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Document Sample
					                TO LET
               (Non Serviced S pace als o Avail able)

           COVENTRY, CV3 4FJ.

Suites from 125 sq.ft – 12,300 s q.ft (11.61 – 1,142.67 sq.m)
             Costs include furni tu re, tel eph on es and B roadband.
              On site gym - Secure Storage Facilities and Car Parking
                       Close to A45 / A46 Motorway Network
                      Article I. IMPORTANT NOTICE
Property Misdescripti ons Act 1991

All statements contained w ithin these particulars ar e believed to be correct but their
accuracy is not guar anteed nor do they form part of any c ontrac t or w arranty. Unless
spec if ied to the c ontrary , in terested parties s hould note the follow ing:-

1.A ll dimensions , distances and floor areas ar e appr oximate and are given for
guidanc e pur poses only.

2.Infor mation on tenure or tenanc ies has been provided to us in good faith by the
vendor/less or of the pr operty. Pros pectiv e purchas ers/lessees ar e s trongly
recommended to have this infor matio n ver if ied by their solicitors.

3. Infor mation on rating assessments and planning matters has been obtained by
verbal enquiry only from the appr opr iate Local Author ity. Pros pectiv e
purc hasers /lessees are r ec ommended to obtain w ritten confir mation pr ior
to entering into any c ommitment to purchase/lease.

4.A ll infor mation on the availability of mains serv ices is bas ed on information supplied
to us by the vendor/less or .All other s tatements regarding serv ice installations,
including apparatus, fix tures and fittings, do not w arrant the c ondition or servic eability
of the item r eferred to as no tests hav e been c arried out. Inter ested parties are
recommended to arrange for any necess ary tests to be c arried out prior to
acquis ition.

5.A ll prices and r ents are quoted exclus iv e of VAT unless ex pressly stated to the
contrary .

N.B. Please note that thes e particulars are issued in good faith but without
responsibility. See statement below.

These particulars are issued on the dis tinct understanding that all negotiations are
conducted thr ough Br omw ich Har dy. The property is offered s ubject to contract and it
still being available at the time of enquiry and that no r esponsibility can be accepted
for any loss or ex penses inc urred in v iew ing. Br omw ich Hardy for thems elv es and for
the vendors or lessors of this property w hose agents they ar e, give notice that ( i) the
par ticulars are set out as general outline only for the guidance of intending
purc hasers or lessees,and do not constitute, nor c ons titute part of, an offer or
contrac t, ( ii) all descriptions, dimens ions, references to c ondition and nec essary
per miss ions for use and occ upation,and other details are given in good faith and are
believed to be corr ect but any intending purc hasers or tenants s hould not r ely on
them as statements or representations of fact but must satisfy themselv es by
inspection or otherw ise as to the corr ectness of each of them, (iii) no person in the
employ ment of Bromw ich Har dy has any author ity to make or giv e any repres entation
or w arranty in relation to this property, ( iv) all rentals and prices are quoted exclus iv e
of VAT.

Middl emarch Business Park is regarded as the premi er est ate in the cit y. It is superbly locat ed
just off t he A45 / A46, each of whi ch l eads to the Mi dl ands M otorway Net work i ncluding M1,
M40, M42 and M69 respectively.

The Business Park is immedi at el y adjacent t o Covent ry Airport with Birmingham Airport
wit hin easy st riki ng distance. An Int ercity R ail servi ce is availabl e to London Euston, the rail
servi ce bei ng wit hin 3 mil es of or thereabouts and the city is also the same dist ance away.


The property fronts onto Siskin Drive, the principal road running through the estat e whi ch
provi des an excell ent roadside profile for the buil ding.

The property is currently undergoi ng a compl et e int ernal and external refurbishment which will
provi de in the regi on of 18,000 sq. ft of Grade A st andard offi ce accommodation which can
either be servi ced or non-servi ced. The ground fl oor is now part let with t he remainder of the
space bei ng avail abl e t o suit occupier requi rements. The refurbi shment of the first and second
floors wi ll be complet ed i n the Summer of 2007 and will be availabl e on a servi ced basi s or on a
floor by floor basis.

