Framework for developing extensible
    collaboration applications:
       Agents
            Software components that join the session as regular users
             and perform specific functions
       Plugins
            Extensions to client software provided by the agents
   Sample Meeting Recorder application
            Uses a SW agent for recording & retrieving VoIP and text
Logic flow of SW agent operation
                                    When chat room includes
                                  In order toSW agent is invited
                                      Basic enable additional
                      Chat room         He automatically to invite
                                  feature in chat, we need enters the
                                        Instant messaging
                                  appropriate SW agent to the chat
                                        Chat creation
                                           Sends the appropriate plugin
                                           Friends list managing
                                           to all users in chat
                                          The plugin files are sent
                                           using FTP protocol
             Hello                   When plugin was downloaded
        Hi                                It is dynamically loaded to
                                          So client doesn't need to
                                           restart the program
                                          It is ready to provide new
        Audio tool and Recording tool
                (SW agents)
   In order to enable voice conference in chat:
       Chat host needs to invite Audio tool to his chat
       Audio tool provides Audio plugin to all clients in chat
       Audio plugin is responsible for audio session initiation
       Audio plugin creates multicast audio session with other users in chat
   In order to enable Meeting recorder in chat:
       Chat host needs to invite Recording tool to his chat
       Once he was invited, he receives and records all Voice and Text streams
       Recording tool provides Recording plugin to all clients in chat
       Recording plugin is responsible for browsing and retrieving recorded streams
   In order to retrieve recorded stream
       User needs to choose period for replay and send the request to Recording tool
       The recorded stream will be sent to user as RTP stream
       Recording plugin is responsible for receiving and replaying the stream
                   Retrieval process
   User needs to press “Play recorded audio” button in additional GUI
    provided by Recording plugin
   “Record chooser” window will be displayed
   User needs to choose the period for replay by marking two places on
    time line (Start time and Stop time)
   Recorded audio is divided to audio block each of 1 hour, if user wants
    to retrieve previous hour of conversation he needs to press “Next
    block” button
   Java SIP stack (link)
        VoIP and text conferencing control
   Java Multimedia Framework
        Real-time VoIP flow management, record, playback
   JDBC (MySQL database)
        Metadata management
        Basic application uses 4 tables:
              Users table
              Chats table
              Friends table
              Blocked users table
        Recording tool uses 4 tables:
              Chats table (The chats he was invited to)
              SSRC table (Keeps Synchronization Source identifiers for audio streams identifying)
              Log table (Keeps all events in chats: user entered, user left, user speaks, user silent)
              Text messages table (Keeps recorded text messages in chat)
        Audio tool uses 1 table:
              Chats table (The chats his was invited to)
   Java dynamic class loaders
        Dynamic plugin loading
   FTP client
        Dynamic plugin download
Extensions enabled by the
 SW agents technology
   Games
   Online translation
   Photo sharing
   File sharing
   Censoring

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