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					                           The Chronicles
                         Weekly Newsletter for Christ Church Prep School & College
Edition 02                        Week ending 25 January 2008

                      From the Editor                                             SMS’s Notification

D                                                                    W
         ear Parents,                                                         hilst the school tries its utmost to
         Thank you for the positive response to the                           notify parents when sport is cancelled,
         Information Evening held on Tuesday. It was good                     there was a problem on Monday with
         to see such a great turnout! We trust that new              the Telkom lines. Unfortunately this was
parents feel a little more enlightened and that everyone will        beyond our control. Please notify the office
take to heart what was said by FunCom and Tuckshop.                  immediately should your cell phone number change.
Without the willingness of volunteers, we simply couldn’t
manage. “Volunteers don't get paid, not because they're                                    Bursar’s Hours

worthless, but because they're priceless.” ~Sherry
                                                                          tatements will be sent out in the next few days via
Anderson . If you are keen, please put your name and
                                                                          your children. We are in the process of stabilising our
contact details on a piece of paper, along with your child’s
                                                                          computer system and thus, as of next month,
name and class, mark it “FunCom”, “Class Moms” or
                                                                     statements will be sent out via e-mail. For those who don’t
“Tuckshop” (or even all three if you are really keen) and
                                                                     have e-mail, a hard copy will be sent home with your child. If
we’ll pass it on to the relevant people. Apparently Gauteng
                                                                     there are any parents who have not yet notified the bursar of
had summer last week on Wednesday, we hope you                       their e-mail address, please clearly write your name, grade and
enjoyed it! Seriously though, we do praise our Lord for the          class of your eldest child, and your e-mail address, and send it
rain. It fills the dams and should see us through the dry            to the office. As our school grows we need to become more
winter spell. Although pupils are allowed to carry                   streamlined to enable us to cope effectively with the day to
umbrellas, no different coloured clothing is allowed to be           day activities. Kindly assist our bursar, Christiene Morris
worn with school uniform. Navy blue rain coats may be                who will only available at the following times. At the
purchased from any stockist, but they must be taken off              beginning of the day until 8:15 and again after 12:15.
during school time. Please adhere to the school uniform              If you need to have a more lengthy discussion, you are
rules in this regard. Whilst we are all in the same boat             welcome to send an email, to make an appointment to
regarding the power outages, we hope that you have taken    Please also limit phone calls to
                the opportunity to spend some quality time           these times. Please keep proof for YOUR OWN records. It
                with your family. No television or radio to          is not necessary to email, fax or send it to our Bursar. As
                interrupt busy lives and with a candlelit            long as you use your account number when making
                dinner, time to catch up with our families.          payments, we pick up the details directly from the bank
                With all South Africa’s entrepreneurial spirit, it   statement. Remember if we cannot trace your payments
                surprises me that no-one has yet taken the           and we incur costs by phoning the bank to trace who the
                opportunity of selling various sizes of batteries    payment is from we will charge a R25 Admin fee.
                at the traffic lights! Maybe the weather has
                dampened their spirits. As of Monday it will
                be necessary to sign in with Stanley if your                             F.R.O.G. / Impact

“access sticker” is not clearly displayed on your windscreen.            ust a reminder that FROG and Impact resumes again on
If you arrive late, please bring your child to the office first          Friday evenings at Christ Church, Midrand. FROG is for
as you will need to complete a “late slip”. The child must               Grades 1 to 3 and Impact from Grades 4 to 7. Both
take this with them to class. With the rain, increased traffic       clubs run from 5.30pm to 7.00pm.
volumes, rain, potholes, rain, etc, it is necessary to start
leaving home earlier to get your children to school on time.
Please be aware that not only is it awkward for your child,                                  Bible Study
but disruptive for the class and unfair on the teacher.                         Whilst your children are at FROG or Impact,
Please continue to pray for our school, it’s leadership, the                    why not join a Friday evening Bible Study?
teachers and our parents and pupils and thank Him for all                       Meet in Martin Morrison’s office (admin office
that He does in our lives.                                                      block) from 5:30 - 7pm. Andrew Murdoch (084
Yours in Christ ,                                                               516 3820) and Andrew Strugnell
The Editor                                                                      (078 273 4446) are leading the group. There is
                                                                     something organised for the smaller kids.
                        School Times

      orry, there was an error in the school hours for Grade                           Meerkat Cricket Club