The speci fi cati on will incl ude:

Comfort cooli ng
New wc’s (incl udi ng disabl ed)
Kit chen faciliti es
Passenger lift
Suspended ceilings wit h LG 3 lighting
Partitioning to suit e occupi ers requi rements
Category 5E cabli ng

The building will have its very own gym and shower for free use by occupi ers.

Externall y the buil ding will have brand new bri ck façade, new doubl e glazed wi ndows, new
ent rance and manned recepti on. C CTV wil l be inst all ed t o secure t he premi ses and tenants will
have 24/7 access.

Secure on sit e storage will be avail abl e for hire and car parki ng will be by negoti ation.
W oodhams R oad itsel f provides free all day street parking.


The upper f oors are open pl an with approximately 6,000 sq. ft in tot al per floor which can
either be partitioned to create a vari ety of room si zes or t aken by a singe occupi er. The
second floor will be brand new and will have i mpressi ve di st ant vi ews across t he adj oining

The buil ding also has t he ability to offer excell ent communal faciliti es such as
meeti ng/ conference rooms, di sabl ed wc’s and passenger li ft and fax and photocopy
faciliti es.
                    Outside, there wi ll be allocat ed on sit e car parki ng whi ch will be avail able by negot iation.

                    LEASE TERMS :

                    For servi ced space, t here will be a si ngl e monthly payment whi ch will be virt ually al l
                    inclusi ve and wi ll cover rent, business rates, repairs, utiliti es, cl eaning, office furniture,
                    tel ephone handsets wit h DDI facilit y, manned reception, broadband etc.

                    Suites are either avail abl e by way of servi ced offi ces with a mi nimum 12 mont h t erm or by
                    way of a non or part servi ced basis for a t erm to be agreed.


                    Upon appli cati on.


                    Strictly by appoi ntment with the j oint agents.

                    Brom wich Hardy                                      Wareing and Co
                    1 The Cobalt Cent re                                 30 Holly Walk
                    Siski n Parkway East                                 Leami ngt on S pa
                    Middl emarch Busi ness Park                          CV32 4LY
                    CV3 4PE

                    Tel: 02476 308 900                                   Tel: 01926 430 700

                    Ref: TB or IC

These partic  ulars ar e iss                   t
                            ued on the distinc unde     rstanding that all negotiations are conducted thr ough Bromwich Ha   rdy. The propert y is offered subject to contra ct and it stil l being
available at the time of the enquiry a          t
                                         nd tha no r   esponsibility can be ac ce pted for any loss or expens es incurred in view ing. Br       h                  lv
                                                                                                                                          omw ic Hardy for the mse es a  nd for the vendor or  s
      s                                                             t                               s
lessor of this property whose agents they are, give notice tha (i) the particulars are set out a gene outline for the g
                                                                                                          ral                 uidance of intending pur      s     ss
                                                                                                                                                      chaser or le ees, and do notconstitute,
nor constitute part of, an offer or contract (ii) all descriptions, dimens                                nd
                                                                           ions, references to condition a nec                                                                   re    en
                                                                                                                essar y permissions for use and occupation, and other details a giv in good
faith and are belie ved to be cor                                   rs
                                  rect but any intending purchase or tenants should not rely on them as sta     tements or re esentations of fa but must satisfy thems
                                                                                                                             pr                  ct                      elve s by ins pection or
otherwise as to the corre                ch                                                               dy
                            ctnes s of ea of them, (iii) no person in the employment of Bromw ich Har has any a                                  ny
                                                                                                                      uthority to make or give a representation or w ar ranty in relation to this
prope         )
      rty, (iv all re       nd
                     ntals a prices are quoted exc     lusive of VAT.