      Three in last week’s Chronicles. They do start school                his club enhances the development and
      at 07h45 but only end at 13h30.                                      preparation of cricket skills needed amongst
                                                                           younger learners. All children between the
              College Dramatic Production                            ages of 5 and 10 are welcome to attend. The

                                                                     club is on a Wednesday at 17h00 at Christ
      ll interested learners from Grade
                                                                     Church Prep School & College cricket field. The
      7 to Grade 11 are to attend
                                                                     cost is R450 per season. Please contact Mr
      auditions with Mrs Wright on
                                                                     Helliwell for details.
Friday, 1 February from 14h30 to
15h30, in the auditorium.
                                                  The Classifieds
                                            at Christ Church Prep School and College
                  Ads can be placed once off or for extended periods – R20 per 3 line insert. Monies to school fundraising.
                        Use the reply slip or email (Deadline Wednesday lunchtime)
                          Payment can be via the school accounts or in cash – please tick the appropriate block.
  Disclaimer: CCPS and its staff have not verified the services and/or products advertised herein and cannot be held liable in any way for any acts and/or
                omissions and/or misleading claims made by any advertiser. We reserve the right to accept or decline adverts.
                              Please note that it is the responsibility of the reader to check the credentials of any advertiser

                                                                                                                   Lost Pet
                                                                                          Black Bouvier Cross missing from home in
                                                                                      Glen Austin area. Beloved pet, family distraught.
                                                                                            The dog answers to its name, Tombi.
                                                                                             Please call André on 083 631 0637
                                                                                        should you find Tombi, or know where she is.

         Soft Sol – Corporate and Home                                                              Corporate Clothing and Gifts
                IT Requirements                                                      Established in 2005, BEE compliant, specialising in
 Networking, VPNs, VoIP, Software Development                                          all your corporate & promotional requirements.
             Phone Andrew Murdoch                                                     Digitising, artwork, embroidery & printing are all
                on 084 516 3820                                                        done in-house, to your requirements. Contact:
                                                       Andy Siddall on 011- 4662238 or 084 892 6078.
                                                                Term 1

             Amanda Fletcher (SAIPA)
   CC Registrations, Accounting Officer, SARS
     Registrations, SARS Returns, contract
            bookkeeper/ Accountant,
      Contact Amanda 083 312 8279 email
                                                               Now open in Vorna Valley, Midrand
                                                                Term 1                  Remedial therapist - Study Skills, Afrikaans
                           Pot Holes                                                 Lessons, Occupational therapist, Speech therapist
As a concerned road user, should you wish to                                          Brain Profiling, Psychologist, Extra mathematics
contact the Johannesburg Road Agency to ask                                            Contact Liesl Pendrigh for more information.
them to repair the potholes along 9th and 11th                                    
Roads, please do so on 011 375 5555. Wait                                                                0722665367
for the voice prompt, then press 5. The JRA
have partially fixed the holes but our roads                                                           Cartridges and Toners
are in disrepair and as a school, our hands are                                              For all your printer cartridge
tied.                                                                                            and toner requirements
                                                                                            contact Sandy on (011) 8051360.
      Ballroom & Latin American Dancing                                                    Excellent prices! Fully guaranteed!
   Lessons by professional dancer, Bongani.                                           Cheerfully delivered to your door in Midrand.
                                                                                                                                                       Term 1
  Winner of 50 awards. R50 a lesson. Starts
     Sat, 2 Feb from 4 – 5pm. Call Julie
     079 496 4700 for details to enroll.
                                           My Advert & payment (R20 per 3-line insert / issue)

     □ Please invoice my account                                                              □ Please find R_____ cash enclosed

